Sunday, June 5, 2011

4th month checkup!

I was quite nervous to attend my 4th month checkup last Saturday. Reason was because previously the doctor kept on nagging that I did not gain enough weight. The most ideal weight a petite like me should gain is 2 kgs A month. But I gained a total of 0.5 kg only for THREE months.

Since I feel a lot healthier in second trimester, no more vomiting, I gained 2 kgs since my last checkup, Alhamdulillah :)

Anyway, this is how Little Precious looks like now..

Dah besar!! :)

I'm in the pink of health. The results of blood test and urine test were perfect! Alhamdulillah. Progress of the baby was good, started kicking about a week ago, Love was so excited everytime he got the chance to feel his/her kicking.

We couldn't take a look at the gender yet, but it's ok.. Both of us were not yet ready to know, though we were so looking forward to know.

Went for monthly checkup at homeopathy for second opinion, the doctor looked happy with my progress. Alhamdulillah. Thank to the Almighty.

I am currently in my 19 weeks pregnancy, half way to see you, Little Precious! At 14th week, my morning sickness stopped altogether, and so did my back pain and tummy cramp.

About a week ago, I started doing routine exercise to build up pelvic muscle under Mom's supervision by the guidance of Jane Fonda. Started to learn the breathing technique, the correct posture, etc.. cuz apparently Mom delivered all the three of us normally without any stitches and she thought part of it was due to Jane Fonda's workout.

I feel a lot heathier to do some shopping for Little Precious nowadays. After my checkup last Saturday, I went to Baby Love Warehouse Sale at Taman Connaught.

Verdict? Tak best! It was a very small area with limited options and not that cheap.

However, we did grab some items where the price were quite fair..

Mosquito net: RM30; Baby cot organizer: RM19; Thermal blanket (last piece): RM6 and lapik getah: RM8.

I am so looking forward to shop for my maternity clothes now that Mega Sale is starting. But, Love and I have been juggling time between the baby stuff and the stuff for our new home, so much things to do. But life has never been more contented :)

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