Monday, February 27, 2012


I'm. Trying. To. Keep. My. Life. Back. On. Track.

So, 4 months down the road after Little Princess was born.

Let's see what I've missed..

1) Lots and lots of movies.
2) Love's birthday dinner (just the two of us).
3) Hundreds of unanswered calls from my friends.
4) Breakfast for Love, some days I could not find time to cook for him.
5) Year end sale.

Aaahhh.. Too lazy to think about it. But I'm starting to keep my life back on track.

I spent my Valentine's lunch with my best friend in Uni, Mel. She's getting married this weekend, woooottttttttttttt!!! The most awaited wedding of the year for me. And she.. is the definition of a true 'bride'. So calm and serene and modest :) Tak sabar tak sabar tak sabar!

Then the week after, had lunch with another best friend, Anis. Her office was just a floor up from mine. But I haven't seen her since my housewarming until last week.

Last weekend, spent my lunch with another best friend, FJoe!!

Khaira fell asleep in her arms.

Ok, my life is back on tracck, if and only if I managed to get this other thing done..

But as of now, I would like to apologize for the missed calls and unreplied messages for the past four months. Khaira is more dependent now Insya Allah, I will try to get back my life on track :)

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