Sunday, January 30, 2011

Nicknames for your better half?

I am quite comfortable with the nickname I use to call Love.


It goes like this, "Sayang, boleh tak you tolong I bla.. bla.. bla.." It's Sayang, you and I. (Or sometimes when i needed to use my charm, it'd be Gorgeous or Sweetheart.)

The same goes to him, he calls me Sayang too.

But recently, I read one of the Islamic book my dad always left on the dining table and came across one particular part out of boredom. It said something like how the wives should call their husbands "Abang", to show respect to their husbands rather than calling him any other nicknames with "I" and "you" as pronouns whereby it shows that your husband and you are in the same level.

Ouch! It feels like someone mocking me right in my face.

But, seriously, "Abang"?

I called my brother "Abang". I called my cousins and my colleagues "Abang". I even called every male cashier on earth as "Abang".

I could not even bring myself to call my husband of all people as "Abang". For me, it is not as special as "Sayang". You don't go and call every male stranger you meet as "Sayang".

I am so comfortable on the way I called him "Sayang" or "you". In my humble opinion, it feels like talking to friends when I used the pronouns "I" and "you", and hence it feels like no barrier in between. He is my bestest best friend after all.

When I got so angry with him for the mess he did, i'd go like, "Sayang, how many times I tell you to not put this here!"

Or in the middle of argument when he still call me as Sayang, it makes things a lot easier, and the anger a lot lesser.

But, after reading that article, i seldom wonder, what should i call him to show that i put him in another level higher than myself. Any other nicknames, other than "Abang".

And anything other than "papa" or "ayah" or whatever, that is so NOT sexy! Please someone mock me if i ever call him that once we have a baby.

Truth is I couldn't find any nickname better than "Sayang".

So, to make myself comfortable I keep telling myself that it doesn't matter what you call him, as long as he knows the amount of respect you have for him. It does help..


*Pic from google, the first pic is edited from Sayang, you can dance.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Kedai curtain murah

Alhamdulillah, bonus dah masuk! :)

Anyway, last week, we went for curtain hunting.

Kedai curtain paling murah is the one in Nilai Square. Nilai 3 mcm a bit mahal for curtain.

We spent around RM400+ for the whole house. But just the material. Belum jahit lagi.

Tingkat bawah colour grey.

Tingkat atas colour brown, but the same design.

Kain organza belakang.

Pengikat curtain.

So anyway, mum gave me a tip that i really would like to share with you guys.

She said the prices there are all negotiable. You could ask for reduction as high as 70% from the actual price.

We tried.

But we managed to get only 50% off from the price displayed.

We're quite good, aren't we? (T_T) Ok.. Ok.. Getting better at least ;p

Monday, January 24, 2011

Bring that braces on!

Had my braces on yesterday, which also means..

I've crossed off one of my "To achieve list 2011"! Alhamdulillah

Would like to share the procedures you have to go through for the braces:

1) Consultation. Some clinics give consultation for free, but mine, I have to pay RM50 for this

2) Moulding

3) Xray. Read all about my experience here.

4) Get your teeth pulled off, I had to pull off 4 teeth. The fourth teeth from front; one from top, one bottom, one left, and one right.

The first two teeth got off perfectly. Not that hurt since I took some pain killer.

The third teeth (bottom left) was really painful. Normally for bottom teeth, you get only one shot of local anaesthesia, but I had twice since it did not go numb. And the root was a bit bent, so imagine the pain.

The fourth teeth (top left) gave me even more headache :( Which reminds me to remind you this, if you're looking for a doctor to pull out your top teeth, find a specialist. Because the root looks like this..

Compared to the bottom one

Makes the top one easier to break.

And my doctor accidentally break my teeth, leaving the root stuck in my gum, which causing me two minor dental surgeries to remove it and the pain and the bleeding, jgn cakapla..

5) Have your braces on. First, the doctor will dry all the saliva in your mouth, put something to stretch your mouth and begin to glue the brackets in each tooth. The taste of the glue was super duper horrible. That I had to take a break and had some drinks for a while

Then, the best part was when the doctor asked you to pick the colour of your braces!! Put the wires on, and before you even realize it, you're done

Tak sakit pun!

Yup, wait for about 3 hours and tell me that again. I couldn't even sleep last night.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The power of letting go

A few days ago, Love went to KB for work with some of his colleagues. I guess along the way, he makes lots of new friends too.

