Monday, June 25, 2012

Muslimah hair salon, please!

I know it's not a good thing to do, but I'm just gonna do it anyway..


Ok. Done.

I love pampering myself. I save a little every month to pamper myself, whether for facial or body scrub or hair treatment or massage. (Ohh.. speaking of massage, I still have 6 free massage vouchers to be used as a present from Love for winning gold in ITEX yay!)

Anyway, since I've been trying to be a good Muslimah nowadays, I've to consider a lot of thing on my beauty regimes. You know, dealing with all that stated above means I've to open myself to strangers.

I've settled down with facial, body scrub and massage. If there's a thing a salesperson should know about me is that I'm a loyal customer. Once I've found a good place, I'd definitely stay. I've stayed with the same spa and salon since I started working, heck I've even married my high school sweetheart ;p That's how loyal I am.

So, for spa I'd always go to Seputeh Kapas, the most convenient place ever. Sometimes to Dermalogica because I always received  free vouchers since I've been using their products for years. So, there, settled.

But, I'm having trouble to find Muslimah hair salon, haish! I used to love the ones in Equinne, Headkandee, oh my so superb!

True definition of bliss :)

I googled and some suggested Hairven in Alamanda, hmmmmph.. not good enough for me since the hair stylists are mostly Chinese. Not that I'm being racist, but it's still aurat with them though they are Chinese lady. And not that I'm being too "alim", but I'm trying to improve myself as a Muslimah, you know in life we need to always aim for improvement. Baby steps, insya Allah..

Then, I found a hair stylist that I love in Bangi. She was a little slow, but she did my fringe the way I liked it, cut my hair the way I asked her to. Though the appointment was always full, but I was contented.. until yesterday she moved to a new place. Then, I'm back to square one. :(

I surveyed some other salons yesterday. Conclusion:
1) Most Muslimah hair salons are small and... hmmm.. a little dodgy. A little old and dirty. I like a big hair salon.
2) The price for hair treatment in these big hair salons are damn expensive. And they are using weird brands I've never heard of. Harga lebih kurang L'oreal.

Though the price for hair cut is half than what I've to pay in Headkandee.

So, if you are planning to start a Muslimah hair salon, a proper one, around Bangi or Seri Kembangan, please contact me. I might be your loyal customer ever!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Take a break!

Took a few days leave before our holiday to Bali.. I was in need of a time out, motherhood + phd + work already took a toll on me. Not that I was not enjoying them, I just needed to have some "me" time; else I'll get too attached to my baby as much as she'll become too attached to me.

So, while Love was out for the weekends with his guy friends, FJoe came over and spent a day with Khaira Asyikin! :D

And the next day, I came over to her house to pick her up for a girl day out at Sunway Pyramid!

I love this girl a lot :)

We discovered a really nice shop, Brands Outlet that sold a lot of beautiful clothes and shoes like what Jess wore in New Girl (my current obsession!) And we went crazy. Spent seriously 2 hours there, haha. Crazy..

Tell me how to not love these!

And the day after was our (Love and I) 2 years anniversary! Wheee!! We did not have any extravaganza celebration. Just a normal date.

We were both in need of the usual dates we used to have. It's been more than 7 months since we spent a day watching movie and having fancy lunch just the two of us. That was pretty much what we did. We went all the way to Pavillion to watch Avengers.

At the end of the day, he went mohawk for Bali, just for fun. Wheee!!

That was pretty much how I spent my holiday.

Recently, I spent an evening with a dear friend who are going to be a mommy very soon.

Another baby boy soon!

Haha, now I'm all happy to go back to mommyhood + phd + work. What's not to love about them :)

Monday, June 4, 2012

A beggar in Pasar Malam

I feel so happy the moment I wrote this story. Blissful. For EVERYHTING I have, Alhamdulillah :)

Just a random story anyway..

Back when I was little, Mom would always leave a few RM1 note by her computer. So whenever someone came over to the house asking for donation, Mom would asked me to take one note of RM1 and gave it to them. As a child I figured it was an interesting thing to do. It made me happy, though I was uncertain of why I felt that way at the moment.

So, when I finally received my weekly allowance back when I was in kindergarten, I saved up some coins and changed them to RM1 note. Remember back in early 90s, we can find a lot of beggars in Pasar Malam and this one particular beggar caught my attention so badly. He was a really skinny old man, reminded me of my grandfather a lot.

The day we went to Pasar Malam, I gave the RM1 note to this old man. And Mom scolded me, "You're not being fair. You gave it to only 1 beggar when there's a lot of other beggars and they all should be treated equivalently."

Somehow, I really took that advice to heart, and tried to be fair whenever possible. Although sometimes, some beggars looked fishy; like a syndicate or something but my job is to just give sincerely, whether it's a syndicate or not; it's not up to me to judge.

Kind of reminding me of someone I knew back in high school. This person would donated whatever leftover money he had from his weekly allowance for donation during Friday prayer. And I somehow fell in love with his kindness; and later on to the person himself.

And today, he's my better half, the father of my little girl, may she turned up to be as generous as her father and her grandparents; the three most generous people I know :)