Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Yuen Buffet Steamboat @ Sunway!

Last Monday was my dad's birthday. We had a dinner at Yuen's buffet and steamboat. My treat. After my youngest brother took his portion of food, I looked at him, slightly annoyed, "Why you took so little?"
Looking all innocent, replied, "I'm full."

I was like, "YOU'RE FULL???? I'm not bringing you to a buffet to have such reply!"
"Owh.. It's a buffet??" He replied. "Ok, i go take some more. Scared you'll end up paying a lot for my food."
Love and I laughed. Sweet.. but OMG so funny! Both of my brothers are still not used of the fact that I'm really working now and afford to give them pocket money every month and buying them dinner every now and then. They would be like, "Aren't you still studying?" (As in doing my PhD)

We've had the time of our life eating all the seafoods, me on the other hand was eating only three items; a whole lot of crabs, lala and the grilled chicken wings!

The best part is that, the price is only RM20.40 per person not inclusive of drinks. But they have a wide selection of seafoods and dumplings, I love this place a lot.

For resrvation : Mrs. Susie Teh: 016 208 6678, 03 5637 5825

Monday, September 27, 2010

Batu Caves

This previous weekend we've been passing through Batu Caves every now and then. For Dida's open house, then my Aunt's, then to Myra's bro's wedding.

Once Love and I stucked in the jam, and he said, "Where are we? Why are there so many Mat Salleh here?" He asked.

I looked around, "Owh.. Batu Caves." We both nodded. Pause for a while. "You know I've always wanted to go there."

"Ok. Let's go there one day," He answered, smiling.

"You know, there are a lot of places I wanted to go, simple places like I wanna go to the lookout point, I wanna see sunrise in Broga Hill, I wanna go to Orang Asli Museum, I wanna go play laser tag, ATV, all that nonsense stuff, you know?" I laughed.

"You know what Sayang, we should make a list," He suggested.

"No, no, no, no. List isn't going to solve anything! Let's start now, Sayang. We pick one of the list that we want to do. Let's do it once a month. Let's start next month!" Almost shouting with enthusiast.

"Ok! Let's see.. Take out your calender! What is our plan next week..." And the conversation continues.

I just had that realization last Saturday. I have a lot of simple things to do, other than travelling. I saw Nadrah went for skytrekking and hiking, I was too chickened to do all that, but hey.. I still have lots of geeky stuff that I want to do. Which btw, I haven't.

Previously I thought like my interest was so uncool, like going to the Museum? (Blame it on my Dad, seriously!) Who would have want to follow me there.

Knowing Love, previously he would laughed at the thought of even going to the museum really hard. Now that he followed me to all that places, trust me, he had fun :) After all, I did go to all the Korean events and football matches for him.

So anyway, 16th October, we're going to Batu Caves, yay! Just curious what's inside. And note to self, please start doing all these ok, stop visiting the cinema to see what's new every now and then. There's more to life than that big screen and popcorn that makes the kernel stuck in your teeth!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

A new season has begun!

I love it when the new season has finally been released! Now, my torrent can start working again. I've been sick of googling what movies to download. They finally here, yay!

First episode of Glee is awesome! Rachel looks hotter than ever. And that new hairdo.. just the way i love it! But of course, she had to go just a little overboard this time. They have two new characters anyway, still I want Jesse!!!!!!

How I met your mother has a great kick start in the first episode. Starts with Marshall and Ted outside a wedding, and I thought it was Ted's wedding, but it was not. I'm sure hope it wasn't Barney's wedding, if it is.. I'm done with How I met your mother, seriously. They starting to kill all the characters, man! Especially Barney! I miss all his theories, the bro code, the legend.. ary, Season 5 sucks a bit ;p

And Chuck.. Haven't watched it yet, but really couldn't wait!!!
YAY! I love waiting for the new episode to come out!!!! I love it when the season has begun!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Selamat Hari Raya!

First day Raya as a married couple was fun!

I am so blessed that both of our parents house are near to each other, cuz honestly, I can't imagine ever having to celebrate Raya anywhere not near my parents. So I guess u can get the idea as of why i am not doing my PhD overseas. I love travelling, but living other than Malaysia is a disaster, i just know my capability.

