Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bandung? Urm..

In two months time, we are going for our second honeymoon in Bandung. Paid for the flight ticket and hotel already.

Am i psyched?

Currently, considering the situation now, NO!

Love and I are doing great. Bandung is still a fun place to visit. The hot spring, the Tangkuban Perahu, the candi, the cheap spas and the shopping were still exciting.

But this, made it soooo not appealing.

Pics from here.

Not that I'm scared.

But rather furious!

Seriously, not funny!

Why are they constantly looking at our slightest mistake (if it is even a mistake at the first place)? Can they just let go? They're definitely not perfect by the way. But we let it go for the sake of "serumpun" and "sebangsa". And now, they wanted to talk about "bangsa".

I know it doesn't apply to all Indonesian. I truly understand.

But, subconciously, I stopped giving stuff to Indonesian cleaner in the office. And stopped buying stuff from an Indonesian booth near my house and stopped wanting an Indonesian maid. I'm looking for a Malay maid now, though the pay is higher since she won't stay with us.

As for now, it's worth it.

And if I have to burn that RM900 I paid for my flight ticket and hotel to Bandung, and save the thousands Ringgit Malaysia I am going to spend from shopping in that country,

well.. it's all worth it.

The least I could do for my country..


Syaza Nadrah said...

Ikeen, itu kat jakarta je kan.. not in bandung... i asked my friends, they said bandung should be ok.. it hope it resolves soon as i'll be going there next month...

Dr. Ikeen said...

Jakarta je, about one hour drive, bandung should be safe. no worries dear!! I cam tade mood even to go to Indonesia. But only for now, hope it gets better by November