Sunday, September 26, 2010

A new season has begun!

I love it when the new season has finally been released! Now, my torrent can start working again. I've been sick of googling what movies to download. They finally here, yay!

First episode of Glee is awesome! Rachel looks hotter than ever. And that new hairdo.. just the way i love it! But of course, she had to go just a little overboard this time. They have two new characters anyway, still I want Jesse!!!!!!

How I met your mother has a great kick start in the first episode. Starts with Marshall and Ted outside a wedding, and I thought it was Ted's wedding, but it was not. I'm sure hope it wasn't Barney's wedding, if it is.. I'm done with How I met your mother, seriously. They starting to kill all the characters, man! Especially Barney! I miss all his theories, the bro code, the legend.. ary, Season 5 sucks a bit ;p

And Chuck.. Haven't watched it yet, but really couldn't wait!!!
YAY! I love waiting for the new episode to come out!!!! I love it when the season has begun!


Syaza Nadrah said...

sonok kan... series sume start...

Dr. Ikeen said...

Seronok sangat!!!