Monday, January 26, 2009

I miss you. A lot.

I spent the whole day today at one of my aunty's house for family gathering and we did some usual routine.. talking, lunch, talking some more, desert, talking, tea, then talk again.. only that we add something simple this time.. looking back at the old pictures, plenty of them.

I was not really up for that actually. I think i look funny when I was small.. I think my hair was funny, my dress, my pose.. everything didn't seem right. But i just tagged along, looking at the pictures of my extended family back in the old days when they were young and small which i have very few memories of those days. Till something really caught my eyes..

The picture of her.

She looked so healthy and young. I nearly cried. I pictured her in my mind every now and then. But never did I pictured her this happy. Her face is similar as the way I imagined her before, but looking at her just now I knew I have missed something really important about her. Staring at the very last picture of her just now made me realized how much I missed her. And how scared I am at the thought of forgetting how she looked like someday. Dear Allah, please let me have a vivid picture of her in my mind until the end of my life.

Then, something hit me really hard. I hardly remember those days spent with her. Those things we talked about before we slept at night next to each other, those things we did at the kitchen, but I still have clear memories on the way she talked, the way she ate, she slept, her smell. I remembered the first time i met my chinese indonesian supervisor during my practical at tamco and i told her, "the way u talked is similar to my great grandmother". And i grew fond of my supervisor because she reminded me of her in every way.

I miss her. A lot. Nyang, I hope sangat to see u in my dream again. There are a lot a lot A LOT of things I need to say and hear from u and I can't wait until the next time i see u again. As for now, I dedicate this post for u and I hope whatever memories remain with me will always ALWAYS be in my mind. I love and miss u a lot more than i could ever say.


Thursday, January 22, 2009

A stranger that inspires me..

Not many people gave me a good impression the first time I met them. Not even my boyfriend. As a matter of fact, I can still remember those people whom I instantly impressed when I first knew them. See, love at the first sight doesn't work for me.

That is why I am quite slow at making friends. But I love meeting new people... (Well, who wouldn't?) Because there is always, always, ALWAYS a gem inside that someone no matter how colourless it appears on the outside. Even more interesting, the more colourless they are, the better the gem inside.

So, yesterday morning I had an interview. After more than 2 hours waiting for my slots without having anyone to talk to, not even the 2 guys besides me.. A chinese guy came to me. He was so decent and he was the only one who was wearing blazer for that interview.

Him : Hye, finish preparing?
Me : (Shocked) Yup.. I'll be in within 5 minutes.
Him : U want some coffee, let me take u a cup before u go in.
Me : (Flattered but still in shocked) Nvm, too nervous for a coffee, maybe afterwards. But tq tho.
Him : U must be Miss Nurul rite?
Me : (Even more puzzled) Yup.
Him : (Before I could asked him how did he know my name, he explained calmly) Owh, I have the list of those who came to the interview. (Of course, I have that too, but I dunno ur name!! So, he showed me the list. Under my name, is my Undergrad ID number. Before I asked, he explained again..) I'm from Uniten. Since it's only u n me from Uniten, I tried to find u, maybe we can go together for this interview, but I cant find u in the database.
Me : Owh.. When are u presenting?
Him : I'm in the evening session. But I came early just in case something's came up. (For real?)

Then after my interview, I went to see him again. I hardly accepted any coffee invitation from a guy before cuz I'm not comfortable with that. But this time, I wanted to know him more. So I went to him. The first words that came out from his mouth.

Him : U were inside exactly 15 minutes. (Staring at his watch)
Me : I know, the panel said the same thing to me. What? U're recording my time inside?
Him : (Smiling) U want a thank you card?
Me : A what? Thank you card?
Him : Yup, I have an extra card. U can give it to the panels and sign ur name there.
Me : That is thoughtful. Btw, u might want to install ur powerpoint first before ur slots if they allow u to.. because just now, the lappy had a hard time reading my thumby. (Happy to help, since he helps me a lot)
Him : It's ok I guess. Cuz I saved it also in CD and floppy disk.
Me : (Who else is using CD and floppy disk nowadays.. but that is very very.. how to put it.. well prepared) Owh kayy.. But u know what, the presentation is only 4 minutes. I'm preparing for 15 minutes slides. Sigh.. If u can find any source to the comp, maybe u would want to alter ur slides.
Him : Owh, my lappy is inside the car. (Of course, u bring ur lappy, well-prepared boy!)

