Saturday, January 31, 2015

The much needed getaway

More than half a year without a vacation was driving us crazy.

I love travelling.. But after KK.. I was pregnant, then I gave birth and juggling with two wonderful little humans.

Just about to settle down when Love called me up during work suggesting us a weekend getaway during Christmas.

"Somewhere nearby," he said.

Melaka? PD?

"The Royale Bintang, The Curve," he declared.

I should have seen it coming. He brought me there during my birthday 4 years ago to surprise me. Read about it here. He went there almost every year for a night's out with the boys.

Ok, let's the pictures do the talking. It was surely a wonderful one, look how excited our expressions were in the pictures.

End of the year was fun for us due to the long holiday. Yet, this year was a very unfortunate year for the flood victims in east coast. After having that much fun, we went for diapers hunting to be donated for them.

Bila niat baik, memang dipermudahkan. Got way too many discounts, because we happened to buy an item from Fischer Price that entitled us for a 15% discount of the whole purchase in that same receipt.

We dropped by at the volunteer centre where Malaysians of all races just unite.. omg what a touching scene. A foreigner that looks very susah himself came with a trolley full of groceries left us crying.

Masha Allah, Subhanallah, dear Allah.. please bless all these wonderful souls. Subhanallah..

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Aisha's aqiqah

I just realized I haven't blogged about Aisha's aqiqah!!!

It was a small event, celebrated together with Khaira's birthday. Only family members and colleagues on 18th October; Aisha was 2 months plus.

We had the marhaban group from our surau as usual and the foods were cooked by my friend's mom; which was yummy!

Afterwards, we shaved her botak just like Khaira.

She didn't  have much hair to begin with; so not much difference the before and after.

Khaira of course had a blast on her birthday. Received so many Frozen stuffs, we could open a shop, hehe.

Cake done by my SIL where Khaira requested for Barney. Which she changed her mind 2 days before the event; said she wanted Frozen cake which was too late 

Nonetheless, she was the happiest girl wearing Anna inspired dress from my dad. Now that she appreciates birthdays more, I am really considering of having clowns for her 4th birthday. In shaa Allah :)

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Khaira's first day in kindy..

..had been hard for both of us.

When we left her that morning, she was alright. Didn't cry and quickly made friends.

When I picked her up, I remembered she was having her Asar prayer.What a beautiful sight. Afterwards, I called her name softly, she looked at me, ran and hugged me and said, "Ibu.." And cried horribly.

And the reality sunk in.

Long story short, Khaira had been hit by a part time teacher on the first day of school because she took out the numbers on the wall.

I don't feel like telling the whole detail, because it hurts. She was traumatized ever since. Her first time away from her family had been traumatized. My first time letting my baby go to a stranger's hand with good faith had been tarnished.

And it will never be the same again.

Berdosanya what I'm gonna say after this, but, selagi teacher yang pukul Khaira tak cakap sorry to me and Khaira, selagi tu, whatever she gained from that one day dia jaga Khaira from me, satu sen pun I tak berkatkan. Jadilah darah daging dia dengan duit yang I tak berkatkan tu. How could you.. If you ever read this, teacher, I could easily serang you with the CCTV's evidence, but, it's definitely not worth it. Violence is not how my daughter and I have been raised up with.

So, the drama goes on.. Up until today, she was traumatized of having left at her school.

I was on the verge of crying at any moment my little girl came to my mind; which was all the time.

I can only leave you with my doa and prayers, Allah swt is with you, my darling. Let's just hope we get over this phase with patience.

Letting go is the hardest thing, ya Allah. Grant me strength.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Seminar Kuasai Potensi Diri 2015 - A review

"Is it ok if I wear this shorts?" Love asked, pointing at his funky Dockers I bought not long ago.

"Ala.. pakai je, it's not an islamic talk pon," I replied casually.


"We're not gonna be separated, are we?" He asked as we were about to reach SACC.

"I don't think so," I replied.


As we walked to the hall, I knew I could not be any more wrong. Love was the only one with shorts (Sorry, Sayang!) Anddd.. the seats were separated between boys and girls.

"They're not gonna make us do lame things, are they? Hand clapping, saying stuff, no?" This time around I asked insecurely. He knows how much I hate those craps.

"I'm not in the mood to meet a new people or to make new friends," He replied. On very rare occasions, he would be like this. Most of the times, he make new friends like magic. "So, it's your call. It's ok if you want to leave."

