Thursday, October 22, 2015

My Medela Story

When I was heavily pregnant with Aisha, I bought a new breast pump. I have mentioned previously that I was not happy with my Spectra 3. Reasons were:

1. Big and heavy, not portable for me as I always have meetings and conferences outside my uni.
2. Need power supply.
3. Not hands free
4. Most importantly, the suction is not able to clear off my milk. At the end, when I marmet, I still manage to get around 4oz.

I am so so happy with my Medela Freestyle despite the cost; seriously I could fly to Europe with that money ;p. It manages to solve all of the above problems except number 3. I don't know how to make it hands free. So technology savvy, right? Sigh... But, I managed to solve the problem using hands free bustierre I bought from My Little Iman Store.

The best investment after my Freestyle

I love everything about my Medela Freestyle. It first stimulates the milk production and then after 2 minutes it changes to normal suction. It doesn't hurt. I have one whole freezer of milk stocks for Aisha which I cashed in during Ramadhan, bit by bit.

But after Aisha turned 1, I started to realize that my milk decreased at every pumping session. Until at a point where I needed to use my stocks even after Ramadhan. At one point, I was running out of stock and pumped to get only 2oz per session. Then, I realized that I still feel heavy. I tried to marmet and true enough, within 20 mins, I managed to get 4oz of milk.

Then, I realized, my pump sounded funny. No more warranty after a year. Bertahanlah I marmet for a week.

Was googling like crazy to find a Medela service centre, I don't really fancy their after sale services. Found one next to De Palma, Ampang. But only open during working hour. Both Love and I took a day off and sent my poor Freestyle. Before explaining what was wrong with my pump, the salesperson said, "Just looking at your pump, I think you have an accessory problem".

I kind of doubt her considering my pump had lots of funny noises. So, she calibrated my pump. Motor is perfectly fine, just a bit noisy and true enough! My accessory!!! There was only 10% suction happening ok. *Salute salesperson Medela*

I could buy a new cheaper pump for a pair of these!

After RM280 damages done, my milk production is normal again, stocking up for the baby again. 10 more months to go, may Allah swt ease up everything for me. Ameen.

Contact details for Medela Service Centre Ampang:

Lot B2-G, Jalan Selaman 1
Dataran Palma Off Jalan Ampang
68000 Ampang Selangor
Tel : 03-4270 1128
Email :

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