Sunday, August 15, 2010


In every place you go, there will be a friend, who will bring such big impact to your life, and who partly holds the responsibility in making you a better person today.

And that particular person, you'll remember him/her for the rest of your life, insya Allah.

For me..

I have BFF Nadia back when I was small.
BFF Maria in high school.
BFF Qdin in university.

Then, the working life.

Honestly, I'm quite alien in the place where I am working currently.

1. The only person that is in the same batch with me is Aiman.
2. I am surrounded by very faithful servants of Allah here. Tak percaya? Look here..

Seriously, i je yang gedik. Hee..

But, they were kind hearted people who never judge me from my appearance. So, things get along really well.
But the one that brings a major impact in my life is her..

Dr. Sumayyah. Hee.

She introduced me to 'The Secret' that changes my life.
She introduced me to organic, that changes my diet.
She introduced me to a lot of thing, but the one that I manage to try recently is..


So, currently I'm on homeopathy for a month. No coffee, no tea.

I found the method rather interesting. Normally, if we go to conventional Dr., you just tell your symptom, in less than 5 minutes they will give u all sorts of medicine.

Here, the Dr. interviewed me for an hour. On my past. On my activities. On my other symptoms. Kinda reminding me of 'House'.

But I don't want to talk about it in detail yet, wait for the result first. Then, baru boleh promote!

Doakan yang baik2 ok.

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