Sunday, February 8, 2015

Fast reading technique (Little Caliph) seminar - A review

Last Friday, when I picked Lil K from school, the teacher came to me excitedly and said.. "Khaira dah pandai baca dua sukukata dah."

I stunned.

" Sa.ya. Su.ka," The teacher further explained.

"Ohhh..." Was the only syllable that managed to escape my mouth. It was just February, and she had a week off last two weeks due to viral fever. Only four weeks in school (plus adjusting herself with new environment, first time being away from family) left me speechless.

"She is one of the advanced student in my class," the teacher added, beaming proudly and I finally smiled.

Too many things in my mind. I never taught her A, B, C. I struggled finding time everyday teaching her hijaiyah. Now she mastered fathah, dhammah, qasrah, huruf sambung and tanwin. In 10th surahs now. Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah. No, never taught her A, B, C at all.

Called Love and he reminded me, "It's true, when akhirat is the one we're aiming for, Allah SWT gives us the dunia for Khaira. How hard learning hijaiyah for her, makes A, B, C as easy as apple picking".

On Sunday, we attended a "Fast reading technique" seminar organized by Khaira's LC. They allowed one adult for each student with the price of RM30. I literally begged her teacher to allow both of us to be there and we paid RM60 first before she could even give us the confirmation. #Clingycouple.

The seminar started 45 minutes late, and we came half an hour early. Imagine the wait.. not a good start.

But, ended up so well. Highly recommended ok, please goooo!!!

Do you know that at the age of 0 to 9, kids learn using both brains? And from 0 to 5 they absorb as much as 80% of what they learn? Like sponges, these kids. And that from 0 to 5, they progressed according to month of birth. Kids born in early of the year learn faster than the end of the year. K was born in October.

Basically, the LC method starts by first teaching them to read in Malay, then English and finally Jawi. They teach these languages via Phonics. They have their own reasoning and logic behind. So, please go and listen to their explanations.

And they treat each word as a picture of sound. They associate each word as action.

a - hysterical 'a'
ba - bouncing the ball
ca - caca dancing
da - playing drum
fa - flower
ga - shaking
ha - like "ha.. ha.. tak tau" like that.
ja - janggut (beard)
ka - laugh as in "ka.. ka.. ka.."
la - singing "la.. la.. la.."
ma - "mmmm maaa.. delicious, Alhamdulillah" *
na - pukul nyamuk
pa - candle blowing
ra - driving motorcycle
sa - snake
ta - shooting people
va - driving van
wa - crying
ya - "yahooo! Alhamdulillah" *
za - bees

*See how they integrate Islam as much as possible?

I always asked Khaira what she learned in school. Her answer would always be, "colouring, playing". To be honest, I am ok with it. Come on.. she is just 4. But actually she learned via playing. So, she thought it was just playing.

For example, the teachers would put the words at the floor and asked them to pick up the letter by saying something like, "Khaira, run like a cheetah and give me a 'ma'". Seriously how funnn??? Or they would asked them to catch the words using something ala2 joran. Cool ok!

They also have individual reading. Not forgetting, stickers everytime they finish reading. No wonder she is sooo obsessed with sticker. Rewards everywhere. Hand clapping, so funn!!

After learning all these, then only they would learn other vowels like "bi, bu, be, bo". They learn these by associating the "ba" with other vowels. One of the way is the Ulat Bulu song.

"Ada Sang Ulat Bulu
Punya kaki seribu
Siapa nampak kakiku
Jikalau tak nampak
Terpaksa ku melompat
Denagn kakiku kurang satu"

So they need to change this song to other vowels. For example..

"Idi Sing Ilit Bili, Pinyi kiki siribi.."

Make sense? No, and according to the speaker, the more ridiculous it is, the easier it is to stick in their mind.

Afterwards, they will learn to make sense of the words they are reading.

"Sa.Ya. Su. Ka. Ba. Ca" is actually "Saya suka baca," you know. All that.

Then they would learn huruf tertutup.

"Sa. Yu. R" is "Sayur"

Then... English. And Hijaiyah.

LC teach only small letters first because they are more common. Anddd, surprise, surprise.. they said, city kids are harder to write (too many tablets, fine motor skills needs to be stimulated). Khaira now, can write Alif, Ba, Ta and all slowly. Like I said, I did not teach her other than Hijaiyah and hafazan at home. Tapi lepas ni, kena kerja lebih keras.

After the seminar, I tried reading some stuff with K, and yup, Alhamdulillah.. so fast, she got almost all correct, just needs to work on her "ba" and "da". A bit confusing.

All in all, the teachers must have done a good job, only Allah SWT can repay their kindness.

Having said that, I have no regrets sending K to LC regardless of her traumatic first day experience. I am a lecturer myself. And the first rule, on the very first day I taught in my class, I would always say to them, "Have faith in me. I won't disappoint you. I would teach you as accurately as possible, kalau ada tersilap sekalipun, I would rectify as soon as I could. The moment you don't have faith in me is the moment it would ruin this course."

It's true.

And with clear conscience, hati ikhlas full of trust, in your hands teachers, I'm putting my "life" kain putih bersih for you to shape, to train this caliph, this little hafizah to be someone to contribute to the Muslim society. Not only to excel in her exam, no, but to contribute to the human beings, in shaa Allah.

In you teachers, I have faith :) And to you, dear Allah SWT, I let her go.

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