Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Aisha turns 2!

Aisha turned 2 on 2nd August last month.

Alhamdulillah, forever thankful for her health and happiness.

We had a small celebration at home, where Khaira was so excited to make a cake for her sister.


But, I would like to think that I'm a good mother hence I can read Khaira like a book.

So, I went to get a Japanese cheese cake for Aisha, some chocolate and sprinkles. I let Khaira pour the melted chocolate and decorate the sprinkles all over.

She was so proud of herself, I swear (>_<)V

Aisha was as usual one "happy" baby who went cranky when people sang her a happy birthday song.

Mood was haywire that day sebab tumbuh gigi geraham. I'm struggling to wean her off still, she didn't mind the salt technique guys! I should put some coffee tonight. Sigh..

But, my Buah Hati.. Happy Birthday, Sayang. I love you more and more everyday, you are so adorable, full of character. I can't wait for you to be big enough so we can have our date together just the two of us. I know you have been sharing everything your whole life, but do know that there is a special place in my heart belongs to just you, no sharing there, sweetheart. I love you forever.

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