As he got back, he was in this “OMG-I’m-so-glad-you’re-my-wife” mode.

What happened to him there?

Then, he told me a story that I pray I will forever remember.

I am not so sure how it started. I guess it started from a normal boring conversation in one of the coffee shop where he spent hours at every day he was in KB.

He said most of his friends almost had no life once they were married. The wives wanted the husbands’ life to resolve just around them.

Keluar malam with friends tak boleh. Jamming on the weekends tak boleh, kena beli barang for anak. Tengok bola at mamak, tak boleh.

Not that they did not love the wives, but they just did not feel happy as they used to.

The story made me feel insecure. I have absolutely no problems of letting him go anywhere he wants as for now. Jamming ke, bola ke, balik 3 pagi ke as long as no b***h involved ;p Because he returns back the freedom I gave by calling/smsing every hour, so.. you know.. would be mcm psycho la kan kalau u nak merapu jeles lagi or whatnot.

But, you know.. the only constant in life is change.

What happened to us once we have a baby? Would i still be the same? Would he truly be happy as what he feels with me now?


I don’t want us to end up like that..

“I will never let you be that kind of person, Ikeen!” BFF Qdin shouted at me all the way from Aussie.

So glad we have friends as our reminder in daily life.

"Have you ever feel suffocated with me?" I asked him insecurely once he finished his story of 'Why I'm so glad you're my wife'.

"Once, long time ago, maybe masa our 2 or 3 years couple," He said. I nodded, the time when we argued a lot. Owh.. long term relationship did help after all.

"You feel suffocated having me around?" This time he asked insecurely.


He is not the most secure person that would make you wonder whether he loves you or not. And not the most insecure person that makes you push him away.

He sits perfectly in the middle that makes you wonder how on earth does he play this game.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ayers Rock - Butcher and Grill

Had a weekend all by ourselves last week, and boy, it was good!

We barely had time to spend just for ourselves these past couple of months. With weddings and hang outs and family activities, so last weekend was the moment we have been waiting for, to just chill.

The morning we woke up, Love said, "I'm craving for burger."
He was a die hard fan of burger and I was not. For me, it was way too big to bite and sloppy and bla.. bla.. All the reasons why I hate them are just exacty why Love likes them. Funny!

"Let's have a burger then? Wendy's or Carl's Jr.?" I asked.
"I don't want any burger. I want Massive Burger!" He replied.
"The 500gram German's Deli?""Tak.. There's this one burger shop I've been craving to bring you.. Jom Bukit Jelutong!"

So off we went to Bukit Jelutong. Since we were there he dropped by to a friend's house palace (OMG! how cool is the house there!) for a jamming session.

Then we had Massive Burger. I had only the patty, I don't like the bread.

And it was the best patty I've ever tasted in my life, SERIOUSLY. :)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

A meaningful wedding present

I love all my wedding presents.

They vary from kain baju kurung, Tupperware, electrical appliances, dishes, solemnization shoes by BFF Maria and of course a microwave oven by dearest friends, Nadrah and co who were so thoughtful to bring over the largest wedding gift I ever received.

Anyway, one of Love’s colleagues bought him a book.

Panduan mencipta rumahtangga syurgawi: Mencontohi Rumahtangga Rasulullah S.A.W.

I would really think that the gift is more of for me, because Love and I were the total opposite of each other. HE DID NOT READ.

Anyway, let’s talk about this book.

You know the first month of marriage was the hardest. Though, you’ve been together for 9 years before you’re married, still..

You get home all tired, you have to cook, have to clean the dishes, have to do the laundry and your husband just do the thing they normally do before he was married; watching football while you did all these.

After a while, you discussed about how life would be easier if you helped each other, your husband agreed, then you started to see the fun of marriage.

And in this stage, after reading this book, we’d be fighting to actually do things for each other.

Because as much we, women think that our responsibility is just to take care of our kids.. and as much as the men think that it’s our culture that women have to do everything for the house.. it comes back to one thing.

How great we are in the eyes of the Almighty that we both did something for our partner, even the smallest thing in the world.

Quoting from the book..

