Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hello 2nd trimester!

Today is the beginning of my 2nd trimester, Alhamdulillah. I am so thankful to the Almighty considering the ups and downs I had during my first trimester, I have faith that the second trimester onwards is going to be a very happy journey for both Love and me. Insya Allah. Ameen. :)

This post is meant to share (for dear readers) and to reminisce (to myself one day) the ups and downs I've been through during my first trimester.

The first month.
You can read all about it here.

The second month
..was the worst! Feeling sick every morning. Vomiting every evening. No appetite to eat at all, yet hungry every 15 minutes or so! Could not sleep. Tired all the time. Too lazy to go to work or even to get out of the house. Taking leave almost once in every week.

Even worse, I felt so not motivated, so freaking helpless. Mum and hubby did almost everything for me. I did not even have the energy to mandi after work. That bad!

I couldn't eat almost everything that I loved before esp milk and vege, but I super love fruits, but too much fruits lead to another problem..

The threatened abortion made it even worse. I was at my lowest point of my life at this moment.

The third month
Seeing my baby's heartbeat for the first time just lifted up my spirit to the max.

My morning sickness starts to cool down, energetic again to go to work and to settle down after work.

Less hungry, more appetite, some minor back pain but wayyyy better.

Now, i'm in my fourth month, things are getting better, Alhamdulillah.

Though my first three months are not all rainbows and butterflies, but I must thank Allah SWT for a lot of things.

I heard that some pregnant women are more sensitive towards their husband, but Love and I.. we had such amazing understanding. He babied me the way i could not imagine possible. He cleaned the room, did the dishes, even bathed me every night.. and.. he was my source of motivation.

Never once he complained.

And mum... just did EVERYTHING else. Too much to write in words.

BFF Maria cheered up my days and Dr. Sumay was there everyday I was in the office, just made my days brighter.

I must have been blessed.

And I thank everyone that helps me throughout my first trimester, in which without them... i just could not bear the thought.


Mawar_Mohamad said...

2nd trimester already?Alhamdulillah :) so sweet kapal towards pampering u!

Syaza Nadrah said...

woohoo!!!! Ikeen, nnt when the time comes for you to check whether it's a boy or girl, you holla I ngan Myra ok.. Kterang tgg.. :P
Stay strong ikeen.. I know it must have been tough.. my sister masa first child (faeq) sgt rugged...
xsakit pape langsung tp time nayla, it was so bad that she lost a lot of weight.. tp time tu my sister suddenly have a thing about watching korean drama. she loves watching the girls there.
but Ikeen, be sure you tgk sape u sll lepas geram at.. my sister sll lepas geram kat I.. end up anak2 die byk rupa I.... Faeq dah besar sikit br ikot rupa his dad.. :p
so far you ada any craving tak ikeen?

Dr. Ikeen said...

Kak Mawar: Alhamdulillah :)
Nadrah: I tade any cravings, Alhamdulillah. Berkenan sgt tgk Nayla, very good with camera and soooooo adorable. Geram i! I cant wait to know whether boy or girl, sure i bgtau! Thanks for all the advices and tips on what to buy, funny it feels like u have a baby of ur own already. Will keep coming back for advices! Muahx!