Saturday, January 31, 2015

The much needed getaway

More than half a year without a vacation was driving us crazy.

I love travelling.. But after KK.. I was pregnant, then I gave birth and juggling with two wonderful little humans.

Just about to settle down when Love called me up during work suggesting us a weekend getaway during Christmas.

"Somewhere nearby," he said.

Melaka? PD?

"The Royale Bintang, The Curve," he declared.

I should have seen it coming. He brought me there during my birthday 4 years ago to surprise me. Read about it here. He went there almost every year for a night's out with the boys.

Ok, let's the pictures do the talking. It was surely a wonderful one, look how excited our expressions were in the pictures.

End of the year was fun for us due to the long holiday. Yet, this year was a very unfortunate year for the flood victims in east coast. After having that much fun, we went for diapers hunting to be donated for them.

Bila niat baik, memang dipermudahkan. Got way too many discounts, because we happened to buy an item from Fischer Price that entitled us for a 15% discount of the whole purchase in that same receipt.

We dropped by at the volunteer centre where Malaysians of all races just unite.. omg what a touching scene. A foreigner that looks very susah himself came with a trolley full of groceries left us crying.

Masha Allah, Subhanallah, dear Allah.. please bless all these wonderful souls. Subhanallah..

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