About Dr. Ikeen

Hello!! :)

A brief introduction about me. I'm a lecturer in a private university which happens to be the uni I did my foundation, degree, master and PhD. I graduated from my PhD after three years struggling doing it part time. I married my high school sweetheart after almost 9 years together. In 2011, I gave birth to the love of my life, Khaira Asyikin. That was when I discovered gentle birth and I managed to give birth naturally to both my daughters, Khaira and Aisha Asyikin (born in 2014). I am very grateful of what I have now, a wonderful family and my mesmerizing friends. My passions are reading, travelling and teaching. I believe in early education and has been the first teacher for both of my girls. And my blog talks about everything along the lines on what I mentioned above.

I hope you enjoy reading my story. Sometimes I might be talking about the same 'subjects' again and again and again, but then.. This blog is a head fake, dedicated for those particular 'subjects' I mentioned repeatedly, with love..

You can contact me via my email: asyikin.radzi@gmail.com