Monday, December 14, 2015

My Little Octopus

After my last visit to see Grandmom in IJN, we went to Putrajaya for Genius Aulad's Little Ihtifal.

Ohh.. that proud moment of seeing your baby girl on stage. I did not know what to expect. Turned out she was very brave and confident that it almost made me cry. Emo mom!

My baby.. here's to more on stage performance after this. In shaa Allah.. lepas ni Quran recitals/hafazan ok :) Make Ibu and Abi proud. Datuk and Nenny were there to support her as well!

Spot Khaira!

During the show, when Khaira looked at the crowd to find me, our eyes immediately met and she waved. Up until today, she proudly claimed that she immediately spotted me among the hundreds of people. May our bond continue until the end.

P/S: Khaira was the one wearing ballerina yellow dress on top of her pants.

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