I peeked inside with lightings like a night club and people wore lots of glitters, I almost ran away. Contemplating for about 15 mins, and I said, "let's give him a chance. An hour say, then we leave".

So we stayed. For 3 hours for a talk of 5 hours duration. You rate, how good he was to us. I would stay until the end.. IF I was seated next to Love, yeah we're clingy like that, I mean come on.. it was weekend, the kids were with mom, we deserved to be next to each other at least. Haha.

Anyhow, yes, he made us do lame things. But, both Love and I found a way to entertain ourselves, so we managed to go through that stage of hand clapping, anda-kaya-dan-berjaya by looking at the people who were doing it. Entertaining, I tell you.. Until now, I don't even understand the standing-up-on-their-chair-thingy and the dancing excitedly women. Had so much fun looking at them.

I was of course busy whatsapping with Love (clingy kann..) when DAO explained how the talk worked, so I was lost when people waved and said "hi" every now and then.

"Siapa nak jadi kaya dan berjaya?"

"Hi" and wave.

"Siapa nak bahagia?"

"Hi" and wave.

At that point, I was too scared to ask.

Right after the talk, Love said it was not "Hi" and wave. It was "I" and raised up your hand. Ok, that makes sense.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Put your phone down!

Jokes aside. Let's talk about the talk.

I'm especially interested in what he called as the wheel of life. And I'm gonna share just that in my post here. The rest.. lemme promote his talk at the end of my sharing here.

Basically DAO asked us to divide our 2015 planning into 6 categories:

1. Career
2. Financial
3. Family
4. Religion
5. Health
6. Emotional

Then, in a scale of 1 to 10, rate yourself, how satisfy are you with these criteria (during 2014); number 10 being the best. Let's play with me. This is how I rate myself:

1. Career: 8
2. Financial: 9
3. Family: 6
4. Faith/religion: 5
5. Health: 8
6. Emotional: 5

Next step, compare it with your partner and go likeee.. "Are you kidding me? Confident gileeee!!" (Love rated himself all 8 and above, cheh.) Or went like, "Are you serious, family 6? You spent more time with the girls kots. Emotional 5?" (Love thought I did better, so I took it as a compliment).

Ok kidding again. DAO did not ask to compare.. but come on.. who didn't???

Then, take the bottom three and list 5 things on how you plan to improve yourself on that criteria.


Some of the things I plan to do in 2015..
1. No phone 7.30 to 9.30 (family time)
2. Recite quran everyday
3. Dhuha everyday
4. Hypnotized myself.. so I calm as I reach home
5. More patient with the kids

The rest of the talks are on positive thinking, back to the higer power, the usual.. go if you're not familiar with this. Go if you're familiar cuz you need constant reminder.

My verdict: Go! This guy is doing a beautiful job here (free if you come in a group of 3) to help his own race. Stop giving excuses and don't wear shorts ok. Hehe.

P/S: Love made a friend there who offered him a job verbally. So much of not feeling like making a new friend.. Seriously, how did guys do this?

Friday, January 2, 2015

Year end review: 2014

2014 is finally over. Phewww.. What a harsh harsh year for us Malaysians. How the Almighty reminded us over and over again to look for Him. Subhanallah..

So.. my 2014 year review..

1. Alhamdulillah, my uni suddenly organized mengaji class, I joined for about half a year until qatam all the makhraj and tajweed. How Allah swt eases everything for you when your niat is towards goodness.

2. Managed to qatam (Nazar no. 3) before I gave birth, Alhamdulillah.

3. Went to KK which was super fun, the Rafflesia was a bonus for me.

4. Managed to Pru my dad, in shaa Allah soon, mom.

5. Managed to publish 5 papers and 3 journals.

6. Gave birth easily and safely to a super healthy baby girl, so thankful for this one.

7. My savings is SEE (Super exceed expectation), extra RM841 from targeted. I don't know how I achieved this, I know it's quite crazy to dream this big. But I always remember, Kun Fayakun, never under estimate Him. Reminder to self, nothing is crazy.

8. In shaa Allah, Professional Engineeringship, soon. When He knows when is best for me.

So, hello 2015. Assalamualaikum. I hope it's a better year for all of us.

More achievements, in shaa Allah :)

And dear Allah swt, I just wana say THANK YOU. Alhamdulillah.

Alhamdulillah for the wonderful year 2014. Alhamdulillah for everything.