Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Pangkor babyyyyy!!

That Saturday, we woke up early and left KL at 930am heading to Pangkor for 3 days 2 nights.

First day

Khaira has been obsessing about 'ship' ever since she watched "Kisah Nabi Yunus dan Ikan Nun." I don't usually fancy travelling by ferry, but this time it was different. The cost of the ferry was RM 10 per adult to and fro. Ferry arrived around half an hour interval starting from 730am.

The tiredness was totally worth it.. Look at these two..

We stayed at Coral Bay Resort 3 bedroom apartment; perfect for all 6 of us and the two girls.

As soon as we checked in, we had tea along Pantai Pasir Bogak which was in walking distance from the apartment. I was surprised to see so many hornbills. They're like crows here, almost everywhere. So, one selfie with the hornbill..

Later we went for souvenir hunting near the jetty. So cheap compared to jetty Lumut.

At night, we went to Teluk Nipah. Teluk Nipah is more like Malay area while Bogak are mostly Chinese. We had dinner there; so many gerai ikan bakar, you can just pick and choose. The ones we picked was so so, hence I would not recommend.

K insisted those were durians

Must see at Teluk Nipah: glow in the dark plankton at night and hornbills gather around in the morning.

Second day

The next day, weather was on our side. We spent the whole morning almost 4 hours by the Bogak beach.

The boys had fun fishing, mom had fun just chilling, the both of us had fun jet skiing, K had fun swimming and A had fun eating.. I mean playing with the sand.

After lunch and nap time, we went for archery provided in the Coral Bay compound. Merida wanna be was so happy. The rate was RM 20 for 20 arrows. They have paintball, treasure hunt and a lot more activities there.

Afterwards, the girls had the time of their lives swimming at swimming pool in the resort.

At night, we walked to the ikan bakar gerai next to the resort called seri ilham (kots) and I totally recommend this gerai. And the gerai burger next to the resort pon sedapppp!! Filled with carrots!

Later we tried looking for reflexology. Pangkor is not a commercialized pulau like Langkawi or Bali. Only three reflexologies we found; one near jetty, one in Bogak and one in Nipah. But the one in Bogak, the service sucks.

Third day

There was a play area in the resort K woke up to.

Then, they went swimming again..

We left to jetty pangkor around 12 noon. Bad timing.. people checked out at that time from hotel caused us to wait more than an hour for the ferry.. with the kids.. and the luggage. Penattttt..

For 3 days, the cost of the parking was around RM30.

Arrived home at 8pm and now busy settlekan laundry.

Overall, I think Pangkor is so so. Since I have been to only 3 islands in Malaysia, I would always want to return to Langkawi and Penang first before Pangkor. But considering this is my first time, I would say I had so much fun. 

The resort helped a lot.. I couldn't imagine staying in Nipah.. the road up there agak horror with the old Rusa that we rented for RM 250 throughout the stay. Of course with my family all there, I couldn't thank Him more.

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