Monday, April 25, 2011

I'm a wife again!

Alhamdulillah, I'm getting better and better nowadays :)

The best thing is that I have the energy to prepare for Love's breakfast for yesterday and today!!

When we got married, I challenged myself to prepare a breakfast for him everyday for as long as God permits. And syukur, I managed to wake up as early as 5am (He had to leave to work before 6am) for that until the day I had some minor bleeding. Then, everything changed.

Though Love himself prohibited me from doing anything, sometimes he mentioned how much he missed my cooking. It made me feel so helpless at times.

But yesterday, I could even dress up for him before he arrived from work. Yay! I finally feel like a wife again! :)

Currently, I am looking for a maid to help mum with our baby once I'm at work and to help us with our new house (we just got the key, y'all!) so that I can have my full concentration on Love and our baby.

Love was reluctant with my idea of having a maid at first, his main issue was money. But, for me money was not everything.

Speaking of which, let me tell you our story when we first got married.

I was soooo underpaid back then. But, rezeki after kahwin, right after I got married, I was upgraded to lecturer that resulted my salary to be more than doubled from the previous one.

As happy as Love was with the news, he was a bit frustrated with the fact that my salary was higher than his. He asked me if I was going to be ok with it.

I just laughed. And said the exact same things I told him whenever he was down, "I have faith in you in ways you couldn't ever imagined possible. And you will be someone, someday trust me. That is when the world knows why I marry you. I foresee things."

He always laughed at that.

I don't marry anyone for God's sake. I take my life very seriously. So I mean every single word I told him.

He proved me just right. With his salary, he provides nafkah to me monthly religiously. He pampers me with stuff. Just like the first date, we fight to pay for our date every single time.

And so I adviced my little niece, "If you want to get married, you don't really have to find someone rich, average pon tape, as long as he loves spending for you."

A couple of days ago, we received a news that lighten up our life. Rezeki baby maybe. Love is reaching his way up there, to be that someone. In such young age. Alhamdulillah.

And hence, a maid from Indonesia is on her way to us now. I pray for the best. Ameen.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hectic Saturday

Woke up all excited for my 3rd month check up at Az-Zahra!!~

Latest pic of our precious..

Dah ada tangan, dah ada kaki.. haiyooo, comel! :)

Had my blood checked (hurts a lot). I gained 0.5 kg btw, Alhamdulillah, though I hope I gained more. Blood pressure was normal, hopefully blood test turns out ok too.

Since the check up finished earlier than we thought, we rushed to PJ for Pureen warehouse sale!! Memang sangat best!

What we bought on that day..

Clothings (Price ranges from RM3 to RM10)
Long sleeve-5
Long pants-4
Short sleeve-2
Short pants-1

Other stuff we bought as in the picture ranges from as cheap as RM5 to RM22.

Tips for the Pureen Warehouse Sale:
♥ Try to come on the first day, else baju banyak size dah tade.
♥ Ramai orang and panas, so wear as comfortable as possible.
♥ Parking agak jauh, so bring an umbrella just in case.
♥ Plan what to buy, else rambang mata.

Then, we went to Kak Zana (our fav. tailor) to take our jubah and baju Melayu for Abg Long's wedding.

Went home, took a bath and rushed to Italiannies, Empire for dinner with my favourite girls..

Had a wonderful time catching up while having my all time fav., Spinach Artichoke. Love's all time fav. --> Salmon Pizza.

Such hectic yet so very wonderful Saturday :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hello 2nd trimester!

Today is the beginning of my 2nd trimester, Alhamdulillah. I am so thankful to the Almighty considering the ups and downs I had during my first trimester, I have faith that the second trimester onwards is going to be a very happy journey for both Love and me. Insya Allah. Ameen. :)

This post is meant to share (for dear readers) and to reminisce (to myself one day) the ups and downs I've been through during my first trimester.

The first month.
You can read all about it here.

