Thursday, December 10, 2015

Love turned 30

Love turned 30 on the 22nd November. This year, MIL decided to celebrate it at home where she cooked bibimbap for us.

Hubs was craving for Fuel Shack afterwards. So, we had burgers for dinner.

And no bake blueberry cheese cake for supper. So easy to make, I will share you the recipe here.

No bake blueberry cheese cake

250g digestive biscuits (small pack McVities)
125g butter (quarter Buttercup)
500g cream cheese (Big Tartura)
1 can of sweetened creamer
3 teaspoons gelatin (halal gelatin can be bought in Baguz)
Lemon juice
Blueberry jam

1. Crushed the digestive biscuits, mixed with butter and put it as a base, chill
2. Mixed cream cheese, creamer, gelatin and lemon juice in a mixer. Put it on top of the base.
3. Serve the blueberry jam as its topping. I bought the ones in Baguz, and I don't quite like the taste of it. I would suggest to go for Tesco's blueberry jam.

Happy trying!


Worth mentioning for my keepsake that, before we went for dinner, we dropped by at Grandmother's and that was the last time I saw her alive in her own house. She was later admitted the next day due to pneumonia.

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