Thursday, November 25, 2010

Mini futsal tournament

You know who else is being creative?

None other than my dreamer friend, Nadrah.

Last year, for her bf's birthday, she did a surprise white birthday party at Chef and Brew.

And this year, she did a futsal tournament for his birthday. Can you imagine?

Such a lucky guy.

Siap ada food, trophy and cake.

Since they insisted, I bought a cake for Love, tumpang sekaki.

Sometimes I pitied Love since I never had such extravagant celebration for him. I hope he's ok with it. Some people are good with planning, like Nadrah, she's a genius. Me? Haha. I'm a genius too. Ameen.

I said sorry to him once, he said he's so ok and happy with how I celebrated his birthday. So, i took his words literally. Cuz they said, when guys say something, they really mean it ryte? Girls je yang have double meaning and all. So I don't really need to thin slice, ryte? I should just trust him, ryte? Ryte?

Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Mr. Gorgeous!

Happy birthdaaayyyyyyyyy, Sayannnnnnnggggggggggggggggggggggggg!!! (Dengan suara high pitch yang super duper annoying)

Anyway, it was Love's birthday yesterday. :)

Since he stole my idea of kidnapping him to a hotel (great minds think alike), I decided to get creative.

The celebration started with me bringing him for a night cruise!! At Putrajaya :)

It was seriously romantic. These pictures describe better. Feels like we're falling in love one more time.

Then for his birthday lunch, I brought him to Revolving Restaurant at KL Tower. He kept on complaining to me that he never been to KL Tower before. And kept on complaining that I once went there without him.

Yup, i went there with the disabled Japanese people back when i was a volunteer for the Japanese swimming team. I miss these guys a lot.

Anyways, food was so-so. Salmon was super delicious, Sushi was unbearable. Others were just ok. But then, buffet kan, so it was worth it.

The view, was worth the money :) Worth the time. Worth the hard work of finding some place special for him. Worth the time calling the reservation number like mad only to find it kept on engaging. Worth it all, thank you Maria for the suggestion.

Even better, we then got to visit the observation deck for free.

I also did a mini scrap book for him.

What i bought him for his birthday? Haha. It was a gem for him, but myt be a colourless stone for others. So, tamau share!

Anyway, Sayang.. Happy Birthday kay? .iloveyoualot.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Adventures of Kapal and Ikeen - Singapore

First and foremost, thank you guys for praying the best for us (link here). I have been planning for the whole year to go to Bandung and as some of you might know, my flight to Bandung has been cancelled due to Merapi's volcanic ash. And the flight has been resumed the day after our flight, nampak sangat it is not our rezeki.

We can only plan, but only Allah SWT knows what is best for us. I have no complain though, because after a lot of work to do with AirAsia, and also a lot of extra money needed to be paid, we managed to get a flight to Singapore (since AA won't allow us to reroute to Jakarta) the next day and we had a lot of fun. I doubt we would have this much fun in Bandung. So, syukur Alhamdulillah :)

The preparation:

Since we only had a night to prepare for our trip, we came up with this itinerary:

Googled on the top 10 Singapore attractions in Trip Advisor and how to get to places using Googlemap.

And since we heard that the things there were quite expensive and that it was not easy to find halal food, we bought a lot of food, such as these

First day
As I arrived to Changi airport, paid $2 and took a bus to tour some part of Singapore. Then we bought the EZlink card since we would be travelling by public transport all the way. Their bus needs us to pay the exact change, else they would not return you the change. So the EZlink card was worth it. Starter pack, you have to pay $12 ($5 for the card + $7 for the credit inside). And you can top up for multiple of $10 for each time. The whole three days by bus cost us $22 each.

Changi Chapel and Museum
A geeky holiday is a must for me, so I did not want to bore you guys to death, but here are some of the pictures here (if you are interested to know more about World War II). The funny part was that Love had more fun the I did. Whee!! I'm turning him into geek :D Anwyay, admission is FOC, but we could not take pictures inside, so this is all we had..

Orchard Road
Somewhat like our Sungai Wang, but a more elegant version. All the shops are either equivalent or better than Pavillion. I was not into shopping (though I did buy a sweater and some souvenirs here), I was more keen to look around the architecture. Man, seriously, they were so freaking awesome!! Try take a look..

