Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A day off of my married life

Recently, Love and I had a conversation on "The power of letting go". Since, we sometimes encounter situations where I wanna be alone, he wants me to follow him for futsal. He wants to stay in the office, I want him to come home early, so we deciced to take a day off of being a husband and wife last Friday.

Taking "the power of letting go" for the best of us. :)

His idea of single life was going jamming with his friend.

My idea of single life was to be all by myself doing things i love.

I went for a spa in the morning. Then, shop for kuih raya in Alamanda. Learned to cook ayam masak kicap and kangkung belacan from mum. Learned to cook Korean pancake from mum-in-law. Clean our room and toilet sampai berkilat. And later in the evening and the whole night.. working! Loser gile!! But I have to, else I won't enjoy my raya.

Love thought it was funny, whatever I was doing on our day off. He insisted to send me anywhere I want to go to lepak with my friends, but I don't like going out while fasting. It's tiring. Plus, I barely had time to do all the stuff mentioned above whenever he's around. Because we always have plans.

My friend thought I was crazy to allow him to have a day off like that.

But I think both of us needed that every once in a while.

He messaged me when he arrived at his friend's house, "Sayangku!! Weee!! I dah sampai rumah A*** dah k? Muahhhh!! Love u sayang!! U're the best wife a husband could ask for tau!! Weeee!!! Love u!!"

See.. I beleived when u let go.. both of u can come back and love each other even more.

Like a holiday break.

U're more energetic to work after your break, aren't u? (Ok, at least for me.)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Date night

Sometimes, when some people got married they became.. well.. no longer exciting! They just "disappear" and that was not what we wanted our marriage life to be.

We want to have as much fun as we want, and not using the word marriage as an excuse, but using it as even more reasons to have fun.

Due to that, we happily said "yes" whenever our friends asked us to hang out with them. We went to sahur all the way to PJ at 3 am with Sir, we went through a heavy traffic to buka with our friends after work at KLCC, we had so much fun.

But last week, we realized, we hardly go out together anymore. Just the two of us. On a date, like we always did before married. Always pun with friends or family and if just the two of us, went shopping for groceries. How not flattering!!

So, we decided to go out on a date night, buka puasa together, at Alamanda je since it was the eve of Nuzul Quran, we were expecting traffic to be heavy. BUT both of us got so excited with the idea (sounds pathetic, huh?) that for that two days, our messages would always end with "So excited to go out with you on Thursday!!!"

And dinner was super fun. Just the two of us. Reminiscing on how fun we were, those days after SPM, working as waiter and waitresses in restaurant like this.

Then, we were wondering what to do, when Love came up with a brilliant idea, "Let's go to Arcade!!"

Hahahahaha. As funny as it sounded, we spent a lot of exciting times playing games in tha arcade before we were married. Of course, I think that we were the only married couple there who played laser gun like nobody else's business there.

I don't feel like we're married at all until..

He went to pay zakat for the first time for me.

Snapped back into reality. This is how married life, anyway.. That one simple ordinary date that you had before you're married is the one you really asked for after you're married. So for those yang belum kahwin, do enjoy the moment where you wonder, "What to do this weekend? Same thing, same place, same stuff?"

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Love was gloomy the other day. Work pressure.. So, I googled at weheartit and found this..

And decided to make this for him!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

A date with gorgeous

I received a very exciting phone call this morning.

A dear colleague of mine asked for some help in babysitting her baby since she had to attend a meeting and her babysitter was on leave.

I was so psyched!!!

I mean, how often can you see a baby in your office, ryte?

So, anyway, I'm lucky to have my own room, and I have my pillow and comforter and a teddy bear ready by the time he came, I thought that was sufficient enough for him to play and sleep.

But, he refused to sleep without me carrying him around. So, a bit of jazzy music, rocking the chair and off he went to sleep..

Such a beautiful beautiful angel. Adorable. Like a doll!!!

Thank you ye Dr., for letting your baby stay with me, it made my day.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sate kepala ikan keli

In my in law's house, we hardly get to gather everyone together for makan time.

The reason is because brother in law and us are not staying there, so I always psyched when we get to gather everyone together. Hehe.

Look what we have on the table!!

So many food!! We still have some Korean soup and rice in the kitchen. Tak muat meja makan. Hehe.

Of course my favourite was Kimbap!! My mother in law made this herself. If you're just following my blog, my mother in law is Korean, by the way.

And Love's favourite was none other than..

Sate kepala ikan keli. Hmm.. Yummy!!

Ok, obviously if you buy that, you really don't know Love and I that well ;p Hehe.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Woke up feeling so melancholy..

Was it because.. *check my clander*, not yet..

Was it because the message i received this morning from BFF Qdin? Sigh.. i hate long distance..

Was it because of what Shameem told me the other day?

"The first time you saw Kaabah, that was the nicest feeling in the world, and you just cried".

Or was it because of the dream I had last nite, on how I ended up marrying another guy but my husband..

Gosh that was scary!!

Yet I took it as a reminder on how blessed I am to have someone so different from me as my partner. So different, yet we have that mutual understanding. Alhamdulillah.

