Tuesday, June 17, 2014

How I imagine the birth of Baby A would be.

It was the third day of Raya. I woke up for Subuh at in law's house only to discover I had a blood show. Was confident I was gonna birth that day.

I woke Love up. Called my parents, so they quickly packed up their stuff to head home. Surge was mild by then. Packed up my stuff and headed to parents' crib.

Half way, we dropped by for breakfast. KFC seemed a good choice as the other stalls were still close at that time. Had a heavy breakfast and feeling so good about the surge which somehow became stronger quickly compared to with Khaira.

By the time we reached parents' cribs at about 10am, my parents arrived almost at a similar time. They took care of Khaira while I had my rest going through the surges.

At around noon, we time the surge and I decided that it was time to head to the hospital. So we took a slow drive to An Nur while I had some packed KFC for my lunch.

After registration, I was referred to the labor room and that was when my water broke. It felt funny. The nurse did a VE and discovered I was around 6 cms dilated. They gave me enema.

Quickly after enema around 1pm, my gynae came for another VE and said I was already 9 cms dilated.  Funny this time around the sensation was much more bearable than with Khaira.

Before they could tie me up to EFM, I felt the sensation of pushing. Love informed the midwife and suddenly it felt so natural to breath the baby out. At one breath, baby's head was out just about when the midwife and gynae was ready. At second breath sharp at 1.15pm, Baby A was born very healthily at 2.7 kgs. She looked so red :)

Less than 5 minutes afterwards, placenta was out. Perineum was intact, it was in fact a smooth easy delivery. Ahamdulillah.

The recovery process was fast. Baby was doing great. Healthy baby. We were discharged the next day. And everything went ever so smoothly; with breastfeeding, recovering and confinement. :)

Alhamdulillah. Syukur.

In shaa Allah. Ameen.

Frozen obsession

I was among the first to get up all excited when Frozen was released. Growing up with Disney's princesses, I still have a soft spot towards them.

But of course I didn't let my little girl watched it because of the subliminal messages and all. So, I wasn't very keen when my brother downloaded the movie for her without me knowing.

At first, everything seemed ok when Khaira got all excited with my purple shawl saying "nak pakai tudung macam Anna" referring to Anna's cape.

Then one night, she started playing at night when I was asleep. I asked her why wasn't she sleep? She replied, "Anna and Elsa played at night too."

Calmly I replied, "That's why Anna fell sick".

Works like magic.

Recently she told me, "Elsa naked in frozen!"

Love asked me to investigate. So I sat next to her scene by scene when she shouted, "There! Elsa naked!"

This is how Elsa looks like..

But, this is the scene where they cropped it making she looks as if she's naked in Khaira's eyes.

And the next scene she said, "Shame shame Elsa. Kain koyak"

Ok darling. No more Frozen for now.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Ina May's Guide to Childbirth - A review

Since Ina May's book was a hype among my hypnobirthing friends, I searched for it high and low. Only to discover I could just buy it online.

Here's my first to many moree purchases using Kinokuniya Malaysia online. So efficient, now being a book shopahalic is easier. *take a scissor and considering cutting my credit cards only to realise internet banking can be my next option too, damnnnn*

Anyhow, I finished reading it a couple of days ago. At least for me I found the book rather disappointing :(

It started with a compilation of birth story which 1. I found them a bit scary. Some I even wonder why they share such stories there. I thought it's a gentle birth thingy. Hypnobirthing Malaysia has way cooler stories that you can actually relate. 2. I just couldn't relate all the stories; time difference and no I'm not gonna birth my baby in a farm.

Afterwards, the articles. Some made me better but most lagi laa scary. All the stories on side effects of episiotomy la, epidural la, some weird deseases I never heard of macam Rh negative complete with percentage.

How is that supposed to make me feel better I don't know...

So now, I'm reading Childbirth Without Fear, hoping I got that positive vibrants like the ones I have after reading Hypnobirth.


Anyhow, if you're interested with my review on Hypnobirth, please read it here http://drikeen.blogspot.com/2011/07/hypnobirthing-class-2-breathing-and.html?m=0. I totally suggest this for all of you pregnan t mommies!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Pendidikan Keibubapaan Harmoni - A review

Last week, I attended a two days course organized by my uni's mosque on parenting. The speaker was a UiTM lecturer, AP Dr. Hj Mohd Nor. It was a rather relaxing talk and fun, though not so much on learning something new, but more as a reminder to something we already knew but tend to forget at times. I took this kind of talk as my chicken soup for the soul as we, human needs to always be reminded.