So, the deal is like this. A day before Raya in my parents house to help masak all the yummy ketupat and rendang!

Raya eve and Raya morning, in my in-law's.

Afternoon, in my grandparent's house in Kg Pandan where we had bersalam-salaman session with my family there.

Evening to Love's grandmother's house in Jln Duta.

The next day, to Kuala Selangor, my other grandmother's house, where we visited our must-do list for Raya, Bukit Melawati.

And yesterday, we went to Melaka for my mum's relatives houses.

One of my Aunty's has a house very near to the beach, it's like you open the door and, "Owh.. pantai...."

So we brought my niece and nephew with us to find these little guys..

Kasih dan sayang :)

Anyway this is our dinner, seriously, and it's yummy!

Love thanked me like multiple times for marrying him. He came from a small family, never went outstation like this, so he had fun. And i had even more fun. Hmmm.. i wonder how it would be ike if we had a child of our own..

Dear readers, selamat hari raya. Forgive me for all the wrongdoings. Maaf zahir batin!

Monday, September 20, 2010


You know the irony of love is that when you love or like that someone, you tend to be so freaking shy to even confront that someone.

Like when you were in primary or secondary school, you saw your teacher in the shopping mall, you'd try very hard to hide somewhere so that your teacher wouldn't see you there. What was it that we were so scared of, I wasn't sure.

After a while, I thought it was stupid.

So, when I got to uni, I'd be like, "Hye Sir!!!" "Hye, Mam" *waves excitedly* while my lecturers looked at me wondering, "Is she in my class?" But, only for a while. After that, I got kinda famous, my lecturers became the one who said "Hi" to me first. But, you know lecturers, they just had to add, "You were absent yesterday!" (Haiyo, mentang2 dah tau I'm in his/her class. Haha.)

A couple of days after Raya, I met one of the lecturers in Petronas near my house. I didn't think he knows me because he never taught me before, but i got so jakun and went to the lecturer and said, "Hye Sir! You're staying somewhere here?"

He looked at me all puzzled and said, "You're not my student, but you looked familiar."

"I am not," I said, laughing.

"Hey! You're not even a student. You're my colleague, why are you calling me 'Sir'?" he laughed.

Owh ya, sometimes I just forgot I'm a staff now.

So anyway, stop with that story. It has been a while, I've been hesitating to meet this particular Sifu.

But this time, I know the reason why.. because I was too scared that it would break my heart.

This morning, I decided to gather all the strength and still, my heart did break with the news.

But the difference when your loved one gives you a news that will break your heart is that at the same time, he will ensure you that everything will turn out to be ok in the end.

Sigh.. it is such SAD weeks. I've been ignoring my PhD research for quite some times because of the news. And for what? The world doesn't stop for my grief.

So, enough with the grief already, from now on, I am going to make a promise to myself. I'll spend 2 days for my research every week. Insya Allah.


Sunday, September 19, 2010


Mr. H: Why you wanna watch that movie, so merapu ok!
Me: Where got merapu! The Happening best what?!
Mr. H: BEST? Trees that killed people? Best ke? And now you wanna watch devil? A ghost in a lift?


Okay, if you put it that way, sounds funny la, i know i admit.

But if you put it that way, even the best movie in history can sound funny.


Robot alien fights in our planet, sounds ridiculous, right? Even in Transformers 1, when Megatron first appears, looking all macho, he looks at the camera and said, "I am Megatrrooooonnnnnn!" Funny, right? Nobody asks who he is.

LOTR? Avatar?

What funny looking creatures kan?

I mean, it beyonds logic, but with logical explanation, that can make it REALLY attractive.

Like how Shyamalan's relate the behavious of the trees to the disappearing of bees that is really happening currently. Dissappearing just like that, without a trace. Even scientists couldn't explain that.

I love Shyamalan. Because his movies never disappoint me (which btw, i didn't watch The last Airbender).

And... Devil.. is by far, the best 1 hour and 15 minutes movie i ever watched. And definitely the best ghost story ever of all time.

