Thursday, March 2, 2017

K at Globalart

Omg I'm so behind in updating my blog! February has been a super hectic month, but I will try to catch up in my writing in shaa Allah.

Last October, after being somewhat numb as my firstborn turned 5 (how time flies!) followed by being all hormonal looking at her drawings, she just got better and better, Subhanallah, I started to question myself. More stories of her drawings here.

K's simple drawing at 4
A's drawing at 2, also cantik what

Me, being the left brainer as always have never been really encouraging her with all these artsy stuff. She must have gotten that from my dad. I mean, I did not stop her, but the best I did was, "Look at your drawing, so pretttyyyy!" I couldn't imagine doing that for the rest of my life, it would get lame one day.

So that October evening, after I did my research, alone I traveled near my housing area to survey for an art class for her and I fell in love with Globalart immediately. Attended trial class, she loved it and just like that, my Saturday morning started early, no more lazing around the bed.

My worry is just one though, her social skills. Alhamdulillah, she has always been coping well academically, but at 4 she had a traumatized first day at kindy, so it was not easy for her to trust strangers. That was the difficulties we had with her previous swimming classes. Even more, she was the only Malay in her Globalart class. So, I talked to her class teacher and Globalart handled her really well. *salute*

She started with something simple..

To a bit more challenging..

Using crayons and water colour as well..

She made friends with other races, which I am so happy about since in her Kindy, they are only Malays there.

This one particular girl in Globalart caught my girls' attentions most..

K: "Ibu what are you doing in my art class with that monkey?"
A: "Ibu, why are you playing in Kakak's school?"

That is not me (T_T)

Although, in all seriousness, she does look like me at home, with her hair like that (T_T)

All was fun in her Globalart class, she joined for months, and we even participated her in colouring contest and so on. Only recently to discover that..

She doesn't really fancy colouring guys!! She likes drawing :'( In Globalart, they have to master colouring first before drawing, haha! Sorry, baby, noob mommy here!

But, she was still psyched learning something new. This was K, on her first day at 9am on Saturday morning. I looked the exact opposite with my pyjama still, thanks for asking.

After 3 months in Art class, did her colouring improve?

I would say they are pretty much the same.

3 months in Art class was quite pricey. It costs us around RM800, BUT.. it is a skill not me and Love can teach her. We are simply not art people.

To look beyond, it is not just the colouring skills we hope she would pick up.

It's the social skills of mingling with other races, the discipline of listening to instructions, the patience of colouring, the thoroughness of not leaving white space, etc.

Did she become more creative on her drawings or other artsy stuff? Oh yes.

This was what she did for me, a few days ago.. (no reference whatsoever, a quiz and bear in mind she was just 5y4m).

Was it worth it?

For us yes, because I did not spend on her reading, mental arithmetic or mengaji class, those are skills I could teach her at home, and I have been doing that everyday since she was 1. But, not arts or colouring. Let her stimulate her right brain. And if I could spend that much for my facial or car or house etc, why not for my biggest amanah in the world.

Khaira, Aisha, may you grow up well, contributing something to the ummah and aim for jannah. Much love, baby girls!

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