1) Wanita yang menyapu lantai dengan berzikir dapat pahala seperti membersihkan Baitullah.
2) Mana-mana wanita yang membakar roti untuk suaminya hingga muka dan tangannya kepanasan oleh api, maka diharamkan muka dan tangannya dari bakaran api neraka.
3) Jika seorang wanita meminyakkan rambut suaminya dan janggutnya, dan memotong misainya dan kukunya, diberi minum Allah akan dia sungai syurga diiringi Allah baginya sakaratul maut, dan didapati kuburnya menjadi taman-taman syurga, serta mencatatkan Allah baginya pelepasan dari neraka dan selamatlah melintasi Siratul mustaqim.

That makes both of us wonder, senangnye nak dapat pahala bile dah kawin. Insya Allah.

TQ Yanti, this is a lesson that we’ll forever treasure.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Withdrawing EPF to buy our house

I'm richer by a few thousands this month.

First of all because I did a part time training on Latex last week, and they gave me some cash! Yay! Alhamdulillah :) Ingatkan nak ajar suka2 je.

Photo from google

And secondly because I just withdraw my EPF!

I know, ryte? Sukehati je keluarkan EPF this early. Plus, my savings are already enough for me to pay the downpayment. Mum pun bising.

But listen to my point! The interest of EPF for every year is only around 4%! If i saved it in my ASB, I could get at least 7% a year. Go figure yourself which is better!

Because it gave me a lot of headache calling and dropping by Jalan Reko's EPF to ask about the procedure, I figured I might as well share with all of you on the procedure.

Anyway we are purchasing a house from a vendor, not from developer, so the procedure might varies.

Here goes the steps:

1) What you need is borang pengeluaran KWSP 9c --> Get it here
2) Then a photocopy of your IC depan belakang.
3) Buku bank (but I just photostate the statement from my CIMBclicks)
4) Copy of Sale and Purchase agreement verified by your SNP's lawyer (I brought also the original, borrowed from bank since some EPF branch needed it)
5) Bank loan agreement - both original and photostate verified by your bank loan's lawyer.
6) If the house is under your husband's name and you, a copy of your sijil nikah.
7) Geran tanah if you have the individual title already, else you have to get a letter from the DEVELOPER, not from lawyer.

Then you submit all the forms. And within 14 days, they will bank in the money to your account. Wheee!!

As of how much you can withdraw, you can take out as high as 10% from the price of your house, but if your EPF savings in Account 2 is lower than that, you can withdraw everything in Account 2.

Hope it helps. :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

A new chapter

Feeling a bit melancholy having to erase the content of the white board in my office room..

Each and everyone of them, I worked really hard to achieve and with Allah's will, I managed to cross them off all in the year 2010!

I have a lot of things to be thankful for other than the list in that board, among the major achievements of the year..

I won gold in MTE and ITEX 2010.. Though, ITEX was 2 weeks before wedding, my time management skills had been put into test, but Alhamdulillah..

I won the best paper award before the end of such amazing year.

Been pointed as a session chair..

My KPI was outstanding, students evaluated me fairly..

2010 sees me bringing home achievements upon achievements whereby I can come home and share it with my better half and loved ones. The most beautiful feeling in the world. :)

2010 is such a great year.

And 2011 will be even better, insya Allah. I have faith. To a new chapter..

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Thai Thai @ Sunway Pyramid

Met BFF Qdin over the weekend.

Took him days to really decide on where to eat (you know, men, sigh..) and finally he said he wanted something Asian, more of Thai food. So there we were.

Also, took him forever to decide on what to eat before settling down having a pineapple fried rice yang taklah sedap mana pun. ;p

Just to boast, my impulsive habit of ordering food really paid off as Qdin and I agreed that mine was the best dish of the day..

I can't really remember the Thai name of this dish, it's like a salted fish fried rice with Kailan and chicken. Yumm!

Love had meehoon Pattaya and was arguing that his dish was the best, haha.

Ok verdict: I love the deco, the ambience, the food and the price was reasonable. Might throw another visit there.

Such short period to have Qdin here. He just got back on new year and would be going home this Wednesday. Sad! But I met him twice already, last week he threw a visit to my office and we had tea together..

Truth is, our hang out session this time was so different from what it used to be.

We used to always hang out just the two of us. Talking about ultimate nonsense. ULTIMATE NONSENSE. You wouldn't want to know. Or we shared our view on relationship. I had his guy's view on things, he had mine on girl's.

Now, it would be the three of us since I'm married. I don't want Love to feel awkward, catching up on our conversations and I don't want Qdin to feel like he's the third wheel cuz he's definitely not.

