Monday, August 22, 2016

Muslimah hair salon - I found it!

My always "mostly read" post in my blog is the "Muslimah hair salon, please!"

I wrote that in 2012, and now it's 2016. It proves that many of us, Muslim women are still looking for the best hair salon for us.

I haven't been updating anything previously because I was still looking for one.

I have been in and out of Hairven, Math Equations, Dedaun Spa, etc. None. None made me stay. So for the past three years, it has been a battle. A constant battle of where.

I have a thick hair, straight at the root but wavy at the end. My previous stylist at Headkandee did a wonderful job in layering it so it won't look too thick and make me uncomfortable. But none. Just none after her. I switched from my 4 years hairstylist after I started to wear my headscarf.

Recently, I tried one and it is love at first sight, girls! Seriously, literally. I know this is the one that I'm gonna stay with for the longest time.

Capello by Nina in Bangi :)

Ain't it beautifullll??? Sorry didn't dare take too much picture, takut tercapture gambar girls without their head scarves here as this is strictly for women.

It has a place for your kids to play around as well. Not that I bring the girls for my "me" time. But just in case you have to, they even't play Boboboi for your kids so they won't distract you.

I had the senior stylist trimmed my hair for RM 53 and Moisture treatment for RM 96 for my first visit a week ago. I'm planning for another visit and hope to try the 02 treatment next :)

Also, obviously got the member card for RM 25, where it will give me 10% off for any of my visit after this including for my friends if they are with me. And on my birthday, 30% off of any treatment, How good is that????

Ohhh.. this is not a sponsored post, girls. I just share my findings, so no worries. I benefit none from my post.

Also just some updates from my previous post, Seputeh Kapas has been closed down some time ago.

So, since 2013, I have been going to Wain Health and Beauty Centre for my facial religiously. And Reborn for my massage. These two are the best, seriously.

But I'm looking for a good place for body scrub still. Been going to Dedaun Spa previously, but it closed down earlier this year as well. So, please suggest if you have any good ones. ladies!

Much love ♥!

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