Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Please don't!

Back when I was younger, I used to make fun of my cousin who had a serious problem on people who held her baby. She was too scared of germs that she wouldn't let us touch her baby.

Now that I'm a mother, I got a little bit scared to touch other people's baby in the mall (I did that all the time before). I wouldn't want the mother/father to feel uncomfortable.

As for my baby, I wouldn't mind people touching her, I took it as a compliment. But I realized now that every mother has a different thing that they are not comfortable about.

For me, recently I just discovered that I am not comfortable with people giving food/drink to my baby without my permission.

I know it's cute to give food to baby, and I wouldn't mind if you want to feed my baby, just that it would be respectful for you to ask. By saying "I wouldn't mind" does not mean I'm okay with you giving my baby junk food or anything weird.

I am VERY particular on what goes in into my baby's mouth.

I am glad though that every single time I did not approve what goes into my baby's mouth, she would vomit it back :)

Monday, February 27, 2012


I'm. Trying. To. Keep. My. Life. Back. On. Track.

So, 4 months down the road after Little Princess was born.

Let's see what I've missed..

1) Lots and lots of movies.
2) Love's birthday dinner (just the two of us).
3) Hundreds of unanswered calls from my friends.
4) Breakfast for Love, some days I could not find time to cook for him.
5) Year end sale.

Aaahhh.. Too lazy to think about it. But I'm starting to keep my life back on track.

I spent my Valentine's lunch with my best friend in Uni, Mel. She's getting married this weekend, woooottttttttttttt!!! The most awaited wedding of the year for me. And she.. is the definition of a true 'bride'. So calm and serene and modest :) Tak sabar tak sabar tak sabar!

Then the week after, had lunch with another best friend, Anis. Her office was just a floor up from mine. But I haven't seen her since my housewarming until last week.

Last weekend, spent my lunch with another best friend, FJoe!!

Khaira fell asleep in her arms.

Ok, my life is back on tracck, if and only if I managed to get this other thing done..

But as of now, I would like to apologize for the missed calls and unreplied messages for the past four months. Khaira is more dependent now Insya Allah, I will try to get back my life on track :)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Dear Warehouse Sale 2012 Review

The first thing that popped into my mind, susah gileeee nak cari tempat ni!!

No such address in Garmin. Followed Googlemap, still lost. But we found it in the end you can actually see it from the main road.

Anyway, it was not as big as Pureen warehouse. The item ranges from stroller to carseat to baby's crib to toys and even some baby clothes.

Stroller was super duper cheap! Starting price: RM90.

Carseat was so-so. Baby clothes vary from Carter's to Gap to Osh Kosh, but I was not sure whether the Osh Kosh was original or not, so I ended up not buying them.

No regrets there.

But I did buy safety gates for both our home and Mum's. Cost us RM95 each.

Overall, ok. But I guess I expected more ;p

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Motherhood Expo KLCC 2012 Review

My personal review.. Tak best!

HOWEVER, among all expos we've been, this surely was the one where we spent most money on. Ironic?

Yang best..

Little Bean Food Processor, selling for half the normal price. RM150 je k!

We bought another stroller for Little Khaira, this one is for Bali. Brand: See Baby, 2.5 kg, cost us RM110 je :)

Heinz booth, baru tau Heinz pon ada jual organic food, 3 small jars for RM10. I don't really like processed food for Khaira, but untuk travelling in Bali so that it'll be easier. Tapi, kalau jumpa pisang, think I just gave her that. Though Heinz Organic is organic, it's still processed food kan.

Tapi yang berhabis beribu raban ni kat Booth Grolier..

We better make full use of it! We, as in Khaira and I. Kapal?! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!

Takpelah berhabis pon, Love and I rarely splurge for Khaira, but I guess there is no better way to splurge for her other than this. Insya Allah :)

*Photos from google

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Batu Pahat!!

The week before Valentine's, Love and I decided to go to Batu Pahat for our little getaway. Of course, we just had to bring our little sweetheart, Khaira Asyikin!!!~

Since there was a Liverpool's match that night, Baby Khaira dressed up in her rompers given by SIL+BIL. Hehe.

Me and my dad love Liverpool.

I was quite nervous to bring her to Batu Pahat, but she slept all the way to Batu Pahat and from BP to KL. Also, we spent a night at the Chua Soi Lek Katerina Hotel. Alhamdulillah, everything turns out great.

I did not have any green light to take her to swim in the pool, so we just brought her to the pool to chill.

Luckily there was a bathtub in the room, so she had lotsa fun swimming, sampai tergelak-gelak.

Overall, it was super duper fun, our getaway in Batu Pahat. A different kind of fun than back when there was just the two of us. Kind of like a rehearsel before we go to Bali. Khaira was so easy to entertain. Alhamdulillah.

Lepas ni, we go to Bali ok?

Loves of my life :)

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Sometimes it takes the most unexpected person to nudge us with a sledgehammer after we ignore all the signs.

And for me, that unexpected person happens to come in front of my eyes out of nowhere today.

A sign from the above I believe. Alhamdulillah. I've had enough strength to go on for at least until this evening. :)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

This very moment

Ibu and Khaira at Marks and Spencer, KLCC.

Dearest Little Khaira,

At this very moment, you were next to me, sleeping. Just the two of us. Abi left for futsal as what he normally did every Friday night. I stared at you in the dim of our night lamp and I could see a little girl who had a very big impact in my life.

I saw a face that made me psyched to go home from work everyday. I would rush to bath to make sure I was clean by the time I held you.

Then, if the weather is good, I'd bring you sightseeing along the neighbourhood in your stroller.

