Sunday, January 11, 2009

How can a 7 year old boy refused a McD?

Last Saturday, I went to Tampin with Love for his friend's engagement. His friend is a girl. And this friend's fiancee's REALLY BIG (in fact, the biggest I've ever encountered) rombongan came at about 2.30 pm, everyone is sooooooo stylo and so 'Datin' and 'Datuk' like. But, the first impression I got is that they're nice ppl.

But i'm not planning to talk about that actually. So, I had my lunch there with the fiancee's rombongan. There were LOTS of cute babies and kids who look so adorable with their full set of baju Melayu and Kurung. I overheard this old man conversation with his son who is maybe at his innocent age of 7.

The Dad asked, "... (the name of the boy), nak McD tak balik ni?" And the son answered, "Oh, tak nak. Amerika, Daddy! Amerika!"

I turned around to see that small boy with a big heart. And so I smiled. :)

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sumayy said...

wow...Kids r sooo clever! ;)