Friday, September 17, 2010


I bought that green top at Gap.

BABY GAP ok. Not GapKids.

If you're wondering how I can fit that, or how small I am (if you haven't meet me), try look at this baby..

His name is Fatih, 4 months old, 9kgs.

And this is my watch.

Fatih can fit my watch so very nicely as if it's his, takde gap at all between the watch and his skin!!

Haiyooo.. Now you cannot laugh at me whenever I bought clothes at Baby Gap. Cuz even GapKids are too big for me :(

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wedding photos

During Ramadhan the other day, I received my wedding album from our official photographer. A month plus late, and the service myt not be that satisfying, but the best thing is that I super love the photos! The editing is exactly like I wanted it to be, bright and natural :)

Let me share some of my fav. shots with my dear readers..


After aqad, Love did it 1 shot ok!!

He tried to kiss my forehead, but awning tudung kacau a bit, so kiss my cheek instead.

In my room, with a custom made door gift Love gave me as Valentine's present when we were in form 5, and the gift was handmade by one of my BFF, Fai!


Make up nicely done by my fav make up artist :)

Inside nenek's car, arriving at the hall.

Entering the hall with Metallica's Ecstacy of gold as our theme.

Our pelamin, which supposed to be grey and white by the way.

Makan beradab

Cake cutting ceremony in Korean outfit custom made from Korea.

Singing Kau Ilhamku arahan nenek, tak suke!

OUTDOOR PHOTOSHOOT @ TUGU NEGARA (Told ya i'm patriotic)

With one of our hantaran, Gibson SG!

More photos at my facebook :)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Hydrated skin

Went to do my facial in Dermalogica 2 days before Raya and gosh, the beautician scared me to death.

I know my skin has not been in the most excellent condition these past few weeks. I can blame it on fasting (not drinking enough water) or on the full blast air-cond in my office room, but in the end, we know that it is all my fault.

A couple of days after the facial, my skin looked great, but after that, the problem started all over again.

My face, my skin, my hair.. really really scary.

I started to buy the humidifier. Started to make sure I eat fruits every single day. Started to drink 1 litre of water again. But, still, it takes time. So i asked Uncle Google.

And most of the tips suggest you to take fish oil as supplement. I ate a lot of fish ok! A LOT, you can't beleive how much. Because in my house, we only have chicken once a month. So, fish all the wayy.. In fact for breakfast today, I had nasi goreng with 1 ekor ikan kembung and so I wondered, what's the difference between fish and fish oil? Fish oil = minyak ikan goreng? (Haha!)

Hmmpphhh... I really can't answer that. But it's worth a try, I guess.

There are only two supplement brands that i trust. Previously, I took Vitamin C from Safwa, of course on and off depending on my skin condition. Biasalah, rajin kan. And the other one is HPA. This time I decided to go for HPA.

Bought this at HPA caw. Bangi. Phone num: 0389251142

Just so I write this, might as well share with you on tips to hydrate your face.. I mean, the tips other than the norms you know like minum air la, makan sayur la, that one is common sense kan..

♥ Having humidifier in air-conditioned room. If one is not available, leave a glass of water to increase the humidity of the room.
♥ Do not let your cleanser stay on your face too long (duration: 30-60 mins)
♥ Use lukewarm water when washing your face.
♥ Always put on your hydrating care immediately after face wash, preferable within 10 minutes.
♥ Don't let your makeup remover stay on your face too long. (Max 3 mins)
♥ Dry brush skin before a shower with a body brush to remove flaky skin (it's more effective than brushing wet skin).
♥ Spritz Evian Mineral Spray
♥ Get plenty of fiber

From here, here and here

Sunday, September 5, 2010

It's official.. I'm in love with Summer

Seriously, ain't she gorgeous?

The hair..

The eyes..

The dress..

The hair again, cuz it's so freaking cute..

Even, in bed she looks this good.

So comel ok!! No wonder I keep seeing her everywhere.

And i'm straight, by the way. Thank you for asking.


