Monday, April 18, 2011

The one that gets hurt :(

In life, there has got to be one couple that you always look up to..

Whether it's the friends that match your definition of "the happiest couple ever", or Marshall and Lily from "How I met your mother" or your favourite relatives or even perhaps your own parents.

But when it all falls apart, some might wonder whether true love still exist. But to those who live in a fairy tale like me can only hope that they will eventually live happily ever after one day.

Almost always, we often forget that these break ups affect other people as much as they affect the affected couple.

Remember the episode when Lily left Marshall, best friend Ted was hurt because of the break up too.

So to my epitome of "true love", I know you're reading this, you will forever be remembered and be missed and be loved.. even when you're now continents away. Love, forever your niece :)

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