Friday, August 14, 2015

Happy 1st birthday, buah hati!

Aisha turned 1 on 2nd of August the other day.

How time flies.

I feel so blessed raising this so little human with characters so big never fail to make me laugh.

Aisha and Khaira are two entirely different little girls that make me confused all the time, what difference have I done in raising these two.

From birth for instance; Aisha hardly had colic, unlike Khaira. She is less clingy from birth, as soon as she's full, she would let go of the milk source (read b). And that less "clingy"ness persists until now, she would cry to be hold the moment I arrived home (I need to wash my hands first, the OCD still there) and happy to be placed down playing on her own 5 minutes after.

While Khaira talked first and developed her psychomotor skills later, Aisha was the other way around. At 1, she could walk steadily and mumbled basic words like "Ibu", "Aba", "bird", "habis", etc. Her hand-body coordination impressed me most of the time; when she played catch and throw, when she climbed steadily the whole stairs without any help. So. Not. Me.

Aisha is one observant lady and like to do things on her own. She wants to wear socks, rompers on her own. Want to hold bottle on her own. Want to wear slippers like Kakak. So funny sometimes, again total opposite from K who was very princessy and still would prefer us to do all of the above for her. Hahaha.

Aisha had 3 cakes up until today. More cakes awaiting, I guess.

1. One we brought all the way to Negeri Sembilan to celebrate it with my family as my cousin got engaged a day before her birthday.

2. A simple chocolate cake on her birthday

3. A homemade birthday cake by my SIL a week after her birthday.

Happy 1st birthday, lovely. Happy fully breastfeeding for a year to me too. May you always be healthy. May you grow up as anak solehah and a professional hafizah, contributing to Islam as much as you can.

I love you.


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