Thursday, November 19, 2015

Aisha's flashcards progress

By now, Aisha is 15 months old.

Similar to Khaira during her age, she is at a stage where she is learning hijaiyah flashcards. 

Although this time around I've learned that we should start earlier, I found it less easy to commit with the two girls. Love arrived from work around 9pm everyday, I arrived around 6.30 pm. So I was rushing like mad everynight to find time to teach Khaira and Aisha before Aisha fell asleep. But after she turned 1 and has a fixed sleep time, I became more discipline.



For Aisha, I tried a different set of flashcard which suits her personality more. The flashcards are from Little Qari.

These flashcards are equipped with images at the back to assist you on what to act to that particular letter so it would be easier for your children to memorize. 

Example; dzho for zikir.

She's still progressing so far. Able to pronounce a few letters, Alhamdulillah. I hope to be more istiqamah after this. 5 minutes a day in shaa Allah.

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