Then, we had our coffee. Being such a gentleman, he took the coffee for me. But before he went to take that cup of coffee, guess what he asked me? "U want coffee or tea? With sugar or creamer?"

Then while having our coffee, during one of the funniest conversation we had, a few drops of coffee spilt at his white shirt. I am panicking and quickly gave him the tissue he gave me earlier. Then, he said......

Him : Nvm, I had... (I cut it before he finished his sentences)
Me : Extra shirt inside ur car? Of course... (Smiling)
Him : (Smiling back) Yup, let me walk u to ur car.

And so he did. So this entry is a reminder for me and maybe for all of us, on how well-prepared someone can be at a time. Some might call him skema, or a geek or whatever, but I call him as another inspiration, where he had cleared the road with a lot of stones in front of him before he actually took that route.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Our very own boundaries.

I love my privacy, full stop.

I don't like people entering or cleaning my room without acknowledging me first. Not that I have anything fabulous inside, but that small 10 years old piece of paper is more valuable than.. well.. the most expensive top or bottom inside my wardrobe. And that faded small gold pendant in my drawer is WAAYYY more valuable than the bangle I bought using my 3 months worth of savings from my salary. Cuz that pendant is the pendant I wore when I was 6 months old, and that piece of paper is a piece of paper from some unrequited crush I used to have before.

But other people will look at it as just another garbage. I don't really keen to explain the sentimental value of some old movie ticket that u can no longer read what written on it anymore, and that is why I'd choose rather not to explain it.. and that is one of the reason why I LOVE my privacy.

Sometimes, I think I have an issue with this privacy thingy. The other day, I went mad when one of the undergrad student just simply took a thesis on my desk without asking for my permission first. So, I yelled at him on the phone without any second thought. Half an hour later, I felt a pang of guilt surrounding me.

But lately, I have discovered that everyone has their own boundaries.. even the sweetest ppl on planet earth. Some stuff that is ok for me might not be ok with u. And when I saw that sweet warning on my whiteboard this morning, I felt normal and relaxed; but yet aware to learn about other ppl's boundaries in times.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

How can a 7 year old boy refused a McD?

Last Saturday, I went to Tampin with Love for his friend's engagement. His friend is a girl. And this friend's fiancee's REALLY BIG (in fact, the biggest I've ever encountered) rombongan came at about 2.30 pm, everyone is sooooooo stylo and so 'Datin' and 'Datuk' like. But, the first impression I got is that they're nice ppl.

But i'm not planning to talk about that actually. So, I had my lunch there with the fiancee's rombongan. There were LOTS of cute babies and kids who look so adorable with their full set of baju Melayu and Kurung. I overheard this old man conversation with his son who is maybe at his innocent age of 7.

The Dad asked, "... (the name of the boy), nak McD tak balik ni?" And the son answered, "Oh, tak nak. Amerika, Daddy! Amerika!"

I turned around to see that small boy with a big heart. And so I smiled. :)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Let's boycott these products

Last night I was on the phone with my best friend and here is how I got so pissed off at him during the first 5 mins of our conversation.

Me : Where are u?
Him : Starbucks. Having some nice ice blended to get my minds off work.
Me: Lol!! Why Starbucks? Boycott US and Jewish joms.
Him : OMG!! That is so nonsense. If u want to boycott them, stop doing works at ur office la then. Don't u know u should also boycott Intel and IBM then? What crap again in boycotting all these stuffs. I don't beleive in it.

Grr.. What is that? He's a Muslim, u know. Of course, in the case of Intel, 100% of the computers in my lab are using Intel Pentium processor. That is what we can't avoid. About the things that we can easily avoid, what harm can we make not to have them? After all, it's the smallest, tiniest help we can do to help our sahabat in Gaza.

Remember when the Dutch insulted our Prophet. My Dad banned most of their products from entering our home. No more Unilever, we changed from Sunsilk to Himalaya, from Lux to Shokubutsu. No more foods from Danone, no chipsmore, no Tiger.. nothing that we loved before. It's that drastic until we changed from Lady's Choice mayo to Kimpball. And we managed to maintain these things until now. It's a small contribution from my family. And, I bet there are many families who have come to this stage also. Who said it's crap? Who said it's nonsense?

