Thursday, February 5, 2009


What is ur bad habit?

My youngest brother has the funniest habit of all when he was little, he kept foods inside his mouth for hours like a monkey. It's funny but i thought it was cute. And as for me, I used to love biting my nails a lot.

But, I'm nail-biting free now. Why? Cuz my nails became ugly, plus it was disgusting and what more we called it as a bad habit, so logically thinking, why should i continue right?

But after having half of my lifetime biting my nails, I can say that it's not an easy thing to forget. When I was nervous, I fought the urgency of putting my now-beautiful finger inside my mouth. Again and again. Sometimes I failed, at times i succeed. But before I can remember, I have totally forgotten that I had such silly habit once upon a time ago.

To achieve something, we often have to sacrifice something. Especially if the thing that we need to sacrifice is totally unworthy and not to mention again.. disgusting.

The same goes with relationship. Sometimes, we knew that it's getting so lame like an old habit, but we refused to leave it.

Why? The answer is simple..

We are too comfortable of what we're having right now.

At least, I am.