Monday, September 13, 2010

Hydrated skin

Went to do my facial in Dermalogica 2 days before Raya and gosh, the beautician scared me to death.

I know my skin has not been in the most excellent condition these past few weeks. I can blame it on fasting (not drinking enough water) or on the full blast air-cond in my office room, but in the end, we know that it is all my fault.

A couple of days after the facial, my skin looked great, but after that, the problem started all over again.

My face, my skin, my hair.. really really scary.

I started to buy the humidifier. Started to make sure I eat fruits every single day. Started to drink 1 litre of water again. But, still, it takes time. So i asked Uncle Google.

And most of the tips suggest you to take fish oil as supplement. I ate a lot of fish ok! A LOT, you can't beleive how much. Because in my house, we only have chicken once a month. So, fish all the wayy.. In fact for breakfast today, I had nasi goreng with 1 ekor ikan kembung and so I wondered, what's the difference between fish and fish oil? Fish oil = minyak ikan goreng? (Haha!)

Hmmpphhh... I really can't answer that. But it's worth a try, I guess.

There are only two supplement brands that i trust. Previously, I took Vitamin C from Safwa, of course on and off depending on my skin condition. Biasalah, rajin kan. And the other one is HPA. This time I decided to go for HPA.

Bought this at HPA caw. Bangi. Phone num: 0389251142

Just so I write this, might as well share with you on tips to hydrate your face.. I mean, the tips other than the norms you know like minum air la, makan sayur la, that one is common sense kan..

♥ Having humidifier in air-conditioned room. If one is not available, leave a glass of water to increase the humidity of the room.
♥ Do not let your cleanser stay on your face too long (duration: 30-60 mins)
♥ Use lukewarm water when washing your face.
♥ Always put on your hydrating care immediately after face wash, preferable within 10 minutes.
♥ Don't let your makeup remover stay on your face too long. (Max 3 mins)
♥ Dry brush skin before a shower with a body brush to remove flaky skin (it's more effective than brushing wet skin).
♥ Spritz Evian Mineral Spray
♥ Get plenty of fiber

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