Friday, June 10, 2011


Last week, i was not in a good mood.

Testbed for my PhD had not yet working.

Those who were supposed to give technical supports had not yet answered my questions.

To top it all, supervisor had not yet reply my emails. Email kawan2 lain reply pula, sedikit sensitif, maklumlah hormon ibu mengandung..

So, when my project students came and met me without any appointments (or any progress); I got slightly annoyed. I could not remember what exactly i said to them, but their face filled with disappointment as they left. Chomanneyoooo..

I felt guilty the whole week. So, yesterday when another project student came, I treated him nicely.

Right after he went back, my supervisor called me, asking about the progress of my PhD while replying all my questions that had been pending since last week.

That was when it hit me..


When I treated my student nicely, my supervisor will treat me even nicely in return. As much as I am a lecturer, i am still a student after all.


-Maafkan saya student2, saya masih belajar-

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