But, the three of us had the best time of our lives.

Qdin had been so nice that everytime we talked about something, he enlightened Love on the situation so that he would be part of the conversation.

And Love had been so nice trying to catch up with our nonsense conversation that he joined in almost everytime pun. He gave his guy's point of view on relationship thingy too!

I thank God to have these two men in my life.

As long as you make the partner feel comfortable and secure and respectful, you might end up with a best friend of a different gender that you will forever treasure.

And I will forever treasure you, Qdin!!! ♥

Friday, January 7, 2011


Just got back from pampering myself at Seputeh Kapas, one of my resolution this year is to have a frequent visit to spa. So, in order to discipline myself, I bought a facial package, 5 times for RM 100. :)

I'm not the only one who's been pampering myself lately. Love surprised me with a new phone when he got back from work last night. Wheee!!! :)

Not that i don't fancy BB or iphone, but at times like this, I really should watch my budgeting. We just bought a house for God's sake, I'm more than thankful for that. :)

So, this is the most practical and reasonable for me.

Garmin, check. Video call, check. Wifi, check. Design, check. That will do for now.

Thank you, Sayang. You're the best!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Today, i decided to send my car "Cooper" for routine service.

And since Love has a friend who owns a workshop, he decided to send it for me. Meaning that, we had to swap car today.

Once he arrived to his workplace at Rawang, which took about 2 hours of driving, I realized I left my office key in my car.

At first, I was like, "Nvm, I can stay in my research lab today." That was when I realized I am going to make a test for my students this evening and I left the questions in my room.

Luckily, I made a duplicate of the key and left it in my research lab. So I went to my research lab to look for the key, but it was nowhere to be found.

I thought, never mind, a few months ago I passed another copy of the key to the college's clerk for cases like this. So I went to see the clerk and he was on leave! What are the odds!

I had another plan though. I normally saved all my work in my thumb drive. That way I could reprint the test paper. So, I on my laptop, and I did not save it pulak this time. Boleh tak????

Another plan is to redo the question. But I gave hints to my students previously, and I could not really remember what questions I put in that test paper. Adoi! To redo is another headache since all my text books were in my room :(

Disappointed, I parked my car in the parking lot opposite of my office window and I realized that the balcony of my window is actually connected to my neighbour's window. And my neighbour just arrived to the office the moment I parked my car.

Ape lagi... Knocked her door, panjat balcony, and suddenly I remember that I locked my window, so it could not be opened from outside. Tension betul.

Then I remember one of the window was broken, so I pushed it here and there, and finally here I was..

In my office blogging about this. What a blessed morning.

Blessed? Yes, because when I was struggling panjat balcony, one lady shouted in panic, "OMG! What are you doing? You might fall.. bla.. bla.."

She was actually a new staff. I've been wanting to talk to her for quite some times but was too caught up with work and of course I was not the best people around when it comes to start a conversation.

She had been wanting to talk to me since like forever too, but too shy to start a conversation. Then, she came over to my room and we had a nice talk and we clicked like instantaneously.

Before we end the conversation, she said "You, next time, don't ever do that again, k!"

My reply to her was, "If it makes you come over and talk to me, it's a pleasure then. Few cuts won't hurt."

Monday, January 3, 2011

Delicious @ OU

Salam to the year 2011!!

Alhamdulillah, wishlist for 2010 has all been granted, syukur.

And what better way to celebrate the beginning of such fantastic year?

None other than spending a day with these precious..

We were there to celebrate the birthday of these two December babies; Mel and Anis..

However, Mel had a serious food poisoning that morning, so.. :( sangat sedih. We managed to see her that night anyway, will blog about it later.

It was my first time at Delicious. It was suggested by Mel. Actually, she suggested Chillis and Delicious, I decided to go to Delicious since I had never been there before.

Good thing was, Delicious had this!

Buffalo wings, similar to Chillis. But, Chillis memang jauh lagi sedap! Luckily I had this for beverage..

Honey lemon, superb!

For me, the food was so-so. The only thing that caught my interest was Mimi's dish, mushroom burger. Burger with a huge porta bella mushroom as the patty. I don't really like the ambience either. Not a good place to hang out with a bunch of friends, the lighting and the seating was too romantic.

Still, with a good company, we had a great lunch.

Happy new year, everyone. Bismillah.. Let's start with a better year ahead of us :)