Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Juggling between Family, Love and Work Part II

So that Sunday evening, Love and I went to Bukit Gambang for our babymoon.

Initially, we planned for a four days vacation, but since Love just started his new work at a new workplace, we had to cut short to a two days vacation.

We booked a Studio Suite at Bukit Gambang Resort City via Agoda that cost us around RM230.

I love the room..

We spent the whole evening just lazing around.

Had dinner at the cafe downstairs. Food was so-so. I had Caesar Salad (which still, nothing beats TGI Friday's), Love had Fish and Chips and we shared Crepe Suzette..

Bukit Gambang was such a boring place itself. Macam pekan mati at night.

And my pregnancy stopped us from visiting the Bukit Gambang Waterpark which was about 5 minutes drive from the resort itself.

But thank god for the entertainments inside the resort! They had Karaoke, pool, and the best thing is arcade!

Of course, nothing else matters when there is arcade downstairs. We played until we were the last person there that night and the first person the next morning. Habis splurge all the money since we could not spend on the waterpark.

Only have his picture while playing Time Crisis because I lose earlier.

Time Crisis bolehla, Daytona tak dapat ambil sebab Kapal yang kalah earlier ;p

The breakfast buffet was a bit frustrating though, caused me a food poisoning earlier on Monday morning, a few hours before my presentation at UMP.

Honestly, the worst conference (and the most expensive) conference I've ever attended. ;p

Whatever it is, I am happy that now I manage to cross off one of Love’s to do list for this year --> Domestic Honeymoon.

And like every trip we had, it just rejuvenates our relationship, take it to another level and thank god we’ve found our best travelling companion ever.

Next trip is to B.A.L.I!!!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Juggling between Family, Love and Work

I've been wanting to bring my whole family to an all sponsored vacation since last year, so I saved up my last year's bonus and finally found a weekend where all 6 of us were free, and off we went to Cherating. :)

Why Cherating?
1) Mum has never been there.
2) I couldn't get enough of Cherating since our last visit.

We departed from KL after work on Friday and arrived at about 2 am. I booked a homestay so that all of us could spend the night together without having separate rooms (like the cases if we stayed in the hotel), and chalet are just not comfortable enough.

The homestay was cool, air conditioned, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, fully furnished at RM150 per night. I booked for 2 nights. For more info of the homestay --> Damai Muslim Cherating.

All of us had the time of our lives..

At Turtle Sanctuary..

Lunch at Restoran Intan, all seafood lunch for 6 person cost me only RM193 :)

Cuba compare sudu dgn udang, udang dia besar gils!

Dropping by for Satar..

BBQing on Saturday night..

Ready to swim (dgn perot yg semakin membesar)

I have come to love this picture so so much..

At the time this picture was taken, Love was already deep asleep by my side..

My two brothers were laughing and talking non-stop like they haven't met each other for ages. (Honestly, people have got to stop asking me because I have no idea what they talked about most of the times).

Both of my parents were staring at the beautiful beach talking about the future of their future grandchild..

I was just lying around, feeling totally complete. Surrounded by my loved ones, and all I could hear was the sound of the waves and my own voice humming a very familar song.

One day, when I'm having my surge during labor, and I need to go in a deep relaxation, and you hear me hum "Sowewhere only we know", this is the place I go, a serene and beautiful place.

OMG! I so looooveeeee Cherating.

Anyway, we spent only 2 nights in Cherating with my family, another night is just for Love, I shall write it in my next entry!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Colour for your braces

I guess the best thing about having braces is that I can always change the colour according to my mood.

So far I've tried Hot Pink..

Light Purple..


Royal Blue..

And currently I'm wearing Red :)

I've learned that lighter colours make my teeth looked yellow and my skin looked darker, I regretted light purple.

From Love's experience, he asked me to avoid white and yellow since they get dirty very fast.

I intend to try every other colours possible, then maybe have different colours for top and bottom or even different colours alternately like this..

Anyway, if you need help with braces colour selection, you might want to visit this very useful website..

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I don't "try" things

I don't "try" things..

I DO things (with Allah's will)..

With me, it's either you make it or break it :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

My first hypnobirthing class

Yesterday marked the 5th month of my pregnancy. Alhamdulillah.. Being pregnant has never been better :)

My baby's movement became wilder. I have never been healthier. And after several visits to Dermalogica, I'm about to achieve back my skin condition before I got pregnant. I guess the hormone finally became stable. All praise be to Allah SWT.

Anyway, about July last year, Dr. Sumay introduced me to the concept of hypnobirthing. Hypnobirthing came from the term "hypnosis birthing" where you hypnotize yourself when you give birth to eliminate fear, anxiety and tension.

After reading Kdy's entry on Muhammad's delivery via hypnobirthing and further convinced by stories I read in Parenthood, I decided to sign up in a hypnobirthing class in Shah Alam as early as I was in my 2 months pregnancy.