The second month
..was the worst! Feeling sick every morning. Vomiting every evening. No appetite to eat at all, yet hungry every 15 minutes or so! Could not sleep. Tired all the time. Too lazy to go to work or even to get out of the house. Taking leave almost once in every week.

Even worse, I felt so not motivated, so freaking helpless. Mum and hubby did almost everything for me. I did not even have the energy to mandi after work. That bad!

I couldn't eat almost everything that I loved before esp milk and vege, but I super love fruits, but too much fruits lead to another problem..

The threatened abortion made it even worse. I was at my lowest point of my life at this moment.

The third month
Seeing my baby's heartbeat for the first time just lifted up my spirit to the max.

My morning sickness starts to cool down, energetic again to go to work and to settle down after work.

Less hungry, more appetite, some minor back pain but wayyyy better.

Now, i'm in my fourth month, things are getting better, Alhamdulillah.

Though my first three months are not all rainbows and butterflies, but I must thank Allah SWT for a lot of things.

I heard that some pregnant women are more sensitive towards their husband, but Love and I.. we had such amazing understanding. He babied me the way i could not imagine possible. He cleaned the room, did the dishes, even bathed me every night.. and.. he was my source of motivation.

Never once he complained.

And mum... just did EVERYTHING else. Too much to write in words.

BFF Maria cheered up my days and Dr. Sumay was there everyday I was in the office, just made my days brighter.

I must have been blessed.

And I thank everyone that helps me throughout my first trimester, in which without them... i just could not bear the thought.

Monday, April 18, 2011

The one that gets hurt :(

In life, there has got to be one couple that you always look up to..

Whether it's the friends that match your definition of "the happiest couple ever", or Marshall and Lily from "How I met your mother" or your favourite relatives or even perhaps your own parents.

But when it all falls apart, some might wonder whether true love still exist. But to those who live in a fairy tale like me can only hope that they will eventually live happily ever after one day.

Almost always, we often forget that these break ups affect other people as much as they affect the affected couple.

Remember the episode when Lily left Marshall, best friend Ted was hurt because of the break up too.

So to my epitome of "true love", I know you're reading this, you will forever be remembered and be missed and be loved.. even when you're now continents away. Love, forever your niece :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

First purchase for My Precious

Upon entering my second trimester, my baby bump started showing already, which also means.. I need maternity pants!

Very unfortunate for petite like BFF Maria and me, Mothercare and Modern Mum do not have our size! Discrimination!!

But fortunatey, BFF Maria got pregnant first before me. So she knew where to buy stuff already, I just follow her lead.

Since I'm getting better nowadays, Love and I shopped for my maternity clothing at Alamanda on Saturday. But then, we saw this..

Baby cot idaman sebab colour putih and adjustable and cost us ony RM200! Kat Carrefourre ok!

So terus beli :)

The next day, we went to Baby Fair at Ampang Point.

And we found this Nike romper, comel bangat!

So.. there goes, the first item and the first baju..

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Kapal and Ikeen Fly to Seoul

I just got back from Korea, y'all!!!~

Of course travelling as a pregnant woman makes it a bit harder (plus the threatened abortion I had), I had a bag of medicine to bring with me, but Alhamdulillah, I was so fine there. I vomitted only once during my whole journey, syukur.

Our initial itenary could not be used due to my condition. So i let mum in law (MIL) and her brother, Wey Samchun (WSC) to decide our itenary. Here goes..

First day

6 and a half hours of flight using Air Asia X for pregnant woman made it very tiring for me. Lesson learned: First, hot seat for more leg room. Second: Seat near toilet due to frequent urination. Third: Day flight makes me constantly hungry and the food provided were not sufficient for me, probably cuz I ate for two.

I got stucked for almost half an hour in immigration due to what they called "computer error". Had to undergone a thorough checkup, it seemed that the immigration in Korea is a bit strict, but Alhamdulillah.. I managed to get through.