As for now, teringin SANGAT nak tengok Kaabah..

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

California Pizza Kitchen!

I am not a big fan of Pizza.

For years, the top two worst pizzas in my list WAS from California Pizza Kitchen and Yellow Cab.

So, I wasn't that psyched when my friends asked me to break fast at California Pizza Kitchen yesterday. A few years back, I celebrated Love's birthday there, and god, the pizza tasted so bad.. and expensive!!

But yesterday changed EVERYTHING. There was 9 of us, and we took the Ramadhan set, with 2 pizzas, Fettuccini, Bolognaise, Shanghai Noodels, Miso salad, Thai salad, 10 drinks and 10 ice creams!! Costs us RM 26 each, which according to Dian, "is a dream come true in California Pizza Kitchen" and the pizza was not that bad!! I mean, not yummy, but definitely not that bad. But the salad and pastas are just awesome!!

When it was time to take a group photo, we asked one of the waiter to take a picture of us, the angle is from our left hand side, but since Jep sat at the most left, his picture became too small.

I decided to get another waiter to take it from our right hand side, and here is the output..

And he showed it to Jep, asking if the picture was ok, Jep looked a bit blur and the waiter just left.

When we looked at the picture, we luaghed our head off.

Ok, can you tell what's wrong with the picture? IQ test ni..

Try to do headcount! I mentioned that there were 9 of us, ryte? Yup, he cut Jep from the picture very perfectly. Look here (second attempt from the third waiter)...

Much better!

Anyways, then we had supper at Dome. And i did not have anything there. I don't feel like having cold drinks. And the only hot drinks they have are tea and coffee, which by the way is a no-no for those who are taking homeopathy. So sad.. :(

Sunday, August 15, 2010


In every place you go, there will be a friend, who will bring such big impact to your life, and who partly holds the responsibility in making you a better person today.

And that particular person, you'll remember him/her for the rest of your life, insya Allah.

For me..

I have BFF Nadia back when I was small.
BFF Maria in high school.
BFF Qdin in university.

Then, the working life.

Honestly, I'm quite alien in the place where I am working currently.

1. The only person that is in the same batch with me is Aiman.
2. I am surrounded by very faithful servants of Allah here. Tak percaya? Look here..

Seriously, i je yang gedik. Hee..

But, they were kind hearted people who never judge me from my appearance. So, things get along really well.
But the one that brings a major impact in my life is her..

Dr. Sumayyah. Hee.

She introduced me to 'The Secret' that changes my life.
She introduced me to organic, that changes my diet.
She introduced me to a lot of thing, but the one that I manage to try recently is..


So, currently I'm on homeopathy for a month. No coffee, no tea.

I found the method rather interesting. Normally, if we go to conventional Dr., you just tell your symptom, in less than 5 minutes they will give u all sorts of medicine.

Here, the Dr. interviewed me for an hour. On my past. On my activities. On my other symptoms. Kinda reminding me of 'House'.

But I don't want to talk about it in detail yet, wait for the result first. Then, baru boleh promote!

Doakan yang baik2 ok.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Not so bad

Ok, so it's not so bad, following him to futsal.

Ehh.. Not because I brought my lappy and so happen that they have wireless here.

And no.. I'm not blogging cuz I'm boring, noooo... I'm blogging because.. err.. you know, because I just feel like it. Hehe.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Comel ok!

My previous post was actually written on last two Friday. But had some hesitation on to put it in my blog or not. Not that I'm trying to boast or whine to the whole world on my marriage, but I found that some entries from some bloggers were very helpful after I got married. I became prepared on what to expect, and thus I would like to thank all the bloggers and my kakak2 office for their experiences. Mana yang baik jadikan teladan.

Anyway, Love usually plays futsal on Friday.. since like as far as I can remember. And since today is Friday night, he was all excited about it.

This morning, he called me up from office, and said, "Sayang... I'm hungry.."

I looked at my watch. We just had sahur a few hours before that. "Next time, makan banyak2 k sahur."

"I want to eat Chicken Maryland.. at SS2. Or Spaghetti Carbonara. Or.." The conversation went on for almost half an hour on what to eat at SS2.

After a while, I got all excited, could not get my mind of Nasi Lemak Ayam Pandan, so I replied "Joms SS2 tomorrow nak?"

He said, "Tonight cannot ke? After buka? We buka with ibu ayah first, then we go SS2?"

My reply was, "I thought you're going for futsal tonight?"

"Ye la, after futsal" (Btw, Futsal and SS2 are in PJ. And our house is in Sri Kembangan. So, if we were to go to SS2, the easiest way is for me to follow him to futsal and straight to SS2 after that.)

"After futsal?" I asked. He smiled playfully. "Owh.. Another way to ask me for futsal ke?" I laughed. "Main kotor!"

"I take that as a 'yes'. TQ Sayang!"

Ok. Boleh tak?

So, I'm going for futsal tonight. For the first time ever in my life, about to break the record ok! Of course I'm going to see him play, not because of the Nasi Lemak Ayam Pandan, or the Nasi Goreng Meletup.. or.. or.. the Nasi Goreng Seafood, OMG!! So yummy!! And mostly, not because of the Ribena Special. Heheh!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Yesterday, Love called me and asked, “You wanna follow me to futsal tonight?”

I just laughed and said, “No, thank you, i wanna go sleep!”

Then, there was a silent at the other end. I got slightly panicked. “You’re kidding right? About asking me to futsal tonight?”“It’s okay, i understand if you’re tired.” He answered slightly hurt. Damn, what have I done.

“If you want me to go with you, I’ll go. I just thought you needed, you know some time with your guy friends. I thought you were kidding because you know I never said yes to that before right.”

“I know, I just thought that now, we’re married.. But it’s okay, Sayang. Maybe next time, k.”

Then, later that night, he was out with his friends, I was at home, watching movie, had a nice DIY spa at home and I didn’t realize he called. So I called him back. “What are you doing?” He asked.

“Watching Captain Awesome (in Chuck) then had a long nice bath,” I answered sounded all chirpy.

“Sounds like you’re having fun,” he replied sincerely, sounded happy for me.

But, i suddenly felt guilty.

And I remembered the time when I wanted to go shopping by myself and he asked me to wait for him to come back. The time he asked me to follow him for a jamming session with his guy friends, but I went shopping with my girlfriend instead. OMG!! How mean.

Sometimes, I tend to forget that I’m a wife now. I’m still enjoying my “ME” time. Not that I don’t like being a wife. I do, it’s the best thing that has ever happened to me in my life now.

But, as for now, I still need time by my own sometimes, just once in a while. I still love to shop alone all by myself, taking my own sweet time while multitasking on the phone with my friends at times (Since i always do this with BFF Qdin, it just reminds me of how much i miss him).

To share everything in my life with my better half is really really amazing, you know. He is sweet, lovable, helpful, and the list goes on, I just hope it’s not wrong for me feeling like this.

And i just hope someday, Love knows that I'm giving him some space of his own. Because i'm scared that when we're too attached, we tend to forget our own self, the one that both of us fell for at the first place.

(And since I would normally have this kind of serious conversation with BFF Qdin just makes me missing him even more.)

P/S: Qdin, things you have missed in my life: My bachelor convo, my wedding. Thing you are going to miss in my life: My Master convo. Boo, you suck!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Quick update

Busy busy busy..

However, this is my quick update!!

Baru lepas habis convo Master!!!

And, please look at my hubby's shirt.

So sweet ok!

I heart you, gorgeous ♥!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The bliss in giving

I had a tiring tiring week..

Love was in Sabah the whole week, I thought I was going to have more time to do my work. But workload just keep increasing

This morning I feel like I've had enough.

Was stuck in jam for an hour plus. Met my supervisor. Rush to class. Student came for advice for an hour. Rush to bank. Eat half of my meal. Depressed and nearly cried, rushed to class.

Work pending: Exam question. Still owe my supervisor another conference paper, meaning i need to run a simulation. Preparation for a talk on Latex.

Then this evening, I had to go back Ampang, tomorrow rush for my convo rehearsal.. very.. very.. depressing.

Was about to break down when I closed the class door and I could not manage to lock it. Then a student came to me and said, "Madam, are u free now. I'm not from your section, but can i just see u for a while, i have so many problem to ask you about?"

"Okay, sure" Deep inside was cursing myself.. i'm not free. I have lots of problems myself.

Btw, his for a while took 1 and a half hour. A lot of things he was confused about on that subject in his class that he did not manage to clarify yet.

But at the end of the conversation, he looked so happy and thanked me like multiple times. And the depression just went away just like that.

To top it all, before he went away he said, "Madam, is it ok if i come to ur section to learn about this subject from now on?"

Are you kidding me, it's a pleasure. But of course la kena cover macho, so I said, "Sure! So, you're going to go to your class and my class? If you can find time, why not."

He said, "Thank you, Madam."

"Thank YOU".

That's the best thing of being a lecturer.

You found bliss in giving. :) Just when u thought u dont have anything else to give.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Preparation for my Master's graduation!

I just received my graduation robe!!!!!!

And OMG!! It's so cantik!! Perfect! Perfect! :)

My convo is this Saturday, peeps!!!! Can you beleive it??? After days and nights with coding and fuzzy logic stuck in my brain, it's all worth it!!

I'm so gonna sleep with my robe tonight!!


Currently my office has decided to band facebook during office hours. And YM and MSN too, which explains why you hardly see me online recently (other than I have tonnes of work to do).

Tension a bit.

But you can still use your facebook during lunch hour though..

A bit hard for me, cuz lunch hour is the time i used to marathon How I met your mother or Glee or Chuck while eating.. Which reminds me that I have an important thing to tell you guys, I'm no longer in love with Barney Stinson or Jesse StJames. My current obsession is Captain Awesome!!!!

Anyway, still tension..

BUT surprisingly, I'm progressing really good today. :)

I owe my supervisor another IEEE paper. Since hubby off to KK this whole weekdays, please pray hard that I'll get it done by this week.