Wednesday, September 1, 2010


The best thing about my job is the people surrounding it.

Academicians are a group of very very generous people!! And the generousity varies. From the knowledge they share, the money, the time, and the list goes on.

It's perfectly normal in my office to receive phone calls and so suddenly people wanting to treat you for lunch. Especially from my supervisor.

Or foreigners bringing home-cooked meal in the pantry. Or some fresh rambutan or manggis from those who just got back from their kampung.

And the other day, a colleague invited me to be a committee of one simple event. Of course I agreed, good for my KPI, good for my experience, in fact I was honored to be invited. But today, I received this..

As a thank you gift for joining the committee. How sweet is that? Even more, it's her own money she's using not the club's money.

Also this morning, I received a shocking news.

The person who partly resposible to bring me this far has decided to leave all of us. Sigh.. I need to finish my PhD fast, before everyone walks away.


Dr Sumayy said...

entry seddeeeyy ;)

Ir. Dr. Shafa said...

sokong dr.sumayy... sedih jugaaa