Sunday, December 21, 2008

.Dark secretS.

Unlike any other kids on my age during my childhood, I didn't always like secrets. I remembered this one time when my dad was home from Singapore and he bought me a pressie wrapped in a box. So, my mum told me that I cannot open it until my birthday, which was like 2 weeks from that time if i wasn't mistaken. Or maybe 2 days, but it felt that long. But my curiosity just ate me inside.

So did I open it? Well, no. But it makes me feel so miserable guessing what was inside till the day I have got the chance to open it, I was no longer psyched. Partly because it wasn't what I wanted the most and partly because I've suffered a lot from guessing what was inside and waited too long till that excitement just.. well kinda evaporated in the thin air, if my metaphor is not too exaggerating.

Well, last Friday, I've experienced another situation, another secret.. scarier and even more depressing than a so called 7-year-old-the-end-of-the-world problem. It is from someone I barely know. It's funny that he came all the way to give me this beautiful secret wrapped in a gorgeous black box.

The wrapping is so beautiful indeed. But, from outside u can actually hear a "tick-tick" sound. The moment I saw it, i know it's a bomb. See, the problem is.. I can't return this gift to the stranger, partly because I feel flattered to actually be trustworthy enough to some stranger to share his box of secret with me. And I can't give it to anyone else for I have opened it and promised not to let anyone knows what is inside. At the same time, I know it'll explode right in front of my face if i'm not careful enough.

What shall I do? I am totally clueless. But, I have faith, this is happening for a reason. Wallahualam. I sure hope I'm doing the right thing by keeping it.

Here i come to the present day

I haven't been writing for quite a long time. Mostly, because I have been really busy with my technical papers and my master research. But I have a lot of things in mind that I need to share, and perhaps get some opinions in return.

Lately, my life has been so full of surprises. Don't get me wrong, I love that little surprises in life. It makes life more interesting. But as a normal human being, I can't run away from the aftermath of these surprises. And so, here I come to the present day with the cliche I love most, "Sharing is caring".