Second day

Sentosa island
Our highlight of the trip. Super duper beautiful island. So green (the whole Singapore is really green and clean by the way) and gorgeous and interesting, I would like to live in Sentosa! Entrance by bus is $2. Then you can get to anywhere inside Sentosa via their public transport absolutely free!! If you would like to take any package or any ride, you have to pay. For us, we went inside The Merlion, Images of Sinagpore, TigerSky and CineBlast, all these for $36.70. It was worth the money. Their technologies will just amazed you. I feel like living in another planet already.

The island


Images of Singapore

TigerSky tower, CineBlast and Siloso Beach

Bugis Street
Seems like a Flea market, like our Downtown. Cheap shirts. Cheap souvenirs (Unfortunately I bought mine at Orchard Road). Love bought 3 Thirts here, each cost him $12, but the quality was the same to the Hard Rock Cafe T-Shirt he bought in Sentosa for $39. Ladies, the dresses were sooooo nice, average price was $10 to $12!

Third day

Singapore Zoo
Needless to say, their zoo is already known for its beauty and the white tiger. White tiger is the main reason why I was dying to visit Singapore. We bought the Zooper Saver for $27, with unlimited trem and boat ride!


I tried their Mamak. Ours are so much better and full of spices.

I tried KFC at Sentosa Island, ours is better. They don't have Hot and Spicy, they have Crispy though but Love and I agreed that it was tasteless. Original also not so nice. Coleslaw was the worst!

I tried the famous Singapore Zam Zam at Arab Street. One of the best Chicken Beriyani ever! The portion is so big, just $5 and both Love and I were already full.

I tried the must have BK double beef with turkey bacon. The best burger ever, coming from me who really dislike burger. Seriously the best! Chilli's who?

Fragrance Pearl Hotel

You can read my review here. Cost us RM300 for two days, definitely worth it :)

Public transport

We travelled only by bus and MRT. You will survive, seriously. Their buses interval was like 4mins each and the bus stops were everywhere!


Super duper friendly. Whoever said they are Kiasu? I even received a free Hershey's pie!


Would definitely go there again. In fact, Love loves it so much that we were thinking of doing sabbatical there!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Climb

I've been listening for "The Climb" by Miley Cyrus almost every day during my Master's degree. It became a pill that I have to take every morning to get me through the toughest time of my Master's journey.

So, when friends keep telling me about Broga Hill, I knew that I just had to reach the top one day.

That morning of Deepavali, I invited my two brothers to come along since they were such big fans of all these outdoor activities. Our mission was to see the sunrise.

It was really dark and slippery that morning, I couldn't see a thing. I slipped off a few times and for the first three times, my two brothers would stop and helped me out and said, "Kak, ok tak ni?" First three times je, then they were nowhere to be found.

I missed the sunrise eventually, was dead slow. As I got about three quarter to reach top of the hill, I called my brother and they were already on top boasting about how beautiful the sunrise was. Benci!

I decided to give up. I was tired. I smelled disgusting. I felt like throwing up. I couldn't imagine I survived to go down the hill, what more to climb even higher. But Love psychoed me with his annoying inspiring words of motivation and threatened motivated me that he too wouldn't climb up the hill if I wouldn't. So, I feel obliged motivated to continue the journey.

And, I was glad I did. Because as it gets steeper, it gets closer. Sort of like my Master, and now PhD, I've to overcome the resistant.

If Allah gets me to it, He'll surely get me through it. Insya Allah. :)

P/S: Sayang, you're an inspiration ♥

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Flights to Bandung has been resumed

Alhamdulillah, 2 more days to go and..

Source: Airasia

Doakan yang terbaik untuk kami ye :)

Friday, November 5, 2010


Just got back from having my X-Ray done in Daya X-Ray in Jalan Raja Laut.

First attempt..
The radiologist: "Your image is too blur, .... (add some medical term i never heard of in my life), I need to take your x-ray again".
Me: "What probably cause it? Did i move?"
The radiologist: "No, probably because your face is too small"

Second attempt, pray hard..
The radiologist: "Still a bit too blur. I have to make a phone call." (On the phone for about 5 minutes, talking something about the machine had some problem. Hang up and said to me..) "Let's do another one."
Me: "Another one? That is not acceptable ke? You know how many cells you've killed in my body today, kan?" (Almost crying, I'm such a paranoid, ok)
The radiologist: "Sorry mam, but we have to do it one more time, I'm going to increase the exposure."

Third attempt, pray really really hard..
The radiologist: "Still blur. I don't know why. Let me check with the doctor."

At this point, I cried a bit. I have a very VERY wild imagination. Those who really know me can understand this. My imagination is so wild, that I could imagine how orange my tummy looked like after eating Super Ring.

