Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Asyikins' 2016 birthday party

I can't believe it is almost a year since I last wrote about the girls' birthday party in 2015. Read the full story here.

Anyhow, this year we had another celebration for the girls and decided to have it at KFC again. But this time, a bigger KFC as we have bigger crowd. Last year was at Jusco Equine and this year at Jusco Seri Kembangan where they reserved the whole top floor for our guests.

Compared to 2015, I guess the organizer was better last year. And the packaged also has been reduced much more although price is still the same. Cake is no longer included in the package this year, so I had my SIL made one for the girls

Castle cake!
My princess Aisha was super excited about the party and has been practicing her Chicky Dance for days.

But during the party, this Lil Missy slept the wholeeee time! Balik baru kebuluran and excited Chicky Dance sorang2 (T_T) Kesian buah hati!

Khaira was one happy lady berlari non stop and sambung main sampai malam since my cousin dropped by at mom's after the party so her girl could play with my girls.

I can't stop thinking that it was just last year we had the party where my beloved Grandmother was still there. It was saddening, really. I kept thinking about it every now and then during the party, I tried my best to push it away.

And for that, it meant the world.. that my best friend in the whole world dropped by for our party although she had to travel alone with her two girls who were the same age as mine. One super lady, I could not imagine doing that on my own.

Only God knows how much I love these girls!

I read from iMuslim, a lesson on Gratitude from Surah Ibrahim.. I guess lemme just share it with you here..

You can't have patience until you have gratitude. Of course I wish my Grandmom was still there this year for the girls' birthday party, in fact I wish she is with me every day, every year.

But if I can't have that, truly I am very thankful for those around me.

Our relatives, most of them are there for the girls. My super busy uncle, even my Korean aunt all the way from Korea.

My SABians friends; the ones whom I know 14 years ago, whom with me through thick and thin.

Love's friends since kindy..

The parents had fun..

As well as obviously the kids..

 My girls obviously were psyched whether at KFC or lampi at home. Nonetheless, thank you EVERYONE (mentioned or not, in pics or not) obviously it matters to us. Perhaps the only time we get to meet nowadays. I hope this is not the last time all of us gather together.

Lots of love, Kapal and the Asyikins.

Al fatihah to arwah Grandmom.

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