Sunday, June 7, 2015

Paths of glory by Jeffrey Archer - a review

My mentor has been continuously insiisting me to read any of Archer's books. He was convinced that I'm gonna like it.

I don't really read fiction except from Dan Brown and Sophie Kinsella. But back when I was in BBW 2 years ago, Archer's books  were selling for RM8 per piece. Who said no to that?

Finally, now I have time to start finishing off all the books I bought previously.

Paths of Glory is about a man who attempted to climb the Everest way before Sir Edmund Hillary. He left his wife and kids just for the mission and promised to leave his wife's photo at the peak of the mountain.

He was found many years after that, dead just before the peak of the mountain without the photo of his wife with him. Some speculated he made it to the top and was dead on the way down. Having that said, the history might changed.

Romance and such are typical spices of this kind of novel. But it's worth noting that in the end, his grandchild conquer the mountain and left the picture of both the grandparents at the peak saying he finally completed the family's business.

Archer's way of writing is kinda draggy. I so much prefer Dan Brown.

But I won't object of reading any other of his masterpiece because he is that good.

I'm reading another of his at the moment. Should catch up with my review soon.

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