Monday, July 27, 2009

A tribute to Yasmin Ahmad

Tan Hong Ming: "Her name is Umi. Umi Qazrina, I like her"

Narrator: "Why do you like her?"

Tan Hong Ming: "She wears earring.."

Some part of my most fav ad that i can remember. Percintaan Tan Hong Ming, Merdeka ad by Yasmin Ahmad.

You see, I am not a big fan of Yasmin. Yup i watched all her movies. You can love a lot of thing about her movies, and you can hate as much equally. So i'm in the neutral line. Some controversial parts she showed were beyond my limit, but then again.. you can never hate Yasmin.. you just can't. She touches the heart ever so deeply.

I remembered when Sepet came out, I didn't have any Malay guy friends in uni, all my guy friends were Chinese. After Sepet, one of my Chinese guy friend finally confessed to my girlfriend that he liked her. Even more, he said that he had the gut to admit her feeling because of Sepet. And we eventually got even closer than before.. up until today.

Yasmin Ahmad, we lost such a beautiful soul, semoga roh Yasmin dicucuri rahmat. Al-fatihah..

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

PPSMI - I finally can have a say in this matter.

Since currently i am a tutor for Math and Science for Standard 1, i think that i can finally have a say in this matter.

See, when they first started this whole thing 6 years back, i thought that it was a great idea. I didn't have that much of a problem cuz in my secondary school before, we learned math in both languages; malay and english. But some of my friends from other schools are struggling to catch up during our foundation year cuz in uni it was 100% in English. So i thought, heyy ok what science and math in English. At least they can learn faster.

But then since March i have been teaching Math and Science on and off. Until i have been accepted as a permanent tutor in my tuition centre currently still teaching Math and Science. I have thought F2 and F3 students and Std 1 until Std 6 students. Then, i realized one thing.


Especially in problem solving.

They are good in addition and subtraction, they excel in calculating money and time, but they didn't understand what the question wanted.

The head of the tuition centre kept on reminding me to teach 100% in English, but they do not understand what i'm saying esp the primary schools student. So i have to use bilanguage, whether he likes it or not. Every problem solving needs to be translated as in I am an English teacher.

Example, Science question standard 1:

From the pictures, determine whether they are 'stem' or 'branch'.

After explaining how branch looks like and how stem looks like in English, my students asked me, "Teacher, stem tu ape sebenarnye bahasa melayu?" Yup, so much in finding some definition in English that a standard 1 students can understand about stem.

That is one thing. Or, it can be the other thing. This one student named Nisya in my class is a very adorable girl, 4 years old but her mum sent her to Std 1 class. So adorable, she always wear a pyjama with tudung labuh, haiyoo.. so cute! Anyways, her English is first class. In fact her English is better than some of the Std 1's student.

Then one day, while translating the problem solving in malay, i accidentally asked them in Malay, "So.. Tambah ke tolak?" Then the class went silent until Nisya asked me, "Tambah tu addition ke teacher?"

When they calculated the answer it was "21". Again i made a silly mistake by asking Nisya, "Nisya dapat dua puluh satu tak?"

Nisya's answer, "No, i got twenty one"

My reply, "Twenty one is dua puluh satu Nisya"

Then my other student said, "dua puluh satu tu bukan twelve ke Teacher?"

Haiyaaa... Rosak bahasa. I mean, although i can't really converse in skema Malay, I'm kind of good in writing in Malay. I got A1 for my Malay Language SPM, that means i must be really good kan.

So, the conclusion is, saya sangat bersetuju PPSMI dimansuhkan. Walaupun begitu, saya sedikit tidak berpuas hati sekiranya pemansuhan tersebut berlaku dengan kadar segera kerana ini akan menimbulkan masalah kepada murid-murid saya.