I believe it's possible for us to boycott these products. If not all, at least some. My Dad is 51 this year. More than half of his lifetime, he was using Lux and he was not fond of changing to some new stuff. In fact, he really hated changes. But, owh well he did. And he's not the most religious person or anything. He's a normal ppl just like me. I dont believe that u have to be a saint to do this. Okayy.. Starting to get emotional. Hehe.. Sorry. Well, I better stop here.

So, here goes the list of products found out to contribute money to Israel:
  • Coca Cola, Perrier, Nestle, Sprite, Fanta, Sunkist
  • Danone, KitKat, Maggi
  • Huggies, Kotex, Kleenex
  • Starbucks, McDonalds
  • Estee Lauder, Clinique, Lancome, Garnier, Loreal, Revlon, Maybelline, Johnson n Johnson
  • Disney, Timberland, GAP, Marks & Spencer, Clavin Klein, Boss, Giorgio Armani, Wonderbra, DKNY
  • Jo Malone, Libbys, Tchibp, Sanex, Vittel, River Island, Nokia, Kiwi, AmbiPur
  • The Sun, Time, 20th Century Fox, National Geographic
So dear readers, I hope u can do ur part in Saving Gaza now.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Save Gaza!!~

It is a very noble work that the Islam Studies Society in my university or rather known as PPI Uniten is making a campaign against the Israeli Terrorism that is called as 'Save Gaza' campaign. I am deeply touched by the sensitivity of these undergraduates, and impressed by the very high impact flyers and booths. The flyers really caught my attention, and so I would like to share with all the readers out there, the chronology of the attacks:

Sat, Dec 27
Israel launches a massive air assault on Gaza and begins Operation Cast Lead
Total Casualties : 120 Total injuries : 200

Sun, Dec 28
Israeli jets fired several missiles twds the border area btw Rafah and Egypt
Egypt bars Libyan Plane Carrying Aid to Gaza from Landing in Egypt's airport
Total Casualties since Day 1: 287 Total injuries since Day 1: 900

Mon, Dec 29
Israeli's warplanes strike at univ, mosque, hosp and public places
Total Casualties since Day 1: 303 Total injuries since Day 1: 1000

Tues, Dec 30
Israeli kidnapped 200 young Palestinian
Total Casualties since Day 1: 360 Total injuries since Day 1: 1700

Wed, Dec 31
Israeli air force bombed a Gaza Strip mosque

Thurs, Jan 1
Israeli army pounds admin buildings in Gaza and Gaza-Egypt border
Israeli warplane dropped a bomb on the home of a senior Hamas political leader
Egypt blocked entry of humanitarian aid
Total Casualties since Day 1: 400 Total injuries since Day 1: 2000

Fri, Jan 2
Airstrikes in Khan Yunis
Total Casualties since Day 1: 420 Total injuries since Day 1: 2100

Sat, Jan 3
Israeli ground troops began entering Gaza
UN Security Council fails to agree on a statement calling for ceasefire
Israeli air force bombed the Maqadna Mosque when 200 ppl were performing prayer
Total Casualties since Day 1: 428 Total injuries since Day 1: 2220

Sun, Jan 4
Interim PM rejects phone pleas from Franch and Russian President to halt the offensive
Total Casualties since Day 1: 441 Total injuries since Day 1: 2800

Mon, Jan 5
Israeli strikes in Gaza
Air strike hit an ambulance
Israeli air strike in al-Sati camp
Total Casualties since Day 1: 540

Tues, Jan 6
Israeli attack on Deir al-Balah and the Bureij refugee camp
1 million Palestinians now without electricity and 700 000 without water.
Israeli airstrike on a 4-storey building in Gaza City
Israeli strike on a school run by UNRWA
Total Casualties since Day 1: 660 Total injuries since Day 1: 2950

Wed, Jan 7
Fighting in Gaza strip
Israeli airstrikes in the all parts of the Strip, from north of Rafah to southern end
Total Casualties since Day 1: 680 Total injuries since Day 1: 3100