We stayed at WSC's house, have to get used of the floor's and the bed's heater. Temeprature was 7 degrees celcius the first day.

Second day

National Museum of Korea

Admission is free. It is divided to three floors. First: historical gallery. Second: Fine arts gallery and third: sculpture and craftwork gallery. I wouldn't say it was really that exciting, but I just love museum, so if you're not a big fan of museum, you'll find it as just another ordinary museum you ever visited.


The restaurant inside the national museum does not served any pork. Mind the word restaurant, not 'foodcourt'. We ordered bibimbap (rice with all sorts of vege and eggs) and seafood pancake. Price ranges between 7000 won to 10000 won. (Exchange rate: 1000 won = RM3).

War Museum

Admission is also free, maybe more exciting than the national museum, my verdict.


We were given exactly an hour to shop by WSC in this place which for me is the equivalent of our Sg Wang. I found one (and only) halal restaurant here in Korea. I bought my winter boot here, some strawberries, some shirts and jerseys for my family and Love bought his socks and his extremely big shoes since we couldn't find his size in Malaysia. His size is US 15 btw.

Winter clothings are way cheaper here compared to Malaysia. Zara pun murah. But surprisingly, the price of Korean strawberry here is the same as price in Malaysia :( Mahal! Good news is, Ittaewon is THE ONLY place where the salesperson can speak English.


Had dinner near WSC's house in Seoungnam. Noodles with lots of seafood, pedas!!!

Third day

Korean's Folks Village

Highlight of the trip!!! Korean's folks village :) My favourite. Must goooo!!! Admission is 15 000 won for adult.


Korean's folks village's foodcourt. Organic shop, so they don't serve pork. We had some Mee suah and again, seafood pancake (the best!)


Shop around WSC's house. Tengok ni, no plastic bag, no shopping bag, pack your stuff with the box prvided.


Again, at Seoungnam, a restaurant where they served only fish. We had grilled mackarel together with MIL's sister, Immo and her daughter and MIL's cousin, Komo.

Fourth day

Drizzling the whole day. According to the news, the rain was contaminated with radioactive from Japan. Tawakkal..


The cheapest place to buy souvenirs (in bulk). But they don't speak English at all, pftt.. So I was like, "Olmayeyo?"(How much). And when the salesperson mentioned some numbers in Korean that I did not understand I'd be like, "Omma!! Help!!"


Had lunch at one of the stalls in Namdaemun that sells vege and seafood (tempura).

Visiting relatives

Went to visit one of Love's grandmother, Komo Halmeni and one of his close uncle, Majangdong Samchun, where we fell in love with this little girl, Na Hyeon.


Dinner at Majangdong, Bono-Bono Japanese seafood restaurant. This one is on the house since the cousing worked there. Tengok ni, they ate gold (real gold).

Fifth and final day

Our last typical breakfast. Kat sana pagi, petang, siang, malam makan nasi. Nasib baik dah familiar with all the food there, MIL selalu serve during weekend bila she's in Malaysia.

Had Domino's for lunch, the only pizza we found without meat. Even the seafood pizza pun ada bacon. This is vegetarian pizza with tapioca, pineapple, tomato and corn, weird combiation, tapi best!

Had the rest of the day for just the two of us. Walked along the Seoungnam street, had some coffee..

And finally we had to say goodbye. Sedihnye, both of us cried in the airport. Everyone been taking a good care of us. Tak naik bas sekali pun. Semua WSC hantar :(

If in Singapore, I lerned to respect, because the people there are super duper friendly and very respectful to others. In Thailand, I learned to appreciate what we have in Malaysia. In Korea... I definitely learned to love. Regardless of the different language, the different skin tone, I feel so loved here.


Thank you Wey Samchun, thank you Omma for everything. See you in Malaysia very soon :) This journey brought me closer to my MIL and Love's family, Alhamdulillah.