Alhamdulillah, I received one of the most awaited news last Friday, dapat bonus before Raya this month!! :)

The first thing I was thinking about is 'Love'. So pity, he did not buy anything for Raya this year. And i decided to surprise him with this..

A handmade Raya card and some 18sx gift ;p

Anyway, I have an exciting news to share in the car yesterday night on the way to see Baby Amir, suddenly Love asked me this question, "Sayang, u think u're ready to have a baby?"

Pause for quite some times because Love was not that psyched on that idea before. I was the one who constantly instilled the thought of getting a baby latest by next year to him because, well.. you now how much i love babies, ryte. But to ask me if I was ready kinda freaked me out.

So i answered truthfully, "To say that I'm ready now, I'm not so sure but Allah knows best kan. So, when the time comes, insya Allah automatically ready la kan. But if you ask me whether i'm excited or not, it's not that I really REALLY want to work for it in the moment, but if ada rezeki, well i'm more than glad to have one." Pause. Not a bad speech. "Why?" I asked.

He smiled.

"Why?" I asked again.

"Ntah.. You know, before this I wasn't really psyched with that idea. But suddenly yesterday, just yesterday I realized that it was rather fun, you know to have one."

Wow!! That's major. And got me freaked out a bit. But wow!! We need a second honeymoon, please!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bandung? Urm..

In two months time, we are going for our second honeymoon in Bandung. Paid for the flight ticket and hotel already.

Am i psyched?

Currently, considering the situation now, NO!

Love and I are doing great. Bandung is still a fun place to visit. The hot spring, the Tangkuban Perahu, the candi, the cheap spas and the shopping were still exciting.

But this, made it soooo not appealing.

Pics from here.

Not that I'm scared.

But rather furious!

Seriously, not funny!

Why are they constantly looking at our slightest mistake (if it is even a mistake at the first place)? Can they just let go? They're definitely not perfect by the way. But we let it go for the sake of "serumpun" and "sebangsa". And now, they wanted to talk about "bangsa".

I know it doesn't apply to all Indonesian. I truly understand.

But, subconciously, I stopped giving stuff to Indonesian cleaner in the office. And stopped buying stuff from an Indonesian booth near my house and stopped wanting an Indonesian maid. I'm looking for a Malay maid now, though the pay is higher since she won't stay with us.

As for now, it's worth it.

And if I have to burn that RM900 I paid for my flight ticket and hotel to Bandung, and save the thousands Ringgit Malaysia I am going to spend from shopping in that country,

well.. it's all worth it.

The least I could do for my country..

Death by chocolate

Had dinner at Lala Chong the other day. Would rather not explain the food in details. You can check Nadrah's blog to read more about it.

Then we went to Tutti Frutti, TTDI. Been itching to go there for ages.

We had Strawberry Banana and..

Death by Chocolate.

Honestly, I really don't fancy dessert! They're too sweet for my liking. And i don't like anything cold especially ice blended. Gosh, just thinking about it made me having a brain freeze already.

So, Strawberry Banana + Frozen yogurt + Love's idea of putting lots of gummy bears were definitely not a perfect combo for me.

But Death by Chocolate + Milo cereal made it bearable.

If you love dessert, I think you should just ignore what I wrote about Tutti Frutti here. It's nice actually, but like I said, I'm not a big fan of dessert.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


The best thing about my job is the people surrounding it.

Academicians are a group of very very generous people!! And the generousity varies. From the knowledge they share, the money, the time, and the list goes on.

It's perfectly normal in my office to receive phone calls and so suddenly people wanting to treat you for lunch. Especially from my supervisor.

Or foreigners bringing home-cooked meal in the pantry. Or some fresh rambutan or manggis from those who just got back from their kampung.

And the other day, a colleague invited me to be a committee of one simple event. Of course I agreed, good for my KPI, good for my experience, in fact I was honored to be invited. But today, I received this..

As a thank you gift for joining the committee. How sweet is that? Even more, it's her own money she's using not the club's money.

Also this morning, I received a shocking news.

The person who partly resposible to bring me this far has decided to leave all of us. Sigh.. I need to finish my PhD fast, before everyone walks away.