Thursday, February 9, 2012

This very moment

Ibu and Khaira at Marks and Spencer, KLCC.

Dearest Little Khaira,

At this very moment, you were next to me, sleeping. Just the two of us. Abi left for futsal as what he normally did every Friday night. I stared at you in the dim of our night lamp and I could see a little girl who had a very big impact in my life.

I saw a face that made me psyched to go home from work everyday. I would rush to bath to make sure I was clean by the time I held you.

Then, if the weather is good, I'd bring you sightseeing along the neighbourhood in your stroller.

If it's raining, we'd sit together watching the fishes in datuk's pond. Remember that little white fish? We called it 'Ikan Khaira'. Datuk bought it for you right after you were born.

You are 3 months plus now, and you're growing up as healthy as you could be, Alhamdulillah.

You're all excited at Chili's KLCC.

Nanny and Datuk had a strict restriction of not bringing you out to malls or to go out at night until you're big enough. But Ibu and Abi decided that you're ready for malls. So this weekend, we're gonna take you to KLCC for the first time!

I always look forward for the day you're big enough to have a special mother daughter time with me. We'd go shopping, we'd go lunch together then I'd bring you to playground later in the evening.. the thought of it always make me smile.

We love you, Khaira Asyikin. To the bits.

Ibu's fav pics at the moment sbb Khaira and Sofea (BFF Maria's bundle of joy) were holding hands.

Khaira and Abang Fatih (abang susuan).


Anonymous said...

Dr. Ekin, sorry this is out of topic already but i dont know how else to ask you. It's regarding cloth diapers. last time u bought cds from qqbaby right? hows that going for you? ok tak? any reviews? - aiza

Dr. Ikeen said...

Aiza, yup, last time I bought cds from qqbaby. And unfortunately up until now, as similar to what you mentioned in your blog, I'm having other problems like other mommies have.. the cds are still wayyyy too big for baby Khaira!!!! So, masih belum digunakan. Anyway, my friend, Dr. Sumayyah used it for her 1 yr and 10 mths son, she's really satisfied with the performance. The quality is ok for me, of course the fabric outside not as nice as GroVia. But sbb murah kan, it's worth the price :) Will ask Dr. Sumayyah to write her review her soon k. Insya Allah.

Anonymous said...

I see, that's what I thought lah. Nearly bought qqbaby cuz they're cheap and i've read good reviews abt them esp the minky bamboo ones. but if i buy now, i will hv to wait til my son reaches his 1 yr bday heheehe so nevermind la if thats the case. dahlah my baby ni tak tembam mcm baby2 lain so kesian plak nanti. I've ordered one Sunbaby cuz i heard cutting dia kecik skit. anyway, thanks for the reply! have a good day! -aiza