If it's raining, we'd sit together watching the fishes in datuk's pond. Remember that little white fish? We called it 'Ikan Khaira'. Datuk bought it for you right after you were born.

You are 3 months plus now, and you're growing up as healthy as you could be, Alhamdulillah.

You're all excited at Chili's KLCC.

Nanny and Datuk had a strict restriction of not bringing you out to malls or to go out at night until you're big enough. But Ibu and Abi decided that you're ready for malls. So this weekend, we're gonna take you to KLCC for the first time!

I always look forward for the day you're big enough to have a special mother daughter time with me. We'd go shopping, we'd go lunch together then I'd bring you to playground later in the evening.. the thought of it always make me smile.

We love you, Khaira Asyikin. To the bits.

Ibu's fav pics at the moment sbb Khaira and Sofea (BFF Maria's bundle of joy) were holding hands.

Khaira and Abang Fatih (abang susuan).

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

How dilated Am I? - my view on sarahvine's article

This article is my summary/review from sarahvine's article "How Dilated Am I? Assessing Dilation in Labor WITHOUT an Internal Exam" wrote in her blog.

I wish I would have read her article before I went into labour. But Alhamdulillah, my labour went well after all.

Like most women, I hate vaginal examination (VE). For me personally, it doesn't matter how many cms you have dilated, because it doesn't ensure you how much longer you'll be in labour. Like the theory of 1cm dilation in an hour, mine dilates at 6cms in an hour. So, I guess, the best thing is that trust your instinct. Your body and baby will tell you, insya Allah.

What sarahvine wrote in her blog had accurately happened to me during my labour, so the next baby I think I would be more relaxed knowing that what my instinct told me is true.

1. Sound.

♥ When I was less than 3cms dilated, yup I can still laugh and speak in between contractions. Even sometimes the contractions are so mild, I can still laugh while doing my breathing techniques. Such happy moods to see my Khaira!

♥ After 6 cms dilated, I barely know what is happening outside my body. I just closed my eyes, and listened to the sound of Yassin and Love and that was about it. I barely talked, I was in my own world.

♥ Just before Khaira's head is crowning, I just know she was about to go out because I had the urge of pushing. And here, some people may have been vocalizing, yes the urge was there. But I remained silent because I wanted to save my energy for the pushing stage.

2. Smell.

Yup, there's a smell, been explained in details here.

3. Irrationality.

♥ Sifu Wai Han told me all about it before, the fact that suddenly you feel you cannot go on anymore, or you want a pain relief when you did so well the minute before. This is a sign that the labour is very very very near. I did have the thought of, "What am I thinking? Delivering without any pain relief, am I out of my mind?" I didn't vocalize it, and a minute after that, I already started breathing out my baby :)

4. Feel.

I didn't know about these before, interesting!

♥ "During a contraction, at the beginning of labor, check how many fingers you can fit between the fundus (top of your bump) and the bra line – you will be able to fit 5 fingers."

♥ "When you can fit 3 fingers, I usually tell mothers they can think about going into hospital as they will find they are around 5cm dilated."

♥ "At 1 finger, you are fully dilated."

5. Look.

For me, it's hard to check, needs a mirror plus too focused to do this.

♥ "‘bottom line’, which is shadow that extends from the anus up towards the back along the crease of the buttocks. It begins as 1cm and lengthens to 10cm, and it’s length correlates with cervical dilation."

6. Bloody show

2-3cms dilated. It happened to me the morning I delivered Little Khaira (Gave birth at 6.55pm, started to have a blood show at 3am). It's like the beginning of your period and it stays (and gets more) until you birth your baby. I read an article, it's considered nifas and so we Muslim do not have to pray anymore. Wallahualam.

Anyhow, blood show do not happen to anyone, sometimes their amniotic fluid comes out first.

7. Opening of the Back.

If the area above tailbone started to bulge out during pushing, the baby is sooooo near. I did not observe this, sorry!

In a lighter note, my birth stories had been published in the hypnobirthing website, whee!!

Neighbour comel

A three year old neighbour: Bersihnye rumah Pak Cik. Rumah Pak Cik ada Koko Crunch tak?
Love: Takdela.
A three year old neighbour: Kenapa tade Koko Crunch, Pak Cik lupa beli ke?

Love offered his something else instead.

A three year old neighbour: Ni apa ni Pak Cik, rasa macam Koko Crunch ke?


A three year old neighbour: Pak cik, siapa nama baby ni?
My dad: Nama dia Khaira Asyikin.
A three year old neighbour: Owh.. Khaira Asyikin. Cantik dagu Khaira Asyikin! (Referring to Khaira's double chin)

Midnight oil

So the plan is.. I'm gonna get my PhD real soon, then after a while I'm gonna retire early to take care of my children.

Some people asked, "Why bother do PhD if you would end up retiring early after all?"

Or when someone straight away became a WAHM after her degree, people would said, "Such a waste of time and money in the university!"

Why? Why that thought?

So what if I stopped working after I'm done with PhD? Can't I use that knowledge to teach my children later on? Why bother send them to tuition when I can teach them with more love than any other teachers in the world will do.

In fact, I'm planning to learn about a lot of things after I'm done with PhD. Piano class, taquma, perhaps a bit of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) or more on gentle birthing?

Insya Allah, I will always learn something and teach something in return as far as I live. Even if I'm not gonna use what I learned later on, what harm can it done?

Because of that, I am proud with Love who was just starting his Master two days ago!~

I know working and studying at the same time were not an easy task, even more with our bundle of joy, but I have faith that when Allah SWT gets us to it, He will get us through it. Insya Allah. Ameen.

As for now, let's burn the midnight oil together!!!

Do you get what I'm trying to draw? Kalau tak, have to take drawing class also after PhD. Hmm..