The gist of the talk is on "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus." Have you read it? It's one of my fav book ever, I read it long before I got married and I even saved an audio book that I listened to every now and then in my car. It talks about the differences between men and women and when you do understand them, it makes your life a lot easier.

Having said that, I shall write a review on the book soon, please pray I've been given enough strength to write about it :)

If you haven't read the book yet, this might just be a good news to you as well. I read it to understand men. So when it comes to the women part, I did not concentrate that much. But according to Ustaz, these differences between men and women need to really be understood so that we know how to treat our sons and daughters differently as well.

Anyhow, the key point of the talk is mainly on how to approach our better half. To talk to a guy, we need to know how to be 'gediks' (his exact word ;p). There are many ways to ask for things from them, many ways to receive them back in return. But it's the approach that we used that can ensure them to really want to give it to us rather than they 'have to'. To talk to a guy, we need to use our logic, not emotion. It must be realistic, rational and definitely facts.


"It has been a while since we last went to Giant" -- Emotion
"I thought of cooking Tom Yam, but there are not enough ingredients in the kitchen. I already checked the price at Giant and Jusco, the cheapest is Giant." -- Logic.

To talk to a girl, we just use emotions and something that makes them happy. Easy lah us. Haha.

Also, Ustaz stressed us non-stop on the importance of being all pretty and sexy at home. He said in a joking manner repeatedly to learn pole dancing, I guess to stress how important that something is to the guys. Honestly, I still have no idea whatsoever how to dress sexy in front of the kids, they even shared the same bedroom as us. And it will probably last for another like what.. a decade perhaps? If you do, please share, haha.

He also stressed on the importance of doa. When we doa with love, in shaa Allah the doa is easier to be granted. Ohh, btw do you know that if you doa for somebody else other than your mom you have to mention their names? I baru tahu!

Stress needs to be handled with care as well. When you see your husband suddenly not feeling well or easily become tired and upset, those are the signs of stress for guys. For women, it's when they get all sensitive, jealous and worried. For kids, other than mentioned above, perhaps sudden change in favourite colours or food and style of writing. Once you detect all these, you need to tackle them fast.

And to make your kids respect you, Ustaz said you need to find something that make them look up at you. I guess this is true for anybody. I look up at my husband because I think he is very visionary. And in line with my niat of doing PhD (I'm revealing it for the first time), is so my children have high respect towards me :)

I guess that's all for my sharing today. I end it with something that I wish I shall remember for the rest of my life. To doa everytime you're angry with your kids and husband rather than cursing. In shaa Allah. Ameen.

Sunday, June 1, 2014


I'm quite nervous for my breastfeeding journey with Baby A this time around.

I didn't have it easy with Khaira, so the amount of efforts I put to breastfeed her for 2 years.. masya Allah. I wonder if I'm able to do all that again if I have to this time around.

Yes, I'm all into the liquid gold and stuff. I know it's the best for your baby; the Quran said so and the science supported it.

But I think we're in no position to judge those who aren't breastfeeding theirs. Not everyone had it easy, like I said. Especially not first time moms.

While I'm okay with moms posting their dozens of breast milk stocks in fb or ig; in which to have half than theirs already make me happy, I couldn't tolerate those whom complaining about how people stared at them while they are nursing their babies in public.

Yes, we have the rights to breastfeed our babies and they have the rights to stare as well. They're public areas anyhow. I wouldn't feel comfortable as well if I was to witness that back during my unmarried days.

They created nursing rooms for a reason. And if it's beyond reach, they created nursing cover to make life so much easier. If your baby or you refused to use one, I don't think it's fair for you to complain on how people disrespecting you by staring at you where on the other hand you're disrespecting them by making them uncomfortable at the first place.

The bottom line is that, if you respect people, they'll respect you back. Breastfeeding is fitrah, not a trend. Not something for you to show off.

I pray to you dear Allah swt, please ease up my breastfeeding journey with Baby A this time around. Ameen.