Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Have a little faith - a review

The moment I read the first page of "Have a Little Faith", I realized how much I miss Albom.

It is not easy to find such honest writing as his nowadays. The journey with Albom has always been a fun one.

This book is a true story about the life of Albert Lewis, Albom's childhood rabbi. The rabbi asked Albom to deliver the eulogy for him during his funeral when the time came. Albom was a bit hesitant in a sense that he was too far drifted away from his own religion. But he did it anyway, took his time to visit the rabbi every now and then to get to know him more so he was able to write the eulogy for him. This book is about a journey of a lost man, finding back his own purpose of life, presented in a way that regardless whatever religion you are, it still fits you well, the objective.

Albom's writing in such delicate issue is a brilliant one.

I would strongly suggest you to read this one!!

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