Dreams come true

Life Achievements
Hajj for parents
House fully renovated
Insurance for mom
Insurance for dad
Car for parents
Umrah for parents

Achievements for 2017
Start PEng
Save 60k
1 Graduate student
Project leader
Upgrade to UT11A
K 30 surahs
A 6 surahs

Achievements for 2016
Insurance for mom
Get CEng
Write a book
Wean off Aisha at 2
K 30 surahs

Save 60k
Gold any exhibition
Achievements for 2015..
Ho Chi Minh
Send parents to umrah
Chartered engineer
Save at least 60k
BF Aisha for at least 1 year old
Lead a grant project
10 publications
Khaira to memorize 30 surahs
Toastmaster/exercise class
Renovate homer

Achievements for 2014..
Have a super easy gentle/hypno bith
Pru my dad mom
Save at least 40k
Have a family vacation to KK
Kelas mengaji
Nazar no. 3
5 journals and 5 conferences first author</strike>

Achievements for 2013..
Do something for our home
Breastfeeding Khaira for at least 1 and a half year
Senior Lecturer
Save at least RM20k
Cameron Highland
Aerobic class/dance class/gym
Graduate from my PhD
Breastfeeding Khaira for 2 years

Achievements for 2012..
Graduate from my PhD
Breastfeeding Khaira for at least 6 months
Sponsor my family to Langkawi
Register for Hajj
Do something for our home
Give a car to my parents
Collect results for PhD
Breastfeeding Khaira for at least a year

Achievements for 2011..
Get pregnant
Get a braces
Renovate our house
Move in to our new house
♥ Have a baby ♥
Collect results for my PhD
Have a maid
Have a life insurance

Achievements for 2010..
Graduate from my Master
Buy a new car
Get married
Start my PhD
Be a lecturer
Get a new house
Bandung (Replaced to Singapore)