Monday, June 29, 2015

Ok, so you're popular..

At times facebook can be depressing.

Like the aftermath of Pilihanraya made me leave the country with no Internet connection, found total bliss.

And these couple of days my news feed is flooded with a "diva" as what he called himself and a restaurant near my in law's house called Menate. Story went like this.. This diva asked which place to go for a steak. And a girl suggested this "Menate" restaurant. He thought the girl insulted him by calling him "menate" as in binatang/animal. And condemned the girl with words that for me the worst I read in my entire life. When he was being explained what she meant, being a sore loser, started to say that the place is not his level. He only ate at Chili's and Nando's (which by the way not even a steak house and not even in Menate's level). Even came out with a viral video condemning that place when pointed out that the chef used to cook for the Queen of England. 

Merepek ok.

Reminded me of a story that I believe I should clarify.

Not long ago, my university invited a famous actress to give a talk to our uni. Title nya, "From zero to hero." Which we all did not understand the relevance. Did not agree as well.

The day came, and this beautiful actress did not turn up. Which we did not bother pun sebab she was being replaced by a very wonderful speaker instead.

The next day, she went hysterical via facebook and instagram blaming our university that she did not at all agree to be part of the whole event. She never made aware of it and basically tarnish our name with her childish status.

The following day, her PA later apologized, saying that the communication breakdown was on their part. The actress deleted all her status. Never apologized. And later after the PA's status became crazy with the netizens anger, the PA just deleted the status as well just like that.

Merepek ok.

Celebrities.. you are not God, for God's sake. We don't expect you to know everything. Menate is a small restaurant, we don't expect you to know. Our uni's invitation might be insignificant compared to your super hectic schedule, we understand. 

It's ok to do mistakes.

All you need to do is admit them and move on. 

The world is round you know. You can at least have my respect. But rather you chose me to boycott your tudung product. Hehe..

K.. post emo dah banyak kali nak tulis, only now tak tahan sgt. Sorry for the emo post guys!

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