Sunday, September 19, 2010


Mr. H: Why you wanna watch that movie, so merapu ok!
Me: Where got merapu! The Happening best what?!
Mr. H: BEST? Trees that killed people? Best ke? And now you wanna watch devil? A ghost in a lift?


Okay, if you put it that way, sounds funny la, i know i admit.

But if you put it that way, even the best movie in history can sound funny.


Robot alien fights in our planet, sounds ridiculous, right? Even in Transformers 1, when Megatron first appears, looking all macho, he looks at the camera and said, "I am Megatrrooooonnnnnn!" Funny, right? Nobody asks who he is.

LOTR? Avatar?

What funny looking creatures kan?

I mean, it beyonds logic, but with logical explanation, that can make it REALLY attractive.

Like how Shyamalan's relate the behavious of the trees to the disappearing of bees that is really happening currently. Dissappearing just like that, without a trace. Even scientists couldn't explain that.

I love Shyamalan. Because his movies never disappoint me (which btw, i didn't watch The last Airbender).

And... Devil.. is by far, the best 1 hour and 15 minutes movie i ever watched. And definitely the best ghost story ever of all time.


Syaza Nadrah said...

One thing about his movies is that it's either you like it or you hate it.. there's no such "ooo.. hm.. it's ok... " for his movies...

Dr Sumayy said...

hahaha.. who is Mr H? mmm.. coz, i kinda agree, but frankly i never gv those types of movies a try. well, simply bcoz, i hv those thinking. ahaaa~. try influence me;p
p/s:what nadrah says is also true.. not that i hate it.. but mm.. i don't like maybe it does means i h*** it...

but gain, try influence me.. hoh~

Dr. Ikeen said...

Nadrah: EXACTLY!
Dr. Sumay: Mr. H is Nadrah's cousin ;p Try influence you? Hehe.. Can, can. Nanti i bg u a movie to watch. Start with Lady in the water :)