I seeked for Love's opinion and to my relief, his answer was, "Anything that you want Sayang, anything i can help to make you comfortabe during labor." I am up until this day so glad that he did not at all care about the fees (RM780 for 5 classes) and the commitment of attending 5 classes on 5 Saturdays in a row in Shah Alam. TQ, Sayang! I appreciate.

Last Saturday we had our very first class. It did not look anything like a classroom at all to me. Just a comfortable room, with a few settees and a lot of cushions with 3 other couples who were just as eager as us and the practitioner that we called as Wai Han - a very very nice lady!

I have a lot to share about my first hypnobirthing class, but I guess I leave it all so that you can experience the magic from the practitioner herself.

But before the hypnobirthing class,
- I was so scared of delivering the baby that i did not even want to think about it just as yet.
- I was so scared of contraction surge, that i was thinking of using epidural.
- I was so scared that i couldn't love my baby as much as I supposed to.
- Love was scared to be with me inside the labor roome (He could not stand blood)
- I was so scared that my baby got so big because of Love's gene. (He was born 4 kgs)

And got scared of so many other negative thoughts by listening to all the horror stories.

But at the end of the class, Wai Han eliminated all the fears one by one.

Now, I seriously look forward to meet my Little Precious. I know that the surge will bring me closer to my baby and Love gained confidence in helping me birth the baby naturally, no drugs, no stitches, no tears. He finally watched the videos of women gave birth to their baby via hypnobirthing, all that blood doesn't scare him anymore!

What more important is, I have never feel more connected to my baby than before. :) I talked to Little Precious everyday, I enjoyed the movements and I ate healthily for the sake of this Little Precious.

Every decision Love and I make now involves this Little Precious. We made decision as a family.

I will talk more about my hypnobirthing stories, all I can say is that your baby can never be too big for you, or staying too long inside your tummy, that is all the doctor's fear. When Allah SWT guides you to it, He'll guide you through it. Just have faith :)

To end my post, here is my fav hypnobirthing quotation, "A pregnant woman is like a beautiful flowering tree, but take care when it comes time for the harvest that you do not shake or bruise the tree, for in doing so, you may harm both the tree and its fruit."

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wiring and piping

Done with the wiring for the house!!

Dad helped me install the lighting for the house (bought the lights in Puchong and blogged all about it here.)

Living room

Dining room


Normally the cost for you to install one ceiling light varies from RM10 - RM50.

And my youngest brother helped us with the piping system of the house.

host set for toilet = RM40 kat hardware; length for normal toilet = 1m


2 tier dish rack = RM49.90 at Jusco

Dah ada sinki, boleh basuh pinggan :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Graduation goggles

Today, brighter days start ahead of us!!

It was Love's last day at his former company yesterday. And today, begins his new job, with much better position and salary, and most importantly, so much nearer to our house.

Now, I can see him everyday!! Previously, he had to outstation almost all the time. He was away to Johor, KB and KK for these past three weeks. Even if he had to stay at the office, he only came home three times a week since the place where he worked was quite a distance from our home. Even if he came home after work, he would arrive at almost 9pm and leave home at 6am the next morning

Now I can see him EVERYDAY!

Now I can cook for him EVERYDAY

Now I can dress up for him EVERYDAY!

Now I finally have the reason to come home early from work EVERYDAY! (Hopefully, lepas ni Dr. Sumay, Kak Iza and Eyfa dah tak payah nak shut down lappy or lampu utk paksa i balik ;p)

Seronoknyeeee!! :D

As much as Love was psyched with the idea, he had some graduation goggles these past few days. So what better way to cheer up my Big Friendly Giant other than cook a special meal for him. Recipe Eyfa..

Ikan Sembilang Masak Lemak Pilah Style

Half kgs ikan sembilang salai (About 7 ekor)
11 biji cili padi - blend
Setengah biji santan
Serbuk kunyit
Asam keping

Panaskan air.
Masukkan cili + kunyit + garam.
Tunggu sampai menggelegak, slowkan api and masukkan santan + asam keping.
Finally, masukkan terung and ikan sembilang salai

Hubby makan 3 ekor!! :)

And what better present to give this gorgeous?

Haha. Alfa 8c Competizione.

Untuk letak atas meja of course ;p

Hello, gorgeous!! Cantiknye baju, cantiknye seluar, cantiknye tie, mana uniform lama? ;p

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Baby's checklist

It's Mega Sale and I just bought more stuff for Little Precious!!

Now, I can crossed off almost 70% of the items from my checklist..