Then, I heard the doctor shouted at the radiologist something like this..

Doctor: "What's the point of me sitting here, you should see me before you take another x-ray, machine got problem. Off the machine, on and try again."

Then the radiologist came to see me.

The radiologist: "We need to take another x-ray. Off and on the machine. We have some problem with the machine."

That was when I've had enough.

Me: So, if you off the machine and on again, can you assure me that the x-ray is working?
The radiologist: No. But we won't charge you anything for the previous x-rays.
Me: It's not about the money, mam. It's about my health. My cells. You are the radiologist. You should know the danger of having too much exposure, right?
The radiologist: Yes, but you are going to wear the plumbum gown. What is your concern, mam? Are you pregnant?
Me: It doesn't matter whether i'm pregnant or not! I just don't want to be your lab rat, okay! Seriously, you should x-ray one of your stuff, and if the machine is ok, then I'd consider doing another x-ray. (At this point, I started to raise my voice.)
The radiologist: Hold on mam, I'll try it one my staff first.

Love and I waited outside for a while. Then, the receptionist called us. And asked for a payment, and gave us the x-ray. Just like that. Love asked for justification.

Love: Just now the staff said we have to try another time. How come now you said ok?
The receptionist: I'm not sure. But you have to pay RM60. (Rude!)
Love: The situation is like this.. (explained about the situation and again asked how come we suddenly have to pay if just now everything was not ok)
The receptionist: I don't know. It's not my problem. Maybe your wife moved the first time. So have to take another two times. You have to pay RM60, thank you. (Very rude!)
Me: How could you say I moved when you know nothing about the situation? We are not paying. We would like to see the doctor. Thank you.

In the doctor's room..
Me: Hello doctor. I would like to have an explanation as of why the radiologist took my x-ray three times and about to take it for the fourth times, and suddenly now you're giving me that x-ray?
Doctor: She told me she took it two times only. I'm so sorry. Let me call the radiologist.

So the radiologist lied. The doctor is a very nice person, apologized. Truth is, the second x-ray is already sufficient. But it's true that the machine has problem. And that I don't have to do the third x-ray actually, if the radiologist would just show the doctor the result earlier. But I'm ok with it. Let bygones be bygones. Though it would be really nice to kill the cells of the radiologist as much as she killed mine.

Then we went to the counter and I paid and told the receptionist, "It was the machine's problem. Next time, you really have to learn manners and don't just assume something. I'm your customer. If you want to stay here working, you better learn PR"

She replied with something very rudely, and asked us to leave, even dare tell us to tell her manager if we are not satisfied. Can you beleive it?

That was when Love stepped in, and things get even worse.

Me? I just took her name and ID number and leave. She told me to tell her manager if we are not satisfied, didn't she? That pretty much solved everything.

Nobody talked to me in that manners. Nobody talked to my husband in that manners.

I told my friend about it, she asked me, "Why this kind of things always happen to you?"

I paused and think. I think it's because I'm able to deal with it. Because I don't just shut up and let people do whatever they wanted to do to me. I fight, for my right. And my husband fights even more for my right. And it's freaking annoying where we complained about it the whole journey back from Jalan Raja Laut to Ampang. But it didn't ruin our morning. Back to Ampang, we had a major laugh about it over breakfast, and it's one of the moment I will forever treasure..

My husband fights for my right :)

Monday, November 1, 2010


Love made a spontaneous plan to i-City after BIL's engagement, reached there around 12 midnight. Since we are driving, the entry cost us RM10.

It was such a cooling, windy and romantic night. A romantic ambience, with the lights and the love songs and the small kids running around. Hehe.. Okay, such romantic ambience, but stop all the high expectations, Love and I think it's more of a family place rather than.. well.. a place for couples who are yet to have a courage to have kids like us. ;p

It's a place where you can bring your kids, take some pictures, buy them a laser pointer or that fancy headband with the lights on top. Then, they can bring them to school and boast around to their friends. You'll make them think like you are the coolest parents for a week, man!

Haha.. We're all a kid once. ;p

BUT, it is still a very romantic place to walk hand-in-hand with your better half.. a different kind of date. I don't know if people my age (what is 'people my age' even mean, i sound like my grandmother) do this anymore, but you know, the only constant in life is change. So if you ever get tired of the same movie-dinner date, you always have i-city, 24/7 a day, 7 days a week :)

P/S: I just discovered Photoscape, hence the pictures.