Monday, April 30, 2018

Khaira in Standard 1

Finding school for Khaira was not an easy task for us. I started looking for one since she was 4.

First, we discussed whether to send her to Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) or private school. International school was not an option for us. Too expensive, might as well save for her university later on.

Both Love and I are very pro of SK as both of us were from there. I have faith in the system, the teachers, the facilities. I believe no private school can beat that. But, our priority is for her to be in an islamic environment. Having said that, we need to send her to KAFA. And thinking about her transportation and transit, we decided to send her to private school instead.

After thorough consideration, we filtered out to two options: SRITI Bangi or SRI ABIM. SRITI is a tahfiz school. We extremely love the syllabus, but not the facilities. It is a shop lot. Khaira took the exam and she loved the school a lot.

Still on mask as her lung was still recovering

SRI ABIM on the other hand was initially just a backup for us, it is an islamic school, not tahfiz. But, the moment Khaira did her exam there, we fell in love immediately. It was systematic and well organized, we loved the environment and it just felt right. It has the feel of SK there, though K preferred SRITI and she said ABIM's entry exam was too easy, she felt SRITI can challenge her intellectual better.

We reached to our final decision when K's paed was telling us that K should avoid air cond as her lung was still recovering at that time. That made our life easier. Convincing K was an easy task, she is still at the age where she pretty much still know that we only wanted the best for her.

Her first couple of months, as expected has not been easy at all. She hated to be away from home for such long hours (7.50 am - 4 pm).

On Mondays and Thursdays, she had her Tae Kwon Do class, after school until 6pm which got her separation anxiety really badly. Plus, no Std 1 girl was enrolled to the class other than her. So, recently, we skipped her class on Thursdays, make it just once a week. So, all is well.

She recently got a Yellow belt. I pray so she had the perseverance to achieve black belt, unlike me. (I stopped at Blue belt).

She did extremely well at school. She is the class assistant monitor. She aimed to be a prefect (so unlike me, I hated prefect. But I was one in primary, I don't know why).

Her academic, Alhamdulillah was well. She recently became the top in her darjah.

And when I asked what present would she like, her answer was Buku Rampaian. A one ringgit buku rampaian. (T_T)

But most of all, I am very happy that since she is in SRI ABIM, she would not go out without her tudung anymore. Though, we need to revamp her wardrobe, it's a good problem. I hope soon, she would take care of her solat, in shaa Allah. Baby steps.

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