Aisha Asyikin


♥ Started Kindy!
♥ Started reading, she recognized a, ba, .. ma (very fast progress, Alhamdulillah)
♥ Memorized Al-Kauthar (5th surah)


♥ Memorized Al Falaq (4th surah)
♥ Started Iqra' 2
♥ Started on fruit juice regularly as her tastebud can now finally  accept all sorts of juice
♥ Obsessed with Peria :D


Memorized Al Ikhlas (2nd surah) and An Nas (3rd surah)
♥ Can wear her own clothes
♥ Obsessed with Boboiboy


Started with Iqra' 1, no more flashcards
Started to learn colouring and connecting dots



Potty trained!
Sleep throughout the night finally!
Less tantrum


Can submerge herself in water more than 3 seconds
Listen to instruction properly and so into Tae Kwon Do
Memorized songs and dance movements better


Communicate and know how to play with Khaira
Strong hands and feet coordination
Start following the dots steadily using pencil


Recognized alphabets and numbers
Learning huruf berat
Keen to learn swimming, not scared at all, jump to pool anytime


♥ Learning huruf berat still (gha, tho, zho)
♥ Recognized A, B, C
♥ Sing complicated songs
♥ Mastering verbal usage in simple English sentences
♥ Memorized Al Fatihah and simple doa


Learning huruf berat (gha, tho, zho)
♥ Advance talker, very talkative. She can form short story of what she did for the day or synopsis of Boboboi or Upin Ipin she watched
♥ Love to dance
♥ Memorized Al Fatihah and simple doa

22 months old

Recognized more hijaiyahs
Can form a full sentence, eg. "Ibu, apa ni?", "Abi, ngok ni, jom kuar" (Abi, tengok ni, jom keluar)
Can sing full song for "Nenek si Bongkok Tua", "Buai laju laju"
Climb up and down stairs and bed on her own steadily, no monitoring needed.

20 months old

♥ Started to choose what to wear
♥ Recognized certain hijaiyah such as "ya" and "ja"
♥ Talk two words already, "Jom naik", "Nak makan"
♥ Can recite "Bismillah" and doa makan
♥ Can sing simple songs like "Ba ba black sheep", "Raindrops", "Rama-rama"

18 months old

♥ Good imitation skills; she does everything her sister does
♥ Can answer simple questions, like what did you eat today, "Ikan". Datuk pergi mana, "Kerja"
♥ Very good at fine motor skills, can even hold pencils and colours steadily
♥ Started to follow back when I taught her hijaiyah


16 months old

Talk a lot but still one word at a time
♥ Very stable motor skills; run, hop, naik turun stairs and katil steadily
♥ Feed herself using spoon and fork
♥ More expressive you can read her like a book from facial expressions


14 months old

Love swimming
Starting to follow simple hijaiyah I thought using flash cards such as "Aa" "Fa"
Getting more approachable to new people
Introduce her to eggs


Walk steadily
Eat snacks by herself steadily
Really good with shape sorter
Introduce her to bread

11 months old

Introduce her to beef
Took her first couple of steps
Learn to shake hands. Love thought her a few days before Raya and has been obsessed to salam people during raya
Getting more playful and adorableeee

10 months old

Introduce her to chicken and biscuits
Learn to throw and catch and very good at it
Learn to sulk, oh no!
Follow simple words like "bird", "fish", "tumpah" even "pin pin" for upin ipin.

9 months old

Eat white rice + brown rice with fish (salmon, dory, tenggiri) and veges
 Learn to clap her hands and whistling
Excellent motor skills this one, climb steadily.. stairs, walker, even high chair.. sigh..

8 months old

Eat: White rice + brown rice with zucchini (gassy for her), broccoli, sawi, cauliflower  (gassy for her), carrot
Cruising steadily with one hand
Separation anxiety, but don't mind stranger as long as I'm around


7 months old

Started solids at 6m2d
Eat: White rice + brown rice with dates, bananas, papayas, honey dews
Said "Air" when thirsty
Stand on her own while seated and started cruising with both hands holding to something
Hand coordination gets better
Had her chicken pox :(


6 months old

♥ Said "Ibu" and "Abu" (Abi?) and "Kakak" very clearly
Sat down on her own


5 months old

♥ Very playful
♥ Laugh a lot
♥ Crawl steadily


4 months old

♥ Start to move forward
♥ Grab things and play with toys
♥ Know what she wants and would babble in her own words to demand


3 months old

Gain 0.5 kg. Current weight: 6.4kg.

♥ Talk a lot
♥ Laugh awkwardly
♥ Fixed schedule of sleeping, eating, etc.


2 months old

Gain 1.1 kg. Current weight: 5.9kg

♥ Move forward
♥ Play with her saliva
♥ Response to her name
♥ Making sounds when playing
♥ Kick vigorously


1 month old

Gain 1.7 kgs. Current weight: 4.8 kg.

♥ focus on object like my face
♥ smile spontaneously
♥ hold head steady when upright
♥ tilt to one side then back to the other
♥ wobble her head
♥ sucks her mittens
♥ already sleeps well at night and play during the day

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