Friday, June 30, 2017

Aidilfitri 2017

As salam everyone,

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!!! Please please please forgive me for all the wrong doings, I pray may Allah accept all our deeds during Ramadhan and may He grant us all jannah.

Ramadhan this year has been the most meaningful for me so far.

Prior to Ramadhan, I have attended a talk in my office by Ustaz Pahrol Joui "Andainya Ini Ramadhan Terakhirku". I included the notes I took from the talk at the end of my entry. Simply said, it was a wake up call for me. I wanted to make my Ramadhan this time around more meaningful than the previous ones.

I had a bumpy start but by Day 5, I started to have my Ramadhan routine.

I want to have something that I continuously carry with me after this Ramadhan, and for this year, I wish to start Solat Witir even after Ramadhan. It's day 6 Syawal aandddd I failed miserably. Am totally not happy with that. May Allah swt grant me strength.

This Ramadhan, I felt the bliss of going to Surau for Tarawikh and so happy to listen to the interesting short tazkirah in between. And I learned something new this year..

I always read a saying, "Laylatul Qadr lebih baik dari 1000 bulan".

All these years, I thought "bulan" refers to moon, assuming it meant that during Laylatul Qadr, it shines so brightly better than 1000 moons.

Only this Ramadhan, I know that "bulan" refers to "month". Laylatul Qadr is better than 1000 months, meaning your good deeds in that night is equivalent to doing good deeds for 83 years!! Oh my, the ignorance.. (T_T)

See, I have been so ignorant all my life. Khaira and Aisha Asyikin, if you're reading this one day, I pray everyday that you will be better than me in every way, my love.

Oh, don't forget to puasa 6 everyoneee!! I pray this year, for the first time in my life, I will be given the opportunity to complete my Puasa 6.


As promised, the notes I took during Ustaz Pahrol Joui's talk. Kalau ada silap, mohon maafkan dan betulkan. Saya budak baru belajar.

3 jenis puasa:
1. Puasa awam: puasa jaga benda2 yg batalkan puasa sahaja
2. Puasa khusus: puasa jaga benda2 batalkan dan seluruh pancaindera dari buat dosa
3. Puasa muqorrabin: puasa jaga benda2 batalkan, pancaindera dan jaga hati dan fikiran dari buat dosa. Ingat Allah all the time, kalau sesaat tak ingat Allah rasa berdosa

Amalan wajib digandakan 70x, amalan sunat sama pahala dgn wajib

Rukun islam = proses. Cth: Bila kita ada iman, kita puasa. Kalau puasa kita elok, output ialah kita jadi org bertaqwa. Kalau tak jadi orang bertaqwa, improve our process; ie. puasa

How to increase iman so that puasa elok:

A) Input=niat
1. Niat kerana Allah swt; bukan ekonomi/kesihatan/hikmah/nak kurus etc
2. Didik anak kerana Allah; bukan kerana adat. Contoh: Solat raya penuh masjid, tapi solat subuh? Subuh jemaah dgn tarawikh?
3. Mcm mat saleh masuk masjid, bila keluar tak tutup aurat balik. Mcm tu juga kita tinggalkn ramadhan, dah boleh baca quran setiap kali lepas solat masa ramadhan, tinggalkan pula lepas ramadhan
4. Serahkan diri pada Allah, serahkan kekuatan kita untuk puasa pada Allah
5. Once umur 40 tahun tapi tak jaga rawatib, something is wrong with us
6. Bangun sahur istighfar, masa sahur paling mudah nak dapat keampunan

B) Proses = pohon
1. Siam (menahan)
2. Qiam (membangun)
-jaga solat subuh dan isyak berjemaah, seolah bersolat sepanjang malam
-jaga tahajud, taubat, hajat, witir
-ibadat sehingga letih nak buat maksiat
3. Quran
-semua ahli keluarga mesti ada 1 Quran hardcopy
4. Sedeqah
-sedekah menajamkan doa

C) Output = taqwa
1. Banyak kemenangan fizikal dlm bulan ramadhan (badar, khandaq). Sbb bila bertaqwa
2. Berjaya atau tak puasa kita? Surah al imran 134
- nafkah harta masa susah atau senang
- tahan marah
- Maafkan salah
- Bila dosa cepat taubat

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Our Brunei story!

For our yearly holiday this year, we went to Brunei.

"Why would you want to go to Brunei for a holiday?" We received that a lot. Haha!

I've always loved Borneo. I love Kundasang so so much, I could stay there. And Kuching, I would always want to go there again. So, I thought why not Brunei?

Brunei was nothing fancy, not the best place for a holiday but I've no regrets going there at all. Travelling for me is about learning the culture rather than exploring their attractions. I am more amazed at how they have Jawi signage everywhere, "Subhanallah, Alhamdulillah and Allahu Akhbar" signs by the highway; similar to the road signs we have in Malaysia, their super friendly people that are super proud of their Sultan and government and of course, their food!

First day.

We arrived on Friday afternoon, checked in at Palm Hotel, Kianggeh and had a good rest. That night, we went to Pasar Malam Gadong. Opens every night, variety of food as cheap as BND 1 (RM 3.20) for Nasi bungkus with ayam and sambal (tasted like Nasi Ayam Penyet).

Afterwards, we went for souvenirs hunting and just walked around Gadong, there are quite a number of shopping malls nearby. Surprisingly, you could see fabric shops and tailors everywhere in Brunei!

Second day.

Woke up early morning to Pantai Tungku.

It was very dirty, so I wouldn't suggest this place.

Afterwards to Kampung Ayer and boyyyy!!! This one is a must. Breathtaking view! They have schools, lots of schools above the river, it was one hugeeee beautiful village, suka sangat!

We tried the Ambuyat, Brunei's national dish made from the inside of Sago palm and eaten similarly like rice with all sorts of dishes. Not to my liking, but just have got to try!

We went for souvenir hunting again, omg so hard to find a souvenir shop here!!! Found one finally so I have just got to share the business card in case you were looking for a souvenir shop in Brunei.

Walk around their beautiful town that night, from South to East to Center of Brunei but this caught our eyes specifically ♥

Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque

Third day.

Surprised with the road closure around the city area, apparently on Sunday morning they closed the road as it is their family day. But on our third day at Brunei particularly, it was their National Family Day, so there was a huge celebration. The biggest in that year.

We started of our day at Kianggeh Market, where I fell in love with the vibrant colours of the mengkuang bags, sounds of live Gamelan (mostly playing the late P. Ramlee's song), lots of antiques Keris and coins, I belong here..

Then we joined in the fun at their Family Day. There were birds singing competition, lots of rides, bubbles, shows, omg just lotssss of fun here!!!

Look who we met here? #proudMalaysian

Afterwards we headed to Royal Regalia Museum. Too bad they didn't allow any photos taken, it was amazing! A must visit, free entry and definitely I would say your visit is incomplete without visiting this museum.

Wrapped up our visit by performing Zohor at Jame Asr Hassanil Bolkiah Mosque, such beautiful mosque.

Then, it was time to go home. Returned the Vios that we rented for about RM560 3D2N at Hertz via Expedia, and 2.5 hours journey back to KL.

Brunei is a peaceful laid back country. The people there are not only humble, but also very modest. Although Brunei doesn't have much attractions, I am really happy there. :) I feel at peace, I feel safe, I feel very convenient. Thank you, Bruneians. And Alhamdulillah. I was reluctant to fly a week before our scheduled trip, but thank you Allah for making everything a smooth sailing journey for us.

2 months from now, I will be going to Bangkok pulak! Yay, will keep you guys updated.

Also, I am sorry for deactivating my blog for quite a while.