Monday, October 31, 2016

Baby girl turns 5!

Khaira's obsession to horses and ponies are getting way out of hand, hence the theme this year is obviously, "My Little Pony".

I ordered the cake from #shaeryscake and Shaery suggested me to use the actual figurines so K could use them as toys afterwards. Brilliant!

School has been tough these couple of months for her. Just about she got comfortable with her new teacher, Teacher Maria, she changed to another teacher, Teacher Omi, a guy. She is not comfortable with guys, so just imagine. On top of that, some of the teachers like to turn off the lights to silent the kids after class while waiting for the transport. Drama sekejap, but I must praise Genius Aulad they took my complaints seriously. Unlike the other kindy K used to go.

Anyhow, Happy Birthday my Princess!! Toddler years have been challenging as it is when K's immune system is developing, but Alhamdulillah, only with His will, it is all manageable and she got better and better as her immune system becomes stronger and stronger.

Be healthy baby girl so that you could do more to contribute to Islam. I love you to the moon and back!

Another year wiser

So I turned 31 a day before Inferno's first show in Malaysia.

Guess what I did?

Took a leave the next day and catch the very first show of Inferno, proud Dan Brown's fan here!

Date with handsome!

That morning of my birthday, Love surprised me with one huge bouquet of white roses on my driver's seat, preserved flowers that will not die. And so far it is still as fresh as when I received them!

My birthday, as usual was so fun!

Except that two days after my birthday, I had to leave the girls and Love for a three day team building at Janda Baik, and arrived home on K's birthday eve.

So sad to leave the girls, but the three days finally made me able to wean off little Aisha, one more wishlist to strike for 2016, woot! Alhamdulillah.

Thank you Allah, for everything, seriously everything for 2016. My biggest challenge is that I've lost my Grandmother, but I know that she is in the BEST hand.

Monday, October 24, 2016

The inverted U curve: David and Goliath - Malcolm Gladwell

As a lecturer, I agree with the inverted u curve theory.

Many times we thought that the academic achievements of students get better with the lesser number of students in class.

Well, actually most of the time, it works this way:

I agree that there is an ideal number of how many students should be in a class, varying from one subject to the other.

I once taught just one student for postgraduate class, I have no motivation to come to the class to teach.

For me, 30 to 45 pax is the best crowd for undergraduate and 15 to 20 is just nice for postgraduate students. Like how Gladwell put it, "enough bodies in the room that no one person needs to feel vulnerable but everyone can feel important".

 Apparently, the inverted U curve does not happen only in the size of a class, but also in almost everything that we have seen in our life, including parenting.

For poor parents, it is always hard to tell the kids "No, we can't afford that" as well as it is hard for rich parents to say, "No, we won't be buying that".

"No, we won't be buying that" requires you to know how to articulate the kids and how to make them plausible to your kids.

Then, comes the Big Fish in a Little Pond Theory.

People have always wondered how I suddenly shine like this for both my Master and PhD to where I am now.

Truth is, I have always been slightly above average. I was an advanced reader by the age of 4, I was the best student in my primary school, I always got 100% for my Maths, but then I went to one of the best high schools in Malaysia, where everybody got 100% in Maths as well, so I'm just as ordinary as everyone else in the school. I am the small fish in a big pond back then.

But since not so many people my age, my school doing Master and PhD, suddenly I shine. They thought having PhD in Engineering before I reach 28 makes me a genius.

What they do not know is that my class monitor got his PhD by 27, in Engineering as well.

Here, I am a big fish in a little pond, so I shine.

And do you know that the happiest country have the highest suicide rate? It is not that these people are totally unhappy, but looking at others in their country that are happy all the time make them more miserable.

Also do you know that in CRT test, the students got better answers for difficult questions once they made the questions harder to read (small and terrible fonts) as it requires you to push your brain to use more resources to answer them.

And that what makes autism kids become genius sometimes, as they push their brain to use more; compensation learning they called.

So many more interesting facts, guys.. I rate this 4.5 over 5.

It is easy for me to agree with this concept as it is inline with what Islam taught us, to be moderate.

Too much of something is not enough,
But something coming over me to make me wonder,
Too much of nothing is just as tough,
I need to know the way to feel to keep me satisfied.
--Too Much, Spice Girls, ones I've held onto back when I was a rebellious teenager