Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Playing tourist at KL and Putrajaya

Hi everyone!! What have you guys been up to this school holiday?

Alhamdulillah, I don't have teaching load this time around but actually am saving for our next trip, Holla Bruneiii!! Haha so Bangi-Putrajaya Hotel je lah ya kids.

The best coffee guys!

Anyhow, syukur to the Almighty that I am more free this time around because long holiday last December had been really hectic for me. Not only I was rushing to finish up the syllabus as it was the final quarter of the semester, on top of that, I was scheduled to Japan for a week. *cries a river* But Alhamdulillah after much discussion, the trainer agreed to come to UNITEN instead.

However, I was still all over Malaysia, a couple of days in Bersia and Janda Baik for our consultancy and research projects *cries* Hectic hectic month. So how do I entertain the kids?

Goodbye to all the theme parks I wish to visit. We play tourists around here instead. It was fun! Every weekend we brought the girls to places, so I thought of sharing with you guys!

National Art Gallery

*yawn* I know I know. But my girls loveeee art, so why not?

Taman Titiwangsa and Taman Layang-Layang, Kepong

Our first time flying a kite ever in our life, all of us.

Aquaria, KLCC

Because they were so into the Baby Shark song.

Taman Wetland, Putrajaya

Breathtaking view! Especially at the top of Menara Tinjau.

Taman Astaka Morocco, Putrajaya

Loving this so much! Don't mind the Japanese guy, I'm bringing my Sensei from Japan along!

Dondang Sayang Ride at Putrajaya

Taman China-Malaysia

And last but not least..

Bubbles and Beans Putrajaya Fun Ride!!

Not bad, right? I hope you have some ideas where to bring your kids with the leftover cuti we have. Have fun, everyone!! I'm definitely having fun this holiday break with my loved ones :)

And baby girls, sorry for not able to bring you theme parks this round. But tomorrow, I'm on leave and it will be a day just for the two of you exclusively. Excited!

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