Friday, June 8, 2018

Japan 2018!

I had to fly to Japan due to work the day after election, which to be honest, was the most nervous travelling I’ve had to bear.

Not only I left my whole family behind, but also I left them in a state where everything was uncertain.

But Alhamdulillah everything went well. Well done, Malaysia!! Couldn’t be prouder of us. We changed our government the Malaysian way *cries* I boarded the flight an hour after the sworn in of our beloved Tun M. I didn’t leave my girls government less. I didn’t leave them in chaos. Alhamdulillah, all praise to the Almighty. I was full of emotion on that day, I guess all Malaysians were.

I first arrived at Narita Airport 5am on Friday and went straight to Tsukuba, 2 hours journey by bus. We stayed in Okubura Frontier Hotel, dropped our luggage and started work straight away. Arrived to the hotel at about 9pm (lebih 24 jam tak mandi, so uncomfortable). Had a shower and did a bit of walking near our hotel. Wrapped my Day 1.

Day 2, we went to Tokyo University for a training. After training, we headed to Disneylandd!!! It was a happy place, I missed the girls too much there. I knew at that instant that I just have to bring them at least once, while they are still small.

Had our dinner at Ameyoko street famous kebab stall. Was greeted by the seller who asked me where I was from. The moment I said Malaysia, he beamed and genuinely shouted, “Congratulations Malaysia!!” In reference of our GE 3 days back. Couldn’t be prouder!! For a while, it seems like the whole world is with us.

Day 3, no training. I started the day early with a free market next to the hotel. And it was precious you guyssss!! Look how easy to please these kids. Just ropes and boxes.

And how they taught their kids to be an entrepeneur. I bought one "Japanese story book" from this one little girl at 20 yen and had my friend translated them for me. This is the highlight of my trip. To see their togetherness, I just melt peeps. I felt warm inside, I don't need my jacket.

Then, we went to Asakusa. Loved the temple and the street with lots of souvenirs. Bought myself a kimono, I have zero idea when to use it. But it made me happy and at the rate where I have been working and travelling for work this year (since February, I traveled every other week), I deserve this.

Then, we went to Shibuya crossing but it was raining heavily.

My friends continued to Odaiba and Akihabara, which both places I have been to during my last visit. So, I enjoyed my solo travelling back to Kenkyu Gakuen (the place I stayed during my last visit), specifically to shop for Uniqlo and Daiso since I need to do a bit of shopping for my beloved as I would go back earlier than them.

Day 4, back to training. Shopped a bit after training.

Day 5, headed home and got ready for Ramadhan the next day. But I am so blessed to have the experience of their free market. To witness just a piece of an experience on how they spent time with their kids on weekend. Next time, I'm gonna visit you Mount Fuji, in shaa Allah.

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