Long sleeve shirt - x8
Long pants - x8
Short sleeve pants - x8
Short pants - x8
Short rompers - x2
Long rompers - x2
Mittens - x8
Booties - x8
Socks - x5
Hats - x4
Tummy binders - x8

Bath tub
Bath mat
Towel - x2
Baby shower
Baby shampoo

Napkins - x10
Cloth diapers - x20
Nappy liner - x2 boxes
Wet tissues - x2 boxes
Changing mat - x2
Pampers - x1
Laundry bag - x2

Baby care
Baby powder + storage
Cotton buds
Baby lotion
Hair brush
Minyak telon
Nail clipper
Facial cotton
Nappy rash cream
Baby oil

Baby cot
Latex mattress - x2
Mattress for travelling
Blanket - x2
Pillows and bolster - x3 sets
Baby bedding set - x3
Mosquito net for baby cot
Mosquito net (bentuk tudung saji)
Baby cot organizer

Breast pump
Storage bottles - x28
Feeding towel - x10
Cooler bag + pump bag
Ice pack - x3
Feeding bottles - x6
Orthodentic bottle nipple - x6
Bottle brush
Plastic storage
Bottle cleanser

Car seat
Baby carrier
Poncho/nursing cover

Bottle warmer

Optional items; tunggu ada rezeki lebih :)

Friday, June 10, 2011


Last week, i was not in a good mood.

Testbed for my PhD had not yet working.

Those who were supposed to give technical supports had not yet answered my questions.

To top it all, supervisor had not yet reply my emails. Email kawan2 lain reply pula, sedikit sensitif, maklumlah hormon ibu mengandung..

So, when my project students came and met me without any appointments (or any progress); I got slightly annoyed. I could not remember what exactly i said to them, but their face filled with disappointment as they left. Chomanneyoooo..

I felt guilty the whole week. So, yesterday when another project student came, I treated him nicely.

Right after he went back, my supervisor called me, asking about the progress of my PhD while replying all my questions that had been pending since last week.

That was when it hit me..


When I treated my student nicely, my supervisor will treat me even nicely in return. As much as I am a lecturer, i am still a student after all.


-Maafkan saya student2, saya masih belajar-

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Painting the house!!

Painted the house last weekend with the help of Mum+Dad+Alif, almost 70% complete.

Colour selections:
♥ Dining room and kitchen - Jotun Fresh Green
♥ Living room - Nippon Oyster Grey
♥ Guest room and family hall - Nippon Sweet Corn
♥ Kapal's jamming room - Nippon Aquatint
♥ Baby's room - A mixture of Jotun Viola + Jotun Purple Rain
♥ Our room - Rahsia ;p

Some colour charts to help you choose the colour; you can also google Nippon or Jotun colour chart for more colours.

The price for standard colours is RM30 for 7 litres. (7 litres can cover a Master bedroom - double coat). For premium colours; they vary. All paints are sponsored by my Dad, whee!! :)

We also went for kitchen cabinet and mattress hunting for our new house last weekend. Settled down with these..

Cost us around RM500 both; Father's Day sale. Delivery charges; free - skill membodek salesman yang dipelajari dari both our parents. Alhamdulillah :)

Anyway, will post the photos of our home after we're done with the painting!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

4th month checkup!

I was quite nervous to attend my 4th month checkup last Saturday. Reason was because previously the doctor kept on nagging that I did not gain enough weight. The most ideal weight a petite like me should gain is 2 kgs A month. But I gained a total of 0.5 kg only for THREE months.

Since I feel a lot healthier in second trimester, no more vomiting, I gained 2 kgs since my last checkup, Alhamdulillah :)

Anyway, this is how Little Precious looks like now..

Dah besar!! :)

I'm in the pink of health. The results of blood test and urine test were perfect! Alhamdulillah. Progress of the baby was good, started kicking about a week ago, Love was so excited everytime he got the chance to feel his/her kicking.

We couldn't take a look at the gender yet, but it's ok.. Both of us were not yet ready to know, though we were so looking forward to know.

Went for monthly checkup at homeopathy for second opinion, the doctor looked happy with my progress. Alhamdulillah. Thank to the Almighty.

I am currently in my 19 weeks pregnancy, half way to see you, Little Precious! At 14th week, my morning sickness stopped altogether, and so did my back pain and tummy cramp.

About a week ago, I started doing routine exercise to build up pelvic muscle under Mom's supervision by the guidance of Jane Fonda. Started to learn the breathing technique, the correct posture, etc.. cuz apparently Mom delivered all the three of us normally without any stitches and she thought part of it was due to Jane Fonda's workout.

I feel a lot heathier to do some shopping for Little Precious nowadays. After my checkup last Saturday, I went to Baby Love Warehouse Sale at Taman Connaught.

Verdict? Tak best! It was a very small area with limited options and not that cheap.

However, we did grab some items where the price were quite fair..

Mosquito net: RM30; Baby cot organizer: RM19; Thermal blanket (last piece): RM6 and lapik getah: RM8.

I am so looking forward to shop for my maternity clothes now that Mega Sale is starting. But, Love and I have been juggling time between the baby stuff and the stuff for our new home, so much